Why is organic SEO such a slow process?

Why is organic SEO such a slow process?


Up until now your business may have stuck to the same old marketing methods that you have grown used to.  

So, for example your business may have been investing in flyers and posting them through countless letterboxes for example, yet you as the business owner may have come to the realisation that this marketing method isn’t working for your business.

So, you’ve decided to invest in organic seo instead. Yet, many business owners know that investing in organic seo can sometimes be a slow process, and they would often be right, yet business owners often do not know what causes the delay between paying for SEO, and starting to see positive results, such as the phone ringing with more customers.

So, what does cause this delay?

Well, in matter of fact there are loads of reasons why organic seo is often a slow process, and naturally not many seo agencies want to bring these reasons to your attention straightaway.

As if a smartly dressed sales person from a large digital marketing agency opens their sales pitch with “you do know this SEO is a slow process-right?”- well often that’s not the best way to close a deal!

However, we are different, we like to be clear with our customers, and this is how we as a respected seo agency has been able to retain our customers for a very long time.

So, without further ado, let’s look at why organic seo is often a slow process:

The competition

If you mention a competitor’s name to some businesses they may feel as though you are trying to wind them up.

So as the business owners blood starts to boil its crucial that as an seo agency we quickly explain why it’s important to evaluate a competitors seo.

And what’s the reason we evaluate the competition’s SEO?

Well, the reason is to work out how strong that businesses SEO is, for example how many backlinks do they have?

And the reason for this is to work out the benchmark that needs to be exceeded by your business.

But do not get us wrong, its so important that your business only implements quality SEO. We stress this because some businesses quickly spot that they are flagging behind the competition, that their businesses SEO is no where near as strong, and this is what sometimes sparks some businesses into implementing seo quickly which is sometimes substandard.

Substandard seo could mean that your business incurs a penalty, for example if the backlinks are rubbish quality, the business could incur a Google Penguin penalty for example.

So, this is why organic seo is often a slow process, that’s because the quality of the seo work has to be high.

Plus, also you have to factor in the competition, so if your have a competitor that has been investing in quality seo, and has been doing this for say 8 years, and your business is just leaving the starting-blocks, well this means it will often take some time in order to catch up.


This is a pretty obvious one, that is which seo agency you choose will have different levels of skill.

There will be some seo agencies that simply don’t use white hat methods, so will be regarded as a rubbish agency, then on the other hand there’s agencies which will pay considerable sums of money to retain some the best SEO minds this country has.

So, we know this is pretty obvious point to make, yet one worth making none the less, that is you should partner with an agency that you know only has knowledgeable staff, so do take the time to meet with your seo agency and make sure that they are offering you white hat seo.

It’s worth mentioning at this point that some seo agencies say they are white hat, but in matter of fact they are not. So, it’s worth bearing this in mind.

However, your business really does want to only pay for white hat seo, as otherwise your business could incur a penalty.

New website?

Most seo agencies, including ours believe that its much harder to optimise a brand-new website.

The reason that some seo companies believe that this is so is because new websites are placed in what’s called a “sandbox”.

This means that brand-new websites can take longer to optimise. So, this means that say there are two businesses, and they operate in the same sector, and let’s say that business sector is construction.

So, if there was one website that was live for say 8 years, well this would normally be easier to optimise than a website that’s just been made.

Can your digital marketing agency help?

Now that we’ve explained that organic seo is a slow process, we still believe it’s a truly powerful form of marketing.

We have helped countless businesses to get onto the first page of Google, and we have seen start-up businesses who have obtained great success from investing in our seo services.

So if you would like to obtain a no obligation quote, well what you waiting for? Why not give our seo agency a call?

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