Content is King

Content marketing is using the power of the written word to persuade visitors to purchase from you. It’s also about targeting keywords for SEO gain.

Keyword Research

Any good quality content marketing involves researching what keywords you wish to target.


Google loves new work added to a website, that’s of course if it’s relevant and using White Hat Seo methods

Target Areas

With content marketing you can target multiple geographic areas with onsite Seo.

Interesting Content

Content marketing needs to be relevant to your industry, it also must be unique and useful to your audience

Content marketing is the process of writing content for your website, the aim is to help make your website more relevant for certain terms, these are referred to as keywords.

This sounds simple enough, but there are many pitfalls to be wary of along the way, for example you can over optimise text, if this does occur things can go rather wrong so always choose a quality driven company.


Why is Content Marketing so important? 

Any good SEO package of work delivered each month should include content marketing as a core part of helping to increase traffic to your website.

Content marketing hasn’t got to be used just on-site neither, it can also be used on somebody else website, this is normally used to obtain new backlinks pointing back to your domain.

This form of SEO is so important because its one of Google’s major ranking factors, so simply put without it you won’t go far within Google.


What happens if I pause my SEO work- say for say a few months? 

Google is like the all seeing eye, it looks at how active a website is at performing high quality search engine optimisation. That’s to say if your competitor has stronger seo they will certainly overtake you- sometimes in a matter of days.

Sometime stalling or pausing seo work just allows you to fall down the rankings and it can be harder to climb back up again without adding regular work.

Therefore rankings can go up and down, so simply put you can’t afford to stand still or idle for too long.


Will content writing be included In my Seo package with Pack Digital?

Content marketing we believe is fundamental to any seo package, so the simple answer is yes we do include this every month for our valued clients.

Our packages start from £350.00 per month, so a very reasonable fee, this will include a set of articles each month that can be used to encourage seo development.


What can poor quality seo do to my websites performance? 

We’ve all seen them, that’s the unbelievable seo offers that spring up when search something like “SEO Cardiff”, these seem too good to be true- well that’s because most of time they actually are!

It’s also worth remembering that cheap seo can cause long term problems, for example duplicated, spun or low quality content can flag up a Google Panda penalty, so always think quality.


How can Pack Digital help? 

We work with businesses both large and small, we work with companies based in Bristol, Bath as well as Cardiff. In all areas our seo prices remain modest. Packages increase in £350.00 increments.

Why not get in touch? Let’s have a chat and see how we can help your search engine optimisation requirements.

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