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We are specialise in what’s called organic internet marketing- this simply means we can take your website higher within the free section of Google. Our consultants have bags of experience, so we can offer safe and practical solutions to allow your website to soar.


What exactly does SEO mean?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is simply the process of enhancing a websites ranking positions over a predefined set of keywords.

This is a continual process, that’s in order to raise a website and to secure higher visibility over the longer term.

The process is achieved by strengthening ranking signals which Google will then pick up on its next cycle of indexation of websites as it crawls the web. Googles algorithm is a complex mathematical formula, constantly changing and evolving and as result changing where a website is in search. This is why seo is a constant process.

How long does SEO take?

Seo is a continuous process that’s because a website can move up or down ranking positions at any given time. To strengthen a website and to help prevent demotion most Seo agencies work on a monthly retainer basis. Pack Digital offer this with monthly packages starting at £350.00 pcm.

Some competitive industries change ranking positions much more regularly- this is often because the competition will be hot on your heels to overtake you online.

We use proven White Hat methods of seo to enhance your websites ranking signals which will be detected by Google’s rather complex algorithm.

Why is cheap seo a false economy?

Cheap seo is simply a false economy, but worse than that some methods can have a long term negative impact on your websites rankings. Take for example duplicated content this can harm a website and cause much lower rankings.

White Hat seo is therefore very time intensive, it involves much thought and care in its implementation.

For those of you who are thinking cheap seo is still worth a shot here is our reasoning for why it isn’t.

Google’s Penguin Updates

Google’s Penguin updates were first announced on April 24, 2012 and sent shockwaves through the seo industry.

That’s because websites with poor quality back links sometimes called toxic links caused many websites to be demoted in search. Websites caught by Google’s Penguin updates then had to sort their links out, however there was a long wait more a Google Penguin refresh occurred. From September 2016 Penguin is now said to be running in real time, however poor quality links should be avoided.

Google’s Panda updates

Google released another massive change to its algorithm back in February 2011 this time it was called the Panda updates.

Those websites with low quality content marketing that showed signs of duplication, poor quality content marketing or being simply content thin were actively penalised.

Google’ Hummingbird updates

Google started to use its Hummingbird updates back August 30, 2013 and this also drastically changed how Google worked.

Some seo experts reported that this change was so drastic it was akin to an engine receiving a major overhaul. Therefore a large part of Google’s algorithm changed.

The Google Humminbird update was so important because it looks at searchers intent, it aims to understand what information you want and match the query up with a relevant answer. So Google become better at understanding what you want.

More and more people are having what SEO’s now call “conversational queries” with their smart phones and desktop devices, this means longer search queries which in turn means Google Hummingbirds intelligence and understanding what a user wants will become more and more important.

How our seo services can help you

For a reasonable monthly fee we can maintain your websites search engine optimisation, whether that’s through link building, content marketing or local seo we can help.

We can perform on-site and off-site seo to help your website rank higher within Google. Our seo prices are some of the most competitive around, so why not contact Pack Digital today?

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