Why we started Pack Digital in Bristol

Why we started Pack Digital in Bristol


Bristol is absolutely bursting at the seams right now with digital marketing agencies, however as with most competitive business sectors, there’s obviously going to be those that cut the mustard, and those that don’t.

We like to think we are the latter, as many companies in Bristol have hired us to improve their organic SEO. We simply spend colossal amounts of time every year making sure that we improve our skill set, that if Google rolls out a new update, that we aim to understand it.

That’s why our agency has been offering first class SEO services, and we understand all of the important Google algorithm updates, whether they be Google’s Panda update, Google’s Hummingbird Updates or Google’s Penguin updates.

Plus, what really separates us from so many other Bristol seo businesses is this, we aim to explain things as clearly as we can. So if your used to an agency that speaks complete marketing waffle, and you don’t understand most of the time what on earth they are talking about, well, why not make the swap to our digital marketing agency?

This article has therefore been written to give you a bit more insight into what Pack Digital stands for as a business, and why we never cut any corners.

We will also explain why we are known as the straight-talking SEO agency in Bristol.


What Pack Digital stands for…

There’s always going to be thousands of agencies which have sales people on large commissions, some agencies may therefore be willing tell you what you want to hear, so that they can make the sale.

This has never been our approach, were not interested with a scaling up of the business at the cost of having dissatisfied customers.

Instead, what we take is a much more straight-talking approach whenever we are offering our SEO services.

We always fully explain that SEO is a very slow process, and that a lot of hard work and effort is needed to start moving the website forwards. So for instance, if your starting a business, lets say a new law firm, that’s in Bristol, well, its going to take, months and months and months of SEO work by us, before we can get the business anywhere near the first page of Google’s organic SERP’s, that’s because SEO is just a slow process.

We also explain that Google’s algorithm will only ever reward top-quality SEO, and that all of the “ranking factors” should therefore be improved in a “white hat” way.

This means when completing SEO, it should always be completed in accordance with “Google’s WebMaster Guidelines”.

Don’t therefore choose any company that does cut corners, as what often happens is the business could incur a penalty!

Why we started the business in Bristol

We started our agency in the city of Bristol for one simple reason, the city is full of small to medium-sized businesses that require quality SEO.

The city of Bristol prides itself on having a lot of independent businesses, and a lot of these companies need to be advised how to improve their SEO, that’s where we can help.

Why we are always clear that organic SEO is a slow process

Some agencies will tell business owners that the sky is the limit, and that anything is possible, however we are known as straight talking agency.

This means it doesn’t matter if you are a sole trader electrician, or you own a law firm in the centre of Bristol that has over 1000 employees, organic SEO is normally a very slow process, and we always fully state this at the start of the process of working with a new businesses.


The businesses that we like to work with

We like working with businesses that want to partner with us, we never work with businesses that believe that they can jump to the first page of Google, quickly. We want to therefore work with businesses that want to work with us over the long run.

We always set out what is achievable and what we think is not, we only work with businesses the value of a level of experience.

We keep updating our SEO knowledge on a daily basis

We make sure that on a daily basis we are refreshing our knowledge, this might just be reading through a short blog post, but we always want to keep up to date if SEO changes.


We are always White Hat

We always make sure that every bit of SEO that we deliver is white hat.

Our prices are competitive

Our prices will always be competitive in Bristol.

Would you like to work with us in Bristol?

If you would like to work with us, whether that’s to have a new website designed, or for us to implement SEO, then why not call our business today?

We also serve The South West of England

We also work with many businesses based right across the South West of England, if you have a business that is operating in say Bath, then we would be interested in having a conversation with you.



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