On a coffee break? Why not check out the latest SEO news?

On a coffee break? Why not check out the latest SEO news?



Why choose a Pack Digital Seo for your Seo news requirements?

We aim to gather some of the most high quality news around, regarding search engine optimisation.

We look to gather information from around the globe and combine different perspectives on performing SEO and Online Marketing campaigns.

We look for different perspectives and to source information from marketing professionals, who have ranging opinions on how to best undertake Seo.

From a small businesses right through to large businesses we gather marketing strategies that have worked and ones which have not worked so well, for our readers to make an informed decisions, which may help their own marketing strategies.

Based here in the UK we look to gather online marketing news from United Kingdom but also globally.

We report on the news relating to link building strategies, right through to the Semantic Web. We aim to be different in our approach as we take real-life examples of marketing professionals work and we open this up to debate for our readers for them to state what they think is best practice or method to achieving the desired results set out to achieve.

What makes you different and have a different stance when it comes to reporting search engine optimisation news?

We aim to provide detailed articles that demonstrate real world examples of search engine optimisation put into practice.

We aim to share examples of Seo campaigns which have worked well and also to gain experiences from marketing professionals from campaigns which have not worked so well!

We then open this work up to public debate, so that marketing professionals can state their opinions and experiences for a certain type of search engine optimisation SEO.

We only promote White Hat search engine optimisation and ethical methods to performing online marketing.

What forms of Online Marketing does your website report on?

Everything ranging from pay per click, right through to Content Marketing we invite guest articles and we write our own articles on a frequent basis also.

We aim to create a healthy debate from the online marketing community, regarding their thoughts and experiences regarding carrying out a certain type of Seo.

We cover a wide range of Seo tactics and methods.

We invite guest articles and publications surrounding “Pay Per Click” campaigns and we also invite guest articles surrounding anything to do with “Organic Search Engine Optimisation”.

Apart from Organic Seo and Pay Per Click do you receive guest articles and publications from any other subject area?

Yes, we are interested in receiving news articles around technological advancements in regard to the Internet.

We also receive occasionally articles about technological developments, not directly related to the Internet.

We hear welcome guest publications surrounding topics such as “Artificial Intelligence” and also computer coding for example.

We also aim to help SME businesses out, by providing a rich resource of information in regards also to low-cost website platforms.

We are the therefore interested in receiving guest articles and publications which give advice around how to best use website platforms, such as “WordPress” for example.

We are also interested in different marketing methods outside of the norm. For instance, we are interested in marketing methods such as creative “video marketing” and also highlighting good design and creativity skills shown towards developing websites.

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