We run a business in Bristol, how can we improve our on-page SEO?  

We run a business in Bristol, how can we improve our on-page SEO?  




This guide will explain how to go about starting to improve your companies on-page SEO.  Before we go any further, its important to note, we only ever recommend using white hat methods.

So, if you have come to learn what keyword research is, through to optimising your title tags and meta descriptions, then this is the guide for you:

Keyword research

First things first – let’s start with keyword research. So what this means is find out what shoppers are typing to find businesses like yours.

So for example, lets say you run a business, near Bristol harbour, and you sell electric bikes.

Well, the digital marketing agency you hire, may say that your website needs to be optimised for:

–        Electric bikes

–        E-bikes

–        Battery powered bikes

So now you know what you need to improve your organic seo for.

Keyword research is essential for on-page optimisation because it helps you figure out which keywords to target on your website.

Google’s Keyword Planner tool

There are a few different ways to do keyword research, but we recommend using Google’s Keyword Planner tool its very simple to use.

Once you’ve identified some potential keywords, such as e-bikes for your Bristol bike shop, it’s time to optimise your title tags and meta descriptions in a white hat way.

Content marketing

Now that you’ve optimised your title tags and meta descriptions on your main pages, it’s time to focus on the rest of your content marketing- for example is each page well-written? Have you used white hat seo methods? Is the work likely to be useful to your customers?

Don’t stuff your keywords

Don’t stuff your keywords – this will just get you penaliSed by Google. Instead, focus on writing high-quality, well-written, useful content marketing for your customers.  



When you’re finished creating great content marketing, the next step is to make sure your website is fast and responsive. Then think about adding schema, h1-h6, internal links, alt text, nap, page titles, and much more







On-Page SEO is the practice of optimising your website’s pages and blogs to help improve your companies search engine ranking. It involves a number of factors, including title tags, meta tags, header tags, and much more.



Page titles are one of the most important on-page SEO factors.

They are the text that appears in the search engine results page (SERP) when your website comes up for a particular query. The title tag should be concise, and relevant to the page’s content marketing.


Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are another important on-Page SEO factor.  

Content marketing

Its really important that whichever type of business you run in Bristol, from a solicitors practice, through to a builders website, you must make sure that whichever seo companies you hire, that the written work is well written, for example:

–        It should be unique

–        It should be white hat

–        It should be well written

–        It should be useful to your customers

–        If your business only sells its products or services in Bristol, then you should write the work for that area, so for example, “we sell organic chocolate that’s made in Bristol- here’s 7 facts that make our food high quality.



On-Page SEO can sometimes be a lot of work, for example writing 1,000 meta descriptions, for each product can be tiring.

But when all of the onsite seo is done right, by that we mean white hat, then this can help to improve your seo.


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