Why do so many businesses in Bristol pay for SEO?

Why do so many businesses in Bristol pay for SEO?


Some businesses here in Bristol fork out for all different types of marketing, from the costs associated with print advertising, through to running say radio commercials. They may not invest in search engine optimisation, simply because they don’t understand that form of advertising.

Normally therefore a lot of business owners will have invested in a type of marketing that they are familiar with, they may have therefore paid for that type of marketing for a very long time, as they believe that form of advertising is “tried and tested”.

So, for example, the business might have invested in sponsoring a local rugby club for many years for example in The South West of England.

Therefore, what can sometimes put a lot of business owners off investing in search engine optimisation, is they simply don’t have a clue about what SEO is. They don’t therefore know if they will get a return.

Or if they do have a vague understanding of how organic SEO works, what can put them off completely from paying is that some agencies will state it will take six months or even longer in certain cases to see any results.

Businesses therefore normally want to see results straightaway, and therefore are sometimes deterred from investing in this form of marketing. After all, if you pay for your let’s say plumbing business to appear on the side of the rugby pitch for an important game, you will check to see if the banner advertising in there on the day, so you know exactly where your marketing spend has gone.

However, as an established SEO agency in Bristol, we will now explain why so many businesses pay us to improve their SEO every month. We will also explain that its true, organic seo is a slow process, especially if you’re a new business, or operating in a highly competitive business sector.

However, many clients invest in us every month, and have done so for years, why?

Because quite simply put, it doesn’t matter if you’re a sole-trader builder, or a leading solicitor’s practice in the South West, people will want your services, and they often turn to Google’s organic results to find local businesses.

So, if you’re in a bit of rush, here’s in a nutshell why so many businesses in Bristol hire us to improve their organic search engine optimisation:

–        We can improve where your company ranks in Google’s organic SERP’s

–        We only ever will use white hat methods

–        Our SEO methods comply with Google’s WebMaster Guidelines

–        We only work with businesses that acknowledge that SEO is a long-term process, and quality work takes time

–        We deliver, many businesses which pay for our seo services have done so for a long time.

First things first, what is SEO?

S.E.O (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of improving a business’s “ranking factors”- there are hundreds of ranking factors to improve. So, an example of one type of ranking factor would be backlinks.

Now, you or lets say your appointed SEO agencies have to constantly work on improving these ranking factors, because if other businesses have stronger ranking factors that you, then they will simply rank above yours.

So, Google’s SERP’s that’s the organic results, these are ranked on how strong your businesses ranking factors are. If you have the 3rd strongest, then you will rank 3rd, obviously your business also has to be relevant to the query, so for example if someone is looking for a set of aluminium ladders, you have to make your website’s SEO relevant to ladders.

Here’s the key question, can you afford not to pay for SEO in Bristol?

So, here’s the really important question that you do have to ask, that is, if you have strong competitors in say Bristol, and you know that a lot of these businesses are paying various SEO agencies for help improving their organic seo, and it looks like they gaining business online because of this, because there ranked say 1st on Google, well you have to question can you afford not to invest in this form of marketing?

As otherwise, if you don’t invest, that’s to say if you don’t find a quality SEO agency to help improve your companies seo, then you might be handing you competitors a massive advantage, as they could be securing more business than you, from being ranked on the first page?


It does all come down to which company you choose

However, a word of warning, you do have to find a quality company that will implement your SEO.

There are so many rogue businesses out there that simply focus on making a profit, rather than implementing quality seo work.

There are many businesses in the South-West of England, as well as further afield, which have hired the wrong agencies, freelancers or somebody to work on improving the SEO. Sometimes the seo work is done so poorly, that the business will then it hit by a penalty.


Why would you say it’s particularly important to invest here in Bristol?

We think at this agency, that it’s so important for Bristol businesses, whether they are a huge conglomerate company, or small business, that they should invest in quality SEO, because Bristol is a hugely competitive place to do business.

To give you an example of what you mean, it doesn’t matter if your scaffolder, plumber, solicitor dentist or let’s say you run a used car dealership, there is so much competition in Bristol, so again, it’s the same question, can afford not to invest in this form of marketing?

A continuous process

Before you invest in organic SEO, you have to acknowledge the fact that SEO often needs continuous work, therefore it’s not the type of marketing that can be stopped and started. If you were to stop, then you may drop back down the ranks.


When done right, many businesses benefit from being on the first page

Let’s say for example that you run a used car dealership in South West England, and your business is on the first page of Google’s organic results, for all the keywords that associated with selling used cars, plus also you are advertising your servicing centre where you also service cars.

If your business is the first page of Google for say “car dealerships Bristol”, then this will benefit a business, so when it’s done right, and that that is you hire a well-known and respected seo company like Pack Digital, you can really have a strong marketing to support your business.

How our SEO agency can help your company in The South West:

We currently work with a number of different businesses which are based here in Bristol, England if you would like a quote for SEO, then why not give our business a ring?



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