How does your agency produce well written content marketing?

How does your agency produce well written content marketing?


It doesn’t matter if your business sells classic cars or your business sells cosmetic items such as lipstick online, it’s more than likely that your website has a blog.

So, for those that do not know what a blog is, it simply a part of the company’s website where the business can publish written work and articles that are likely to be of interest to the company’s customers.

So, for example the classic car company might write an article about how to improve the body work on the car by using certain polishes and waxes.

The article might be written so that it offers advice on how to apply wax and polishes to certain classic cars in order to improve the car’s appearance.

On the other hand, you might run a very large cosmetic business, and you are now in the process of launching a brand-new line of cosmetics, that is a range of new lipsticks and you therefore want to write a blog post about the new range of lipsticks and the different shades and colours that they come in, and also the differentiating factors that differentiate your lipstick from other lipstick brands, for example you might use natural ingredients for example.

So, this will give you a good idea about what a blog is often used for and it is therefore the part of a website where a article is published and it is then moved down when a new article is placed on the site so sometimes some companies they may have hundreds of articles and they are often sorted by displaying the newest article on the first page.

Now, as a business owner you might be thinking why do so many businesses invest so much of their time into writing these articles, as some of the articles can be really long for example some might have over 10,000 words, so why do businesses invest so much time?

Well businesses invest so much time into writing these articles because quite simply put if they are done right and that is in a white hat way then these articles can help to improve the businesses organic SEO.



First things first, what is “content marketing”, and how is it used to improve a company’s SEO?


Let’s say that your business sells stoves, that’s to say your business sells wood burning stoves, now if they customer is to buy a wood-burning stove online then they are likely to have many different questions.


For example they might want to know if the stove can burn coal or if it just burns would, what is the seat outputs, also they might want to know how to look after their stove in terms of how often they should have cleaned or the chimney cleaned so therefore a customer is likely to have a lot of questions, and obviously answering these questions when you sell your wood-burning stoves might mean that the page starts to look rather cluttered, in that the pages full of text, so instead a lot of businesses hire a agency which instead will write the blog posts so that the information is useful to your customers but also so that it can help to improve your businesses SCO if it is done in a white hat way.


Why is it so important that it is well written?


It’s crucial that the work is well written, what we mean by well written is that your company customers must find the work useful.


Now, what do we mean by useful?


Well, often when somebody is buying a product, or they are buying a service, they will have a lot of different questions that they will have, before they make the purchase, therefore if you can offer useful advice via a your company website that helps answer some of these questions then this might mean that people spend longer on your website so that the lowest the bounce rate, other website might link to the work because they find it useful and also you are helping your company website to become more relevant because you are talking about what you are selling.


So what we mean by this is if you are selling stoves and you keep writing high quality articles about stoves and answering the various questions that customers often have about stoves then your website is obviously going to become more relevant to stove enquiries.


However, as a white hat agency, we would say that you must invest in white hat and top quality SEO.


Why does the algorithm only reward high-quality well written content marketing?


So let’s say that you run a company and is let’s say that your business sells men’s shoes online, what you have to think about is all the different retailers that your business is competing with, that’s the say there are likely to be thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of retailers that retail men’s shoes, so what you have to ask yourself is what makes your business work policing on the first page?


That’s to say there are only 10 businesses normally which are ever listed on the first page in the organic section, so what we mean by the organic section is the main bulk of the businesses that are listed will be listed in the organic results.


Now, to get your business listed in the organic results, on the first page, your business must be deemed relevant for that query.


So, what do we even mean by this, well let’s say that you sell UPVC double glazing in your city, you to be on the first page for UPVC doors plus the name of your city your company website must be deemed the most relevant or one of the most relevant for UPVC doors in that city, of course you will still be competing with other businesses because in the organic results there are normally 10 the businesses listed.


However, what you have to think about is there are normally hundreds of other companies that offer UPVC doors and windows in a major capital city or a large city so you hat to get your business on the first page, and to do this you must make your website relevant to the Queen which is you he the sea doors plus the name of your city and part of the process to do this is often to add white hat and high-quality content marketing.


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