What’s included in your SEO reports?

What’s included in your SEO reports?


It’s all well and good forking out most of your marketing budget on improving your company’s organic SEO, yet obviously you are going to want to know how well things are improving every month, right?

Therefore, obviously you are not going to take say an SEO consultants’ word for it, or the agency owners’ word that everything is just going well, and that it’s all plain sailing instead you’re likely going to want an seo report that tells you things like:

–        Organic visitor numbers

–        Bounce rate

–        Time on site

–        How many backlinks you have

–        How people have found your website, via PPC, organic seo or via social media advertising, such as using Facebook adverts.

So your going to want accurate SEO reporting, yet a lot of businesses in the South West of England, may have never invested a penny in digital marketing before, so they might not know what to expect.

They may therefore get sent a SEO report, that’s well a dull read, full of graphs, text and percentages, yet in reality, they may mean nothing to the business owner.

And from our experience, as an established seo agency, well, we know that whether you sell used cars in Bristol, or you’re a hot-shot lawyer in Cabot Circus, well, you’re going to want an SEO report that just easy to read, gives you all the facts and figures you want, and keeps things simple.

That’s why so many businesses in Bristol, flock to Pack Digital, as our company has build a reputation for quality work, sensible prices, plus our SEO reports, well, there an absolute piece of cake to understand.

Now we can only speak for what our Bristol based digital marketing agency includes in our organic SEO reports, yet when we write an SEO report, we often include some of the following statistics that we will go over in detail below.

Which SEO tool does the agency use?

So, it’s obviously crucial that you make sure that the information in the SEO report is accurate, and this might sound commonsense, right?

Yet you should gain an understanding of where the agency is obtaining their facts and figures from, for example are they using a well-known SEO tool, which is widely considered as reliable?

If it’s from a rather unknown analytics company, then you might want to be a bit wary, however if the agency simply states that the information is from a leading SEO tool, then obviously you’re going to be able to trust that information a bit more.


Don’t be baffled by the science

As a business owner, you’re going to be time pressured, therefore you might not have the time to flip through a 50-page SEO report every single month.

You might be a lawyer in say Clifton in Bristol, that hasn’t got the time to be reading long SEO reports, so what we would say is this, before you say yes to any SEO agencies, ask them to send over their seo report first, as a sample, have a good look at it, do you think that this will be sufficient at informing you whether your seo is improving or not?

If its overly complicated, and the agency says, well, it’s a standardised report, it can’t be changed, then you might want to hire another agency, one like us here at Pack Digital. We are an agency that works with clients all over Bristol, from the heights of Clifton, over to Aztec West, all companies like our quality work, and the fact that our SEO reports are clear and easy to understand.


Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want…

Sometimes with an agency, what they will use is a report every month that they use for all clients, that is rolled out to all of their customers because it comes straight from an SEO tool that their using.

However, this might not suit what you need as a business, for example you might want different things reported on, for example you might just want a line graph which illustrates whether organic traffic is going up or down.

You might want an organic SEO report which sets out over a 12 month timeframe, the number of organic visitors so that you can quickly see at a glance, whether the organic SEO numbers are improving or not?

The point you’re trying to make is this, if you want something included in your SEO report, then we believe it’s important that you state this, and that you don’t just get sent generic SEO report every single month that includes facts and figures the you might not find useful.


Organic visitor numbers

It’s all well and good having multiple graphs within your SEO report, like various pie charts and also let’s say a lot of line graphs explaining how various aspects of how the organic SEO is going, but sometimes we think that it’s best to keep the graphs just for the areas which are important at reporting on.

For example, some seo agencies over do it we think on the graphs, so much so, a large report might be sent to a business owner, lets say that runs a business in Bristol, and simply when they read the report they may not understand it, so become disengaged with the organic SEO process.

This is not what a good agency should do, here at Pack Digital, we bring our clients onboard, so that with our SEO consultants, and our detailed SEO reports, the business knows exactly how the organic seo is improving.

So, it doesn’t matter if we’re working for a car dealer, a chain of restaurants, or a large solicitors practice in the centre of Bristol, when our clients sit down to have a good read of our reports, they know exactly how well their SEO is doing.




Let’s say that you run a chain of hairdressing salon across Bristol, you want to improve where the website ranks for “hair highlights Bristol” and you also want to improve the business ranks for “hairdressers” and “local hair salons”.

These are therefore what seo agencies, call “keywords”, which you or your SEO agency will have picked as being important your business, so therefore your obviously going to want to know whether you as a business are improving where your rank for these terms.

So, lets return back to our example of say a chain of hairdressing saloons across Bristol, lets say the report says you rank “5oth” in month one, for “hairdressers in Bristol”- now, this means that on Google, you rank on average for that month on page 5.

Now, if you’re looking at getting your hair done, your unlikely to be choosing a company that’s on page 5, obviously, the businesses at the top, one page 1, are more likely to clicked on.

So, your SEO agencies should report each month, on if you are improving or not for your business’s keywords.

So, for example, if your car dealership is venturing into selling electric cars in The South West, you might call various Bristol seo companies, and say, what are the keywords that are important for selling electric cars, in Bristol? So it might be “used electric cars Bristol” or “EV dealers in Bristol” and then once you know this, this should be included in your SEO report.

How high is your company’s bounce rate?

Often our clients want to know how high the bounce rate is.

PPC, Organic SEO, Social Media Advertising

If you are investing in different forms of digital marketing, for example you might be paying for Facebook ads, you might also be paying us to improve your organic SEO as well as also pay per click (PPC).

Often therefore the business owners want included in the report, how many visitors are finding the business via each form of advertising.

Time spent on the website

An important metric to monitor is how long the average shopper is spending on your website, if they are only spending a few seconds, then obviously this should be improved.

How our Bristol agency can help

There are quite literally hundreds or SEO agencies in the city of Bristol, yet we think we stand out from the crowd, we say that because we have very highly experienced SEO consultants.

Therefore, if you want to choose an agency, which makes the whole process a piece of cake, as well as offers very easy to understand SEO reports then why not give our company a ring today?


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