Why does organic SEO take longer for a brand-new website?

Why does organic SEO take longer for a brand-new website?


So, you’ve just asked your web designers to set your new company website live, your more than happy with the design.

It’s just a few weeks have not passed, and you have the fancy offices in Bristol’s harbour side, you’ve got the staff, you’ve paid for the website, its just, well, the phones not ringing- its in matter of fact, well super-quiet.

So you go onto Google, you need a “local SEO agency”- as you know that search engine optimisation, if the work is good quality, can take your business onto page 1 of Google.

Its just after visiting a few agencies that are located in various locations across the glorious South West of England, well, after coming out of agencies in Bristol, and also many located in Bath, they’ve all said the same thing, that is, it takes longer to optimise, that’s improve the search engine optimisation for brand new websites, we will now explain why that is so.

What do we mean by brand-new website?

So, by brand new, what we typically mean is that you’ve just registered a brand-new domain name, a domain name that hasn’t been used in the past, hasn’t got any SEO history.

Google’s EAT

Okay so let’s begin in explaining why if you’re thinking of launching a brand-new business venture in Bristol, why it takes longer to optimise a brand-new website.

One of the reasons is something built into Google’s algorithm, that is “Google’s EAT”, which in a nutshell means Google rewards businesses which are experts at what they do, they show expertise, authoritativeness in their business sector, and can be trusted.

So, just as a business say that’s located on the high-street in Clifton, Bristol takes a long time to build up loyalty from its customers, because the business delivers a high-quality service, so does a website.

That’s to say if you were to have a website designed say in Bristol, its brand-new, well, its also going to take a long time normally for Google to recognise it as a quality website, it often will need a lot of SEO work, and this is worth bearing in mind when hiring SEO agencies, as its not a fast process, in matter of fact it’s very slow.

Google’s Algorithm will only ever reward quality work

So, you’ve started in business in Bristol, and you ask your web designers to get your website indexed on Google.

Googlebot indexes the website, then you ask the web developers to set you up a Google Search Console account, and within the week, you learn for an important keyword, you rank 90th on Google.

Its then that it hits you, how much work is needed, a huge amount of SEO work. So, with that in mind, should you cut corners? No, absolutely not, don’t do anything other than top-quality work, why?

Well, if you hire SEO agencies which are rubbish, or you do the work yourself, and its low-quality there are countless Google Penalties which you could get, you could get for example a backlink penalty, such as a Google Penguin penalty, which could mean that Google decides to “de-index” the website, as you haven’t followed Google’s WebMaster Guidelines, or let’s say the SEO consultant or agency you’ve hired has followed Google’s WebMaster Guidelines.

Some agencies are simply better than others

So, hiring Bristol SEO companies is not like hiring a painter and decorator, or a plumber, that’s because when you hire say a plumber, you may just want the central heating system fixed, which is either fixed or remains broken.

So, its either one or the other, obviously the plumber will fix it otherwise they don’t get paid, however SEO agencies are different, the quality of the work can vary so massively, that one agency might be one of the best in the country at what they do, they sky-rocket your organic traffic, then reduce the websites bounce rate on Google Analytics, they also manage to increase your average position on Google Search Console.

However, on the other hand, there might be hundreds of good seo companies out there, and we are one of them, however there are a ton of bad apples as well, and what happens when you hire the wrong agency- well one word, penalties.


So, let’s say you hire an agency and they write evergreen content marketing, now, the business may write a brilliant 10,000-word article, it’s really useful to your shoppers, yet even though that might cost a lot to produce, its going to take time to earn quality backlinks.

So, what do we mean by that, well, lets say you run a business, your based in central Bristol, and have a premises in Aztec West Bristol, you sell electric cars, and you hire seo businesses to write evergreen content marketing, which answers commonly asked questions, that people have when they are buying an electric vehicle in Bristol.

Yet, even though the written work is high-quality, it has a low bounce rate, it has high time on site on Google Analytics, and its starting earn quality backlinks, which Googlebot has indexed, and which have recognised as quality do-follow backlinks, it may still take a lot of time to keep earning backlinks, which are quality.

This is why organic seo is a slow process, that’s because backlinks are just one “ranking factor” which Googlebot indexes, and which Google’s algorithm takes into account, so as you can imagine, if it takes a long time to earn backlinks, you still have to optimise the hundreds of other ranking factors as well.

So whichever SEO business that you hire in Bristol, there’s often a lot of work to do.

You do have to understand Google’s WebMaster Guidelines

All search engine optimisation work that you do, should be top-quality and also white hat, it should follow Google’s SEO rules, that is “Google’s Webmaster Guidelines”.

Some businesses will simply have very large marketing budgets, so its important to be realistic

Okay so let’s say you run an independent business, its based in Cabot Circus Bristol, yet you also have an office in Fishpond’s area, if you have said ten staff, yet you want your business to rank higher on Google than a national business which has thousands of staff, you do have to be realistic as to what can be achieved with a low marketing budget.

A lot of marketing agencies believe there’s a Google Sandbox Period

A lot of marketing companies, in Bristol, and in Bath also, believe that some websites will incur what’s called a Google Sandbox period, that’s a length of time where its harder to optimise the website.

Therefore, some agencies believe that this can be another reason why its often harder to optimise brand new websites.

Why you shouldn’t cut any corners

When various businesses in Bristol have fixed overheads, that’s to say they may have a shop in a busy area of the city centre, or let’s say rented offices in Cabot Circus, or Aztec West in Bristol, then the business will have a lot of costs. This is why, especially for start-up businesses, they want to get their website onto first page of Google, in the organic SERP’s as soon as possible.

And this makes perfect sense, as it doesn’t matter if you run a large solicitors practice, or you simply run a shop that sells, say running trainers, you will want to generate as much business as possible, and you want your company to be easily found online. Yet, what we would say is this, don’t cut any corners.

Even though, you may run say a start-up business, and you need to get the business up and running as soon as possible, and to generate more sales, we would never ever recommend cutting corners when it comes to your businesses organic seo. Google’s algorithm is so very clever at detecting spam, or low-quality seo, and as soon as Googlebot indexes rubbish seo, well, the business may well be deemed as breaking Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, and the business then may well be subject to an algorithmic penalty- such as a Google Penguin penalty, or the business may incur a Google manual penalty- which as a business, you most definitely do not want.

It takes a long time to catch up with the competition

Okay, so here’s something that some businessowners struggle sometimes to understand, that’s to say, they make the mistake of thinking organic seo works in the same way as PPC, in that as soon as they start paying an agency in Bristol, to work on the companies seo, that they should overnight appear in the organic results on Google- this is not how it works.

However organic seo, well, it doesn’t work like that, it takes normally huge amounts of time, sometimes even years for some businesses to get onto the first page.

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