What is Schema Markup- how could help to improve my organic seo?

What is Schema Markup- how could help to improve my organic seo?

What is schema markup, and how does it work?

Schema markup is a type of computer-generated code, that you may add  on your website, you may need the help of a web developer for this.

This is to make the code easier to understand for search engines.

You may then possibly have your company website appear in what seo agencies call a “featured snippet” .

This is sometimes also called a rich snippet in the SERPs, this may help improve the click through rate, by adding schema markup to your HTML code.

Rich snippets are intended to give potential customers a better sense of what your company offers, and they could contain images of the business, star ratings of a product, or price ranges for example.

So lets say your looking to purchase a blender, lets say there’s 10 businesses on the first page, all will have meta titles and description.

Yet your business, may rank at the top, with a rich snippet, that shows, the product, which is a blender has 5 star reviews, and the price, this might be more eye catching to someone who wants to buy such a product, therefore improving your companies click through rate.

Many different types of schema markup code

There are many different types of schema mark-up code, this is also sometimes called “microdata” that you can use on your website.

The most common type of schema markup is what seo agencies call “structured data”, which helps search engines understand the relationships between different pieces of information on your website. So for example, the price of an item.


Microdata and RDFa (Resource Description Framework in Attributes) are just some of the different types of schema markup options available. Microformats, for example, allow you to easily identify items on your website using codes. You may learn more about the many types of schema markup on’s website.

You may ask your seo agency to add schema markup to your website, that to a web developer, this is straightforward, and there are even numerous online free tools that can help you create the code you need.

You may want to use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to ensure that your site has properly implemented the code after it’s been added.


So, Schema mark-up is an important part of optimising your website for search engines, and can help improve your click-through rate from SERPS and it may improve your organic seo. If you’re not already using schema markup on your site, we recommend that you get on the phone to your seo consultant or agency, and ask them to add this.

What does schema markup look like?

Schema mark-up is simply code that you can add to your website, this is in order to help search engines to understand your content marketing better. It can look like this:



<div itemscope itemtype=””>


<span itemprop=”name”>electric car</span>




<span itemprop=”brand”>Tesla</span>





<span itemprop=”price”>$</span>





<span itemprop=”description”> electric car, tesla.</span>






Adding schema markup to your website can help improve your click-through rate (CTR) from search results, and ultimately increase your organic traffic.

Where and how to add schema markup

There are a few various methods for adding schema markup to your website, its really simple to do.

The most popular method is to use the markup generator, which may be found at

Another simple way to add schema markup is to manually add it to your website’s code. This can be done by adding the appropriate tags to your HTML code.

For more information on how to do this, see

Adding schema markup to your site can help search engines better understand your content marketing and provide more relevant results for users who are searching for information related to your business or website. In addition, schema markup can also help improve the click-through rate (CTR) of your listings on search engine results pages (SERPs).

If you’re not sure whether or not to add schema markup to your site, consider talking to an seo agency, like ours, or an SEO consultant in order to obtain advice. They can help you assess whether or not schema markup is right for your business and website.

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