Why bother writing content marketing?

Why bother writing content marketing?


You’ve completed all of your work tasks for the day, the parcels have all been sent out, the e-mails to customers written, and you’ve sorted out refunds for returns- in a nutshell your on a roll.

Yet, as a small business owner, which has your business based in the rather wonderful city of Bristol, your wondering how you can expand your business.

And you’ve been thinking about investing in “Search Engine Optimisation”- yet before you do, you’ve decided to have a go yourself, and you’ve decided to start by writing content marketing, yet you don’t know what to write about, how many words are needed, and what exactly “content marketing” means.

Not to mention you don’t know what a meta title is, a meta description, how to add anchor text and why each article should be written so it has a large word count, well, as an established SEO business, here in Bristol, sit back, enjoy a cup of tea, and have a read about what we have to say on the matter…

What is content marketing?

Well, its this, what you are reading at the moment really, but, that sounds super-simple right? Just writing a few thousand words, and putting on your companies website?

Well, it should be, but so many marketing companies, and businesses make a complete and utter hash of it- but why so?

Well, the simple answer is this, people want quality answers to a question, they don’t want to read text which doesn’t answer their problem.

Whether that’s, “which are the most energy efficient fridge-freezers” or which “electric car has the best range”- people want quality answers.

So, you guessed it, Google only supplies quality answers, yet here’s the slight problem, normally your company is up against if your lucky hundreds of other businesses, if not, thousands, and if your rather unlucky potentially millions of other businesses, and they all want to do the same as you…get more customers.

So how do you get more customers?

Well, a lot of businesses hire Bristol seo companies, like ours, to help improve the onsite seo, now one way of doing that, is to help your customers while they are looking to purchase a product.

So, a few ways you can do that is to write high-quality content marketing, such as product descriptions that are well written, or lets say evergreen content marketing, but it must be high-quality work.

This way Googlebot will notice the new written work, that you’ve added to your company website.

So, lets say you run a well-known solicitors practice here in Bristol, and you’ve now hired a new digital marketing business, that’s to help with improving where your company ranks on Google.

Now, lets say you publish a new article, that’s to help your customers understand one of the services you offer. Now Googlebot will “crawl and index” the work.

Now, if your work is well written, in that its high-quality, then your work will be indexed, so this means it may appear when someone asks Google a query.

Now, if the work is good quality, it may attract good quality backlinks, it may even have a super low bounce rate, if the works of a good quality, it may therefore help your business to improve its organic seo.

However, on the other hand, lets say you hire the wrong marketing company, they don’t produce good quality work, for example, they make the critical error of adding “duplicated content marketing” to your website. This flouts Google’s WebMaster Guidelines, so this work wont help your seo, it could damage it.

So, you see the two contrasting approaches there, one marketing agency could produce real top-quality written work, which Google’s algorithm will reward, then there’s the business that doesn’t hire the right agency, which uses duplicated work, thats low-quality written work, and this could actually damage your seo.

Well, you really do need a quality SEO business by your side

Here’s the thing, content marketing is just one part of the organic seo process, there’s a lot of other crucial components.

For example, an agency, such as ours, in Bristol might be producing content marketing, yet another team member might well be building business citations, improving the websites design, improving the onsite seo, such as adding internal backlinks, so as you can see, content marketing, yes its important, but its only one part of what we do.

Why do SEO agencies in Bristol write so much content marketing?

So, when you hire a new agency, they will submit a monthly fee, that’s how a lot of seo agencies work, they set a monthly retainer, ours included.

Now, because improving a businesses seo never comes to an end, well, it can, but often other businesses will move in to overtake the company, this is why often its an ongoing process.

So, this is why, marketing businesses, like ours publish content marketing on a regular basis, because, if the work is high quality, then this will help to improve the businesses organic seo.

Why has content marketing got to be so long?

It hasn’t, in a nutshell it must just be good at answering the question, this could mean its only a few hundred words in length, but in reality, often a detailed, comprehensive answer is needed, so often a lot more needs to be written, most of our articles, are on average anywhere between 1,000 and 5,000 in length.

So, you’re saying all content marketing helps to improve SEO?

No, most definitely not, so many companies get writing their content marketing wrong, they duplicate, don’t answer the question, or simply don’t follow “Google’s Webmaster Rules”, so this wont help the seo, if its low-quality work, it could damage the companies seo.

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