How writing superb quality content marketing can give your website’s SEO a boost

How writing superb quality content marketing can give your website’s SEO a boost

Okay, we bet if your business has invested in a website, well then you’ve probably grabbed a cup of coffee by now, and have started to do a bit of research into SEO? We thought so, after all, not investing time into SEO, well, its kind of like having a car, that has a broken engine, and just leaving it in the garage to gather dust!

Now regardless of where the SEO company that is offering the information you are reading is based, they are bound to have talked about content marketing? We thought so, its an essential part of the SEO process, without it, well, not much is going to happen.

Now after a bit of further research, and sipping on that spiced cinnamon latte, well, you may have started to piece together more about what content marketing is all about.

But here’s the thing, so many businesses sometimes swiftly jump to the wrong conclusion, thinking that it’s just written text, however in this article will explain it a lot more than that. Its not just written text that’s quickly written after a few cups of coffee, as we will explain, if the work is substandard, well Google’s almighty algorithm doesn’t like spam, hastily put together junk content marketing, nope, in matter of fact, its likely to pull your rankings down, and not up!

So, what is content marketing? Sock it to me!

It’s about “engagement signals”- for example how long the people are spending out of their busy day reading the work, it’s about incoming backlinks, and if the quality of those links, it’s about us how much expertise is shown in the article, for example does the person know what they are talking about and can back this up with actual research (links to statistics for example), it’s about answering the questions that are often asked within the subject, it’s also about seeing if somebody bounces off (bounce rate, see Google Analytics for this) that page or stays on the website for more information, so as you can see it a lot more than just written text.

Its about generating quality work, its about measuring that work, to see if its doing its job, its about refining the work to make it better- so, as you can see, to do such work, and on a regular basis, it requires a lot of time, which is something that a lot of business owners in the wonderful areas of Bath, England, and yes, in Bristol do not have, that’s why they get on the dog and bone, that’s phone, and say Pack Digital, we hear you’re the experts when it comes to all things SEO related, give us a price.

Okay, first things first, what exactly is content marketing?

Content marketing, if it is done right, is all about analysing questions that your customers have, and offering advice for those questions, so that your business becomes more relevant for the products and services that you are selling. So, for example, if you own a business in Bristol, and sells luxury coffee online, you may want to blog about different roast coffee that you sell, the taste, what makes it different, for example that you go to huge lengths to source organic coffee, so you might want to hire seo agencies to promote your business in selling organic coffee.

It is not therefore just about writing 1000 odd words, and then going on a lunch break thinking it’s job done, because it’s much more than that, instead a great deal of time used to be placed in writing the work so that is quality and it is useful. So that when Googlebot indexes the work, and the algorithm evaluates how well its written, that you as a business, in Bristol, prove that you’re the expert in selling a product or a service, so you become more relevant, so overtime, as the seo companies do their work, you should, if its done right, move up the ranks, and notice how we say done right! The work should be top-quality and white hat, you should therefore only hire in Bristol, England a respected and quality focused seo agency.

Now, you might be struggling your shoulders thinking well, how does Google’s algorithm know if it’s 500 words are of quality written work, or if its 500 words of complete gibberish that is been written after an espresso or two and then the authors just dashed out in Bristol to grab his or her lunch, so the work’s been rushed.

Well quite simply put, it boils down to this, is the work useful, and by this we mean have to put on your customers shoes for a second, and thought about the questions that they will ask? Have you then spent the time to write quality work, which satisfies Google’s WebMaster Rules, is the work white hat? Is it an interesting read? Have you spent time, using Google Analytics, to make sure the work is getting a high number of organic visitors? Have you made sure the bounce rate is low?

So let’s give you an example, let’s say that you sell televisions, now not everybody that comes to the companies website is going to know all there is about televisions, as there are now so many different variations there’s LED TV’s, 4k televisions, curved televisions, large LCD TV’s and also QLED TV’s and 4K Ultra TV’s there are also many different features, such as voice activated TVs, and HD ready and as well.

So often somebody doesn’t want to just purchase a new TV, they need advice as well, the businesses that offers clear advice is likely to keep the shopper on the website for longer (reduce the bounce rate) they may therefore be more inclined to purchase from you because you’ve offered such good customer service, as you’ve heavily invested, in what SEO’s call “ever-green content marketing” which purpose is to offer advice, to help customers, so they may well then, because you’ve offered such good advice, will then purchase from you.

So, this is where content marketing can help, it’s your businesses opportunity to convey your knowledge, your expertise and to offer this advice to the customer, whether its about TV’s, coffee or a new sofa, aim to offer the best advice.

Now if this advice is good quality, there is likely to retain the shopper for longer which can help to reduce the bounce rate which could help improve your businesses SEO.

Gone are the days of writing 500 words, then placing this on your blog and then dashing out to grab a sandwich as you believe that’s the SEO done for the month!

You do hear some businesses state, that they are going to do the SEO in-house, and then they give the task to somebody to do that simply hasn’t a clue about SEO. That person, might think right I will write 500 words in an hour, that’s it, however it’s never as simple as that, that’s because if the work is low-quality then this is likely to damage your SEO.

Therefore writing 500 words of complete gibberish, and by gibberish we mean it’s not useful to anyone who’s interested in your products or your services, and they are likely to deem your website as a spam site and this could damage organic SEO.

Has to be quality

So let’s be clear, the work has to be quality, it has to be well written, it should be written by somebody that has expertise in that subject, or at least done a lot of research.

You should look at what questions that customers have, an aim to answer these.

Has to be useful

This brings us back to the point of the work must be useful, the work must serve a purpose, for example if you manufacturer Power Tools, you might want to offer advice on the different drill bits you sell for a cordless drill, and what difference drill bits should be used for masonry, what should be used for wood on what should be used on plastics for that drill.

This doesn’t just offer advice; it also presents the opportunity you to sell your accessories your business might sell.

Lead to reading more

Your content marketing should aim to draw in organic visitors, who read the work, and think this is really high-quality advice, and then want to visit other pages and read more.

It should therefore provide a warm welcome to your business for your shoppers, and say look, we offer really good customer service, have a look at the products and the advice that we offer on our website.

If the quality of the work is complete rubbish, then this is likely to contribute to a “high bounce rate”.

Be an expert

Let’s say your business sells electric cars, there is absolutely no point whatsoever in hiring a marketing agency that hasn’t got a clue about these types of vehicles.

You need somebody who is an expert on the subject, who can offer advice, who can answer questions your customers have.

Don’t therefore just think it’s about writing about electric cars generally, as this will not work, people who want to buy or have an interest in electric cars have questions that need answering, if they don’t get answered and quickly, this will contribute to a very high “bounce rate”, which simply means that this could actually damage the businesses organic SEO.


Analyse the work to see if it is bringing in the organic visitor numbers that to you wanted.


Improve the work, if it is not bringing in the amount of organic visitors that you wanted.


Promote the work for example on social media.

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