We want to get on the first page of Google here in Bristol- how can we make that happen?

We want to get on the first page of Google here in Bristol- how can we make that happen?


It’s the question on a lot of business owners lips in Bristol, from restaurants on the harbourside to hair-dressers in Clifton, how can we get on the first page of Google here in our home city of Bristol.

Well, as the rather brilliant article, written by our very own SEO boffins will tell you, in matter of fact, there’s not just one way, nope, there’s several ways.

So it back, with a nice cuppa in hand, or pop-corn, or last night’s dinner in front of you- it doesn’t matter, just have a skim read of this, and you will be pleasantly surprised that yes, our SEO knowledge, well, we believe is second to…..none.  

Well, in matter of fact… there’s loads of different ways of getting your company on the first page of Google.

You could spend money on PPC, which is as the name suggests, as each shopper clicks on your ad, you pay.

There’s Google My Business, which is free, yet you often need to do a bit of work on your listing to make it work. Often just saying yeah, we are based here in say Clifton, well that’s not enough, nope you need positive reviews, real ones, not ones your mate in the pub have written for you, well you wait at the bar, that won’t work!

There’s organic seo, which is complicated, so we’ve dedicated a huge part of this article to explaining that one, and just as well, as we are blooming good at it.

So, lets break it down, lets have a look at the different ways a business can get onto the first page of Google’s results, so it doesn’t matter if you own a bank, own a clothing line, or simply sell coffee from a shop that’s the size of a postage stamp, we will, now elaborate on how a business large, medium or small can get on the first page of Google.

Google My Business

Okay, so, a way that a local Bristolian business could get there selves on the first page of Google, is via registering for a “Google My Business” card, this doesn’t take very long at all.

All you will need to state is your companies address in the rather fine city of Bristol, the phone number, and also the business name, a few more details, such as a link to your website, opening hours, and before you’ve finished your morning latte, your all done.

Now, with that said, just because you’ve filled out a Google My Business account and verified the listing doesn’t mean you will automatically have your business on the first page of Google, nope, often the listing will need optimising, for that your going to need a rather good Bristol SEO agency, cough, that’s us!


Okay, so what’s the quickest way a business in Bristol can get itself on the first page of Google?

Well, its PPC, that’s because it doesn’t matter if you sell aluminium ladders, or you own a noodle restaurant, once you’ve set up an account, and set a budget, answered all the questions, then your business can appear on the first page, sometimes, if you want that very same day, until your budget does run out, this is why PPC, is very popular, however, a lot of businesses pay for PPC, yet also to improve their organic seo, and that’s where our agency can help, as at our marketing agency, we specialise in improving Bristol businesses organic seo.

What’s organic seo we hear you cry, well, we will explain all now.

Organic SEO is used by many companies all over Bristol, to improve where the business ranks on Google.

Now, there will be some SEO companies that really cut the mustard, so this means that they follow “Google’s Webmaster Guidelines” and they do a good job, these are the agencies, or the SEO consultants that you want working for you, as they can help to improve where your company ranks on Google.

However, we do hate to say, but its true, here in Bristol in The South West of England, and anywhere else for that matter, there are so many seo companies that are not that good, and make false promises, or don’t deliver quality work, here’s the thing, if the work isn’t top-quality, well, this means that the business could incur a penalty, so only hire a reputable company, that delivers white hat, quality work for your company.

So, in a nutshell, only invest in quality work.

If your planning on splashing out on improving your organic seo with us, do note it takes time

So, here’s the thing, a lot of businesses want to appear on the first page of Google, in the “organic” results quickly, however, here’s something all business owners need to know, it takes time, sometimes even years to see results for some Bristol companies, so if you are investing with us, you have to be patient.

It boils down to “ranking factors”- we hate to say it, your competitors might be stronger

So, here’s the thing, now we are really getting to the point- any business, whether its in Bristol or anywhere, might face businesses that have been investing in organic seo for donkeys years, so for example, lets say your main competition in Bristol have been investing for on average 8 years in improving their organic seo, a business that has just started forking-out to an SEO agency, well they cant reasonably expect to overtake those other companies quickly.

Backlinks- there important, make a note of that!

Backlinks are important, a business will often need quality, white hat do-follow and also some no-follow backlinks, which have been built in accordance with Google’s WebMaster Guidelines.

Content marketing, it takes ages to write, but can be worth it

So, you might be thinking, i have just taken on an seo agency, yet why are spending so much time writing “evergreen content marketing”and why is this? Well, quite simply put, if done write, in terms of being “white hat” and well-written, well it could, if it answers a lot of your customers frequently asked questions, could help improve your seo. However, whether its backlinks, adding a meta title, or writing a 10,000 word mammoth of a piece of content marketing, do make sure, that whichever firm you hire in Bristol, that they always follow Google’s WebMaster Guidelines.


Why not call us?

If your looking for an SEO business, that works with businesses all over The South West of England, this includes the great city of Bath and also Bristol, then why not hire us, we offer affordable prices for organic seo.

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