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So many businesses within Bath, as well as within Bristol will be looking to earn high-quality backlinks.

This is because links can mean the difference between being on page one, or not being listed at all.

Therefore many companies pay Bath seo agencies, and Bristol seo companies to look for links on their behalf.

However within this article we are going to give away some tips, on how to build backlinks in a white hat way.

Competitor link analysis

Using companies like Majestic and AHrefs it becomes very easy to see who is linking to your direct competitors. This means that these website can then be contacted to see if they will link to your business as well.

The process of looking at your competitors links, and then contacting websites to see if they will link to your business is called competitor analysis. 

Digital assets

Digital assets can be a very effective way of earning white hat backlinks, the process involves creating something like an interesting infographic, and this may give information about your business sector.

For example, perhaps you run a solicitors practice, that possible specialises in Family Law, and you want to create an infographic which shows how many couples use mediation, how many use the courts and how many use collaborative law for instance.

This infographic may well be used by other Bristol solicitors, or solicitors based anywhere in the U.K.

When they then use your work, you can then ask them for a do-follow backlink.

Fix broken links

Quite possibly you may have pages on your website which have broken links, this means that when websites are linking to these pages, the link equity is being wasted.

Broken links should be fixed so that the links following to these pages can be used for SEO advantage.


Another method to earn backlinks is to generate a really useful piece of content marketing, and to then ask quality publishers whether they wish to publish your work, and in return you can obtain a do-follow backlink.

How Pack Digital can help your business

Pack Digital is a Bath seo company, we also own a Bristol seo company, for a no obligation quote why not give us a ring?



Some business owners may think that by copying and pasting content marketing from another website, that they will be helping their own website rank better.

However this is not the case, duplicated content marketing can mean a website incurs a penalty.

A Google Panda penalty can mean that certain pages of a website are removed from Google’s search engine, or it can sometimes means that the whole site gets hit by a penalty and is therefore removed from Google.

Why is duplicated content marketing a problem to SEO?

Duplicated content marketing can harm a websites seo, but if a penalty is incurred then it can sometimes take a long time to recover from.

Why does Google’s complicated algorithm have spam filters?

Google only wants high-quality websites to be on the first page, this means these websites must offer valuable and useful information.

Websites that try and trick the search engine into making the pages look more important than they are, will be penalised.

How does Google know who the original author is?

Google uses Googlebot to look for changes that are made to websites, so for example if your Bristol business was to add a new news page, then Googlebot would crawl and index the page.

This basically means Google will have scanned the page, and it will be aware you added a new page to your website.

If this work was to be duplicated, Google will know the original author. However sometimes duplication issues are not as simple as this, so if your website is suffering from duplication issues, it is worth contacting a Bristol SEO agency like Pack Digital.

Why should all content marketing be white hat?

All content marketing efforts should be white hat.

What is Google’s Panda updates?

Google’s Panda updates are built into Google’s algorithm, which means if your website has duplicated work, or is using another low quality seo method such as cloaking, then your website could incur a penalty. 



Bristol is a busy and booming city. If you are at the top of Google then Bristol is the place to be.

However if you haven’t invested in white hat local seo, well your phone may well be pretty quiet at the moment.

But don’t worry, that’s because Pack Digital is a digital marketing business that offers small business seo packages starting from £220.00 per month.

We don’t just work with Bristol businesses neither, we have customers in Bath as well.

How much does local seo cost?

Local seo costs are dependent on how competitive your business sector is, and how strong your competitors are.

For example, we work with a demolition contractors within Bristol, and although there are relatively few companies, the competition between the companies is strong.

This means we use the latest white hat seo methods to make sure our clients stay at the top.

Why is it crucial the right mixture of work is offered?

Some agencies just specialise in one area of marketing, for example in Google PPC, or social media advertising. Pack Digital is different, we offer the complete solution for your online marketing needs.

We also tailor make our marketing packages for the business, yet generally most seo packages contain content marketing, link building, onsite seo and offsite seo.

We have many happy customers, from Clifton Bristol right through to Bath, we are a growing digital marketing business.

Why must my local seo be white hat?

All online marketing efforts should be white hat, this is so that your website stays on the right side of Google’s algorithm. The last thing a business wants is to incur a Google penalty, like a Panda or Google Penguin penalty.

Do you work with companies in Bath as well?

We work with many companies based within Bath, all require our white hat services, and we are often more affordable than some other agencies.


Any local seo strategy wouldn’t be complete without the agency building business citations. It’s crucial that a business strengthens their clients NAP information, which stands for Name of the business, its address and also the phone number.

NAP information should be mentioned on quality business directories such as Yell, and the NAP information must be the same as what you have listed on the contact page of your website.

Our white hat seo packages start from £220.00 per month, and rise up to £3000.00 per month.


A lot of businesses based in Bath, and indeed Bristol understand the importance of seo, however some business owners do not understand why seo needs to be paid for every single month.

This article will explain why investing in seo each month makes sense, and why if investment stops it’s possible that a website will move down the rankings.

Why should a Bristol / Bath business pay for seo services every month?

A website is ranked on the strength of it’s ranking signals, this means if a competitors ranking signals were to grow stronger, they will overtake your business in terms of where it is ranked.

What are ranking signals?

Google uses over 200+ ranking factors to determine how important your website is, if your competitors were to develop stronger ranking signals then they will outperform your website.

Ranking signals can vary from backlinks, through to meta descriptions.

What is Googlebot?

Googlebot is what tells Google when you have made a change to your website, this change is then inputted into a very complex algorithm, this algorithm works out how strong the rankings signals are, and then compares these to your competition, the site with the strongest ranking signals is what is ranked at the top.

Will my website stay at the top of Google?

Some business owners pay for seo until the agency gets them at the top of Google, when this happen the company may state they wish to pause the seo investment or stop altogether, and we think this is a bad idea.

This is a bad idea because seo is like a race, if you give your competition enough time they will form stronger ranking signals, and then overtake you in this race.

So this means pausing your seo investment could just mean you are letting your competitors overtake you, and possibly get a strong lead.

How can Pack Digital help?

Pack Digital is a seo agency, we are based in Bristol, yet we can also help customers who are based in Bath.



So many businesses spend thousands redesigning their websites, they may look great, but do they have the necessary SEO strength to rank on the first page?

Sometimes some website designers just focus on how the website looks, that’s to say the onsite seo aspects may get neglected. Within this article we are going to explain how your Bristol or Bath based business can benefit from correctly optimising the homepage.

Why is the homepage so important to seo?

Imagine all the terms a website is optimised for, yet most of the people who land on your website, will come through the homepage.

For example, this website is optimised for the term “SEO Bath” and “Seo services Bristol” however most of our visitors come through the homepage.

This means the onsite seo must be good to draw customers to the site, however the website must have a good design so that you can quickly direct customers to the right product or service.

Why must the website load quickly?

So many websites load slowly, this can mean customers get frustrated, they may then bounce off the website, and then visit a competitors website. This means the website could over time get a high bounce rate which is bad for SEO.

Why must the homepage have good onsite SEO?

The websites meta title, meta descriptions, alt tags, title tags, keyword optimised text, and good internal links with correctly optimised anchor text should all be used on the homepage.

Your seo agency should therefore work with your website design agency to ensure that this is on the website from the start, this is so your seo campaign can hit the ground running.

Why should my website designer work with my seo agency?

Some website design agencies haven’t got a clue about seo, so it’s always a good idea to pay a bit more and have your seo consultant spend time with your website design agency, this will ensure good quality white hat seo is implemented from the start. Pack Digital can offer such a service, and we can work closely with website designers to ensure that your website also has the correct seo implemented right from the start.

Why can introduction videos spoil the strength of my websites seo?

Some websites forfeit text for an introduction video, however Googlebot may struggle to understand what your website is about if you don’t have text, this can be made worse if the main pages also have very little written text.

We are a white hat SEO Bristol business, we can help you implement seo right from the start, that’s when you are having your website designed and built.

We also offer our seo services to companies within Bath.


Most digital marketing businesses, including Pack Digital use Facebook as part of an SEO campaign.

We work with businesses with Bath and Bristol, within the South West of England, and we use Facebook to help Seo marketing campaigns.

Facebook is great, because it can be used for many reasons, that’s from building a load of positive business reviews, right through to advertising the culture of your business.

How can Facebook help my business?

Business reviews

Many businesses will try and obtain as many genuine, and positive business reviews as they possibly can.

When it comes to considered purchases, such as choosing a building company to put an extension on your home, most people will choose a business via Google, and then check the businesses reviews.

Often business reviews are checked on Google My Business account, plus also on Facebook, so its vital that a business gets as many genuine business reviews as they can get.

Business citations

Business citations are so important to SEO, especially local seo, that’s because by having a load of NAP information, placed on quality business directories, it’s possible to tell Google that your business is placed at a certain location, and Google will place more trust in a business whereby it has confirmed its location on a number of quality business directories.

Obtain customers feedback

It is possible on Facebook to obtain customer feedback on a new product or service you are launching.

For example a business may well be launching a new product, like a new mobile phone, Facebook is a great way of getting an idea about what potential customers think about your new product.

Advertise the culture of your business

For service sector businesses, like Dentists, Facebook is a great way of advertising the culture of your business, for example the staff you employ, and also charity work the business may undertake for example.



There are now so many types of digital marketing businesses, it can be somewhat confusing for a business owner to know which one is right for their company.

Whether you run a small business in Bath, or a business in Bristol, Pack Digital is able to help all sizes of businesses with their marketing requirements.

This guide will help you to choose what’s right, whether that be a an agency, a freelancer or indeed a digital marketing business.

What type of SEO company does my business require?

The type of seo company your business requires depends on how competitive your business niche is.

For example, if the business in question is a solicitors practice, then this is a highly competitive business sector, so the company will require an agency that has a content marketing writing team, a link builder and also somebody who also understands white hat methods of optimising a website using technical seo.

Yet again, if the business is only small, for example a sole trader business operating in Bath, or indeed Bristol, the business may only require a seo freelancer, where normally the costs of such services are normally quite a lot lower.

Should I choose a local business?

Whatever you choose whether that be a freelancer, or an agency there will still need to be a marketing strategy in place.

To form a robust marketing strategy, there will need to be great input from the company owner, as to what services they wish to promote for example.

So it’s always good to get a local seo business, one where you can organise a meeting at short notice and discuss various marketing issues.

What are the advantages of choosing an agency?

Pack Digital is a digital marketing agency that is based within Bristol, we feel an agency is best placed to serve all sizes of companies.

We have team members who have a skill set which allows them to implement winning local seo strategies. This means day in day out, they are building business citations, building local links and writing content marketing for local Bristol businesses.

However on the other end of the spectrum we have advanced link builders, who are able to optimise websites that require national seo.

For a no obligation quote, why not give us a call?



When every business invests in SEO services they naturally want to know when they will they be top of Google. After all, that’s the exact reason why most business invest in the first place.

However, as this brief article will illustrate, it’s not that easy to offer an accurate predication of when a business will reach the top, and here’s why that is so.

How long will it take to reach the top?

When somebody searches for a business on Google, say for example a electrician within Bristol, the websites at the top will have the strongest ranking signals.

Now Google doesn’t just rely on a handful of ranking signals to calculate which website is the best, no it uses over 200+ ranking factors.

This means a websites links, content marketing, onsite seo, offsite seo all get calculated by an algorithm. Now it’s this algorithm which works out how important a website is.

This means if a real accurate assessment of how long it will take to reach page of Google is needed, then the businesses competitor websites must be audited.

This way the seo consultant can work out how many links the site has, how intensive the content marketing is for example. It’s then a matter of suggesting a strategy and providing estimate time scales.

However it’s important to note that there is one massive unknown variable, and that is Google’s algorithm.

Google’s algorithm can change at the drop of a hat, this means that a content marketing strategy make be working well for the business, but then suddenly after an algorithm change, the agency may have to use a different approach to increase rankings.

Is it worth then pausing my seo monthly fee?

Some businesses reach the very top of Google, that’s across multiple keywords, and then may pause their seo investment altogether.

However, as any good agency will tell you, by pausing a website seo you are more likely to move down the rankings, and sometimes sharply. That’s for two reasons, one Google rewards websites that are updated on a regular basis, secondly because your competitors may develop stronger ranking signals.

Will I stay on top then forever?            

Organic and local business listings can change after a month, after a week or in the next hour, this means no business is guaranteed to stay at the top of Google.

Constant investment is needed, that’s either by an in-house consultant applying their time, or by investing in a search engine optimisation business like Pack Digital.

Why does the algorithm change?

The algorithm can change for many reasons, often it changes to fight spam, but sometimes it changes because a new ranking signal has been formed, which sometimes lowers the established ranking signals importance.

How can Pack Digital help?

Pack Digital helps businesses based in Bath, and Bristol to achieve their marketing goals. We have seo experts on hand to help your business, for a no obligation quote, why not call us?


Most Bristol business owners acknowledge that SEO is now crucial part of the marketing activity for most local businesses.

However, knowing how much to spend is also a difficult dilemma some business owners find themselves in.

Some agencies will offer flat rate fees which are unbelievably low, this can sometimes result in the agency cutting corners, and possibly using poor forms of seo being implemented. Poor seo methods can ultimately end up with a website incurring a Google or another penalty issued by a search engine.

So, in reality there’s only one form of seo that’s worth investing in, and that’s quality focused online marketing that is called white hat work.

How much should my business be investing?

The cost of seo services ultimately boils down to one thing, how strong the competition actually is within your business sector.

For example, a Bristol solicitors practice may well be investing £4000.00 per month into seo services, so a competitor trying to outrank the website on a £500.00 per month budget is simply unrealistic.

However, what is really the differentiating factor is time, so the more time that you can get an seo expert to apply to a website the better chance of the website to rank higher. This may sound a pretty obvious point, however some companies go to the most expensive agency believing they will get the best quality seo, but sometimes they may not be getting enough work carried out each month to overtake the competition.

So a comparison between the agencies should be made on time spent working on the website, and also what the monthly charge is.

Pack Digital offers seo packages for small businesses ranging from £250.00 per month upwards. For a quote for your business, just drop us a line, all we need to know is your websites address and what your marketing goals are.

What happens if I was to stop investing, would my rankings drop?

Google rewards websites that are regularly updated, plus if your direct competitors were to achieve stronger ranking signals, then they will overtake a business that has stopped investing in seo services.

Why do results vary massively between the different agencies?

Different Bristol seo agencies can use different methods, it’s well worth checking with any Bristol agency that you employ that all the work is white hat.

How can Pack Digital help?

Pack Digital can offer white hat search engine optimisation services, which are offered at an affordable price.


So many businesses invest in SEO, however when they reach the top they may make the decision to pause, or stop investing in seo services altogether.

However, there are now so many business who are also recognising how important the top position of Google is to their business, this is why so many are implementing marketing strategies that allow the business to stay at the top for longer.

Between the number 1 position on Google, and the businesses that are ranked second may only be a few backlinks that separate the businesses.

That’s to say, if the business positioned at the number 2 spot, was to invest in some link building then it’s possible they would overtake the company ranked number one.

This means that sometimes, for some companies, there can be very little that separates the top companies, from the other websites on the list.

Why it’s so important to keep investing

To pause investment in seo services could mean that you are giving your competitors the chance to catch up, and to possibly overtake your business when it comes to ranking positions on Google.

Also, it’s worth bearing in mind that seo work implemented today, may take upto in some cases two months for the results to come to fruition.

How does Google’s algorithm work?

Google’s algorithm works by measuring the strength of your websites ranking signals. This means the Bristol businesses that have the strongest ranking signals for their business sector will rank the best.

Sometimes for some businesses, there will be a company that has built a strong seo strategy and it can be very hard to take the top spot away from that business. This is why many businesses are now strengthening their websites ranking signals, so that it is much harder for a competitor to overtake the company. 

Can a website also move down?

A website can move down ranking positions as well as up. In highly competitive business sectors, such as the car insurance sector, these types of businesses will be investing heavily in seo services, this means positions are likely to change more often.



So many Bristol business owners will find it difficult to work out why some of their direct competitors are ranking better than their website.

For example, a business owner may look at a competitor’s website, and they may think the website looks dated and old fashioned.

They may have spent thousands of pounds refreshing the appearance of their own website, so may wonder why they are on the second, or third page of Google.

The truth is Google does not really care about the appearance of your website, as long as it functions as it should, i.e people can find the product or service then the website is doing it’s job.

However, what really determines where a website is ranked, is the websites ranking factors.

How does Google determine where to rank a website?

Ranking factors are not just limited to links and content marketing, instead Google calculates the strength of over 200 plus ranking factors.

It’s Googlebots job to crawl and index websites, this means Google is constantly checking the strength of your businesses seo, so if your websites ranking factors are stronger than your competitors then you will move up ranking positions.

However if your digital marketing agency doesn’t apply the right sort of seo, known as white hat seo, then it is also possible that your website will move down the rankings.

Sometimes if an agency gets it really wrong, i.e they apply a poor method of seo, then a website could incur a penalty- a Google algorithmic penalty can take a long time to recover from sometimes, plus some agencies can charge a lot of money to rectify any problems- so choose your Bristol digital marketing business carefully. 

How does Google’s algorithm decide which websites are listed on the 1st page?

Google will look at the sites ranking factors, however even though there are over 200+ ranking signals, this does not mean every single one is as important as the other.

The most important ranking factor is backlinks, that’s to say if a website has hundreds of good quality backlinks then this is often the factor that places a website top of page 1.

What exactly are ranking factors?

Ranking factors are often split into onsite seo and offsite seo, these can range from meta descriptions through to how many backlinks your site has.

How can my website improve it’s rankings?

The best way to improve your Bristol businesses rankings, is to partner with a white hat agency.

Pack Digital works with businesses that are based within Bath, and Bristol within the South West of England.

For a no-obligation quote, why not call us?


Most business owners are familiar with the term “SEO”- however some may not realise that seo is split into over 200 parts.

These 200 parts are what are referred to as ranking signals, and its these signals that an seo expert must enhance and make stronger if the website is to rank in a higher position.

Pack Digital are based in Bristol, in the South West of England, and each and every day we carry out seo work, that involves onsite seo.

Search engine optimisation therefore falls into one of two main categories, that’s onsite seo and offsite seo.

What does onsite optimisation mean?

Onsite seo means to work on a websites ranking signals that are actually located on the website itself, so this could mean optimising:

  • Alt tags
  • Title tags
  • Meta titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Content marketing
  • Blog posts
  • Making sure a website loads quickly
  • Optimising for mobile devices
  • Internal links
  • And the list could keep going on…

Should my agency just focus on onsite seo?

For any search engine optimisation strategy to be effective, it has to have a mixture of onsite seo, and offsite seo.

This often means a client will need a mixture of link building, and content marketing carried out each and every month.

What factors are part of an onsite seo strategy?

The most common areas that an seo expert will focus on is content marketing, that’s because each and every month a website will need new blog posts written, however these need to be written in a white hat way, and the blog posts will need to be high quality.

How can your Bristol Seo business help?

We are a Bristol search engine optimisation business, we offer white hat seo services. We offer high quality online marketing work, and prices start from just £350.00 per month.

Most of our clients are based within Bristol, yet we also serve clients in Bath, and we can offer our seo services throughout the South West of England.


Backlinks are important to any online marketing strategy, that’s whether the business requires local seo, or the business requires national seo.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are quite simply the links that you follow to reach another website, for example within an article you may see another article being mentioned, therefore sometimes the writer provides the opportunity to follow the link and visit the linked to website.

How many backlinks does my website require?

How many backlinks are required depends on the strength of the competition, for example in hyper-competitive sectors, like the car insurance industry, a website may have thousands of good quality links.

How many backlinks are required therefore depends on the competition. However, backlinks should not be the only ranking signal that your agency focuses on optimising, that’s because there are over two hundred ranking signals, so your agency should optimise as many ranking signals as they can.

Are all backlinks created equal?

You can earn good quality links, these links will pass “link juice” and will help a websites seo. However it’s possible to obtain low quality links as well, these could mean that a website gets demoted, or that a website gets totally removed from Google, via an algorithmic penalty like Penguin.

What does the term anchor text mean?

Anchor text is the text that you can click on to visit another website, however it’s worth remembering that the anchor text should not be over optimised.

If too many phrases that the business wishes to improve its rankings for are placed excessively within a websites anchor text, then this is another way that a website could be penalised.

Why should an agency not just focus on backlinks?

An agency should form a rounded marketing strategy. This means that an agency will normally focus on creating content marketing, optimising a websites onsite seo as well as focusing on earning high quality links.

We are an seo agency based within Bristol, we serve businesses within Bristol and Bath.


Keywords are very important to any seo strategy, that’s because without a focus of attention on the keywords, then you are unlikely to draw in the right sorts of customers.

Therefore, just after your agency has conducted an audit, they should help the business owner choose a set of keywords, that will help the business owner draw in the right sort of customers.

What are keywords?

Keywords are important phrases, or words that people type into a search engine in order to locate your business.

So for example, we are a seo business in Bristol, so we will want to rank highly for the term “seo Bristol”.

This phrase is of huge commercial importance to us, and other businesses will have phrases that can have the potential to draw them in a lot of business.

Why must the keywords be relevant?

Some agencies make too many assumptions, that’s to say they may believe that all plumbing businesses want the same sort of customers.

However, it’s the agencies responsibility to work out which phrases are important to that business, so for example they may want more domestic clients, rather than optimising the website for commercial customers.

Why is it so important that the agency takes the time to understand my business?

The agency should spend time understanding your business, this is so no areas of the business get neglected when putting together an seo strategy.

For example, a building company may approach a seo agency in Bristol, and state they want seo applied to their website.

What they may fail to mention is that loft conversions, and domestic extensions is really important to them, so without these knowledge the seo agency may not optimise the site for these terms, so that building company may well be losing out on business.

So it’s the consultants job to understand the business, which areas of the business are more profitable, then to make sure that this is implemented into the seo strategy. 

Why must there be commercial intent?

Some agencies just focus on providing advice that is loosely related to the business, for example a building company may receive work for the seo agency that focuses on how to lay bricks.

This type of written work placed on a website may help somebody who wants to learn how to lay bricks, however it’s not focused enough on targeting customers in an area like Bristol or Bath.

What will happen therefore is the site will gets loads of traffic, but this traffic may not bring paying customers.

How does your agency choose keywords?

We carry out competitor analysis, plus we also use keyword tools.

Why must an agency work out how competitive the keywords are?

Some digital marketing agencies may take a businesses marketing budget and promise the earth, but sooner or later the business will realise that they agency is not delivering.

It’s far better to choose an agency that states what’s achievable right from the outset, and this is the approach that Pack Digital takes.

How can your Bristol SEO company help?

We are a Bristol SEO company, we offer affordable seo solutions.


Many businesses have a Google My Business account, however many businesses fail to keep their GMB accounts updated.

Failure to update your Google My Business account when business details change, can result in a business creating conflicting citations, this can harm a websites performance in the local seo results.

To keep your business high in the local business results in Bristol, it’s often a good idea to partner with a white hat seo agency, like Pack Digital.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a service offered by Google where any business can register it’s location details.

This means that when people are looking for a business that’s located near to them, then your business stands a better chance of ranking.

Take for example a dental practice, such a business can rank highly within the organic listings, and the local listings, which doubles the chance in some cases of that business being contacted.

Plus so many more people are now using devices like their smartphones to find local businesses, and these mobile phones may have location sharing switched on.

Location sharing gives Google a precise fix on where the person is, and when they search for a business they can provide businesses that are close by to where they are at that time.

This means, that is someone was looking for a dentist, and they made the search on their mobile, then they are likely to get the closet dentist to them, and not necessarily just three dentists that happen to be located in Bristol.

So keeping your Google My Business account updated, and details correct is vital if your business is to profit from these change in how businesses are ranked in the local business results. 

What is local seo?

Local seo is the process of getting a business to rank better in the Google local business results.

How can my Google My Business account help draw in more business?

By having quality business citations, having locally optimised pages, and by having good quality white hat seo in place, your business will stand a much better chance of ranking higher in the local business results.

What are conflicting citations?

Conflicting citations are when citation details do not match with what the website states. For example a quality business directory may state you still are located at an old business address, when in matter of fact you  may have moved.

What does NAP information mean?

NAP information, stands for Name, Address, and Phone number of your business.

How can Pack Digital help with my local seo requirements?

We are Bristol local seo experts. For affordable seo, why not give us a call?



Many business owners only want to pay for seo services while their website is climbing to the top of Google.

This means when their appointed agency does get their website to the top of the results, they may choose to pause investment, or stop investing in seo altogether.

We will now explain why this is a flawed strategy.

What will happen to my business rankings, if I was to stop paying for seo?

Google uses a piece of software called Googlebot, it’s Googlebots job to crawl and index websites.

Googlebot spots changes, or new websites that have been added, and Googlebot will then send this information to Google’s algorithm.

Google’s algorithm is what works out how strong a websites ranking signals actually are, now ranking signals could be a websites backlinks, it’s content marketing efforts for example.

Most Bristol seo companies believe that there are over 200+ ranking signals, so Google scans a website looking for changes to the ranking signals.

If your business was to stop investing, it’s entirely possible that your competitors will develop stronger ranking signals, and therefore your website will be pushed down the rankings, and your competitors may rise through the rankings.

Why is organic seo a continuous process?

Google released a major algorithmic update some years ago, this was called the Google Freshness update. Basically websites that added good quality work to their websites were rewarded.

So if your website was to stagnate for any length of time, it’s possible that your competitors will overtake your website.

How will Google’s algorithm know if my business is paying for seo?

Organic seo should be invested in on a monthly basis, even if your website reaches the top, the business should still continue work on strengthening the ranking signals, so that the business can stay at the top of the business results for longer.

How can Pack Digital help?

Pack Digital is an seo agency within Bristol, for affordable seo why not give us a ring?

How much do your seo services cost?

We offer seo packages starting from £250.00 per month within Bristol.

What makes your Bristol seo company so good?

We have experienced seo experts within Bristol, we can help your business with its online marketing requirements.


It’s so important these days to have a website that loads quickly, without one then a business is more than likely to left behind it’s competitors when it comes to where the site ranks.

A slow loading website proposes two major problems, one that a websites user is likely to become frustrated, secondly its also likely to cause a website to have a sky-high bounce rate.

Plus, we forgot to mention, most websites today are getting some sort of seo carried out to them on a monthly basis, so most of the time your competitors will have already invested in a fast site, so without one you will be at a direct disadvantage.

Why is it important to have a website that loads quickly?

More and more business is carried out on mobile devices, and many seo experts believe that Google’s algorithm is already rewarding websites that load quickly with higher ranking positions.

Plus there’s always Google’s RankBrain to consider, now it’s thought that this AI programme will monitor user behaviour on your website, so too many people bouncing off the site is not a good thing for the websites seo.

What is Google AMP all about?

Google has been discussing AMP for quite a while, this stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, which basically means that a website owner should have a slim version of their website.

This means all the unnecessary bulk, like sliders, or a introduction video that may automatically load on your homepage, will be removed, and instead on a AMP version of your site, the website is likely to only display elements that can load quickly, like plain text.

Which is perfect for people that buy a lot of items, or services on their mobile. For example imagine needing a train ticket quickly, but your mobile signal is poor, well a AMP is likely to load faster than a normal website, therefore allowing you to get your train ticket with minimal fuss. 

Can a fast loading website, help SEO?

You bet. At Pack Digital we are already recommending some clients switch to faster websites, because as load speeds increase in terms of its importance to seo, we believe that slow sites will be at a distinct disadvantage to much faster loading sites.

How can your Bristol digital marketing agency help?

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Visit any seo agencies website today, and most offer social media marketing. But the real question most business owners have is, how can social media help my businesses seo?

This article will answer that question, we will also describe how Twitter can be used to give your website a boost in terms of where it ranks.

How can social media help seo?

Ask any seo expert, and most will say the same thing, that is social media is important to seo, however it’s not the most important ranking signal.

For those that don’t know what ranking signals are, these are the factors that Google considers when working out how important your website is.

Google’s reported to monitor over 200+ ranking signals, and if your website has stronger ranking signals than your competitors, then your website will overtake the competition.

Some of the most important ranking signals are considered to be backlinks and also content marketing. Also, many agencies now state that a very important ranking signal is RankBrain, so as you can see social media only makes up part of the ranking signals.

How should businesses be using Twitter to help their seo?

Twitter can help an seo agency improve a client’s rankings in many ways, we will now look at how Pack Digital uses Twitter to help our Bristol clients.

Content marketing

You can have the best content marketing in the world on your website, but if your potential customers are not reading it, then what’s the point?

This is why so many digital marketing businesses, like Pack Digital use Twitter to promote articles with hashtags.

This way it’s more likely that people will find an article, they may even decide to link to it. Backlinks are considered one of the most important ranking signals, so if you do manage to build links using Twitter then this can help your websites seo.

It’s always worth being aware however, that it’s only worth building high quality links to your website.

How can your agency help my business?

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What is onsite seo?

At Pack Digital our time is torn between carrying out onsite seo, as well as off-site search engine optimisation for our clients.

These two terms may seem rather confusing at first, however onsite seo is pretty straightforward.

Onsite seo is kind of like a conventional engine, that’s to say there are many different parts, these parts all come together for one purpose, that purpose is to strengthen the sites ranking signals which will in turn lead to higher rankings.

Content marketing is like the turbo which can push a websites rankings higher, the other smaller details like the meta descriptions, title tags and alt tags are all the finer details that need to be correctly optimised as well.

If carried out correctly your website will be set up so that it helps the website visitor first and foremost, secondly that it sends a clear message to the search engines what the business is about.

When all the components work together they can help a website motor along nicely.

What’s an seo audit?

Here at Pack Digital we will firstly carry out an seo audit, this will involve auditing the following:

  • Your websites backlinks
  • Your competitors backlinks
  • Your website content marketing
  • Meta descriptions
  • Meta titles
  • Alt tags
  • The load speed of your website

What is technical seo?

Technical seo is about auditing the areas noted above, then beginning the process of optimising the website for keywords and phrases.

How can content marketing help my website?

Content marketing enables a seo agency to optimise a website for certain keywords.

How can title tags, meta descriptions and alt tags help my website?

Each of these is what is called a “ranking signal”, when correctly optimised a clear signal can be sent to the search engines what the website is about. All ranking signals should be optimised in a white hat way.

Is onsite seo an ongoing process?

Onsite seo never stops, that’s because to improve a websites ranking positions it’s a process of regularly adding new content marketing articles, but to also adding various onsite seo signal to each content marketing article. 

Which seo agencies offer onsite seo?

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It’s something that most business owners carefully consider, that’s whether to carry out seo inhouse, or whether to outsource seo tasks to an agency.

It may have a rather biased view, as we are an seo agency within Bristol, however we are going to point the advantages of using an agency. We also point out some of the flaws that can occur to a marketing strategy when seo is carried out inhouse.

What are the advantages of choosing seo agency?

Agencies like Pack Digital have an expert knowledge of white hat methods, this means that when it comes to local seo for businesses based in Bath, and Bristol we can offer a service which is second to none.

Also, it’s very important when carrying out seo tasks, that the business that is representing you has an up to date knowledge. Because most agencies specialise in white hat organic seo, this means that most respected agencies keep their knowledge up to date, sometimes updating their knowledge on a daily basis.

At Pack Digital we never stop learning about seo, that’s because this profession demands a consultant to constantly refreshing and updating their knowledge base.

If a person was employed inhouse to carry out seo tasks, they may not be surrounded by fellow seo experts, and may not feel inclined to keep their knowledge up to date.

Algorithm updates

Google makes a lot of changes to its algorithm over the course of a year, this means that Google may make a change to fight content marketing spam one moment, then another change to further detect low quality links.

This means that Google’s algorithm is always changing, and you need an agency which changes their seo strategies to reflect these changes to Google’s algorithm.

Expert knowledge         

Agencies like Pack Digital have experts who manage our clients seo strategies, we also only employ experienced seo consultants.

White hat methods

We only ever use white hat methods.


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Google Penalties

It’s always worth mentioning that there is a right way to do search engine optimisation, and there’s the wrong way.

Sometimes seo is carried out inhouse by a person who hasn’t got the right level of knowledge, this can mean that a website incurs a penalty, such as Google Panda penalties, or a Google Penguin penalty.

These can be costly to recover from, that’s often because an agency is needed afterwards to sort out the problem.

How Pack Digital can help your business

We offer quality white hat seo services, for a quote why not give us a ring or e-mail us? We offer our seo services to companies which are based within Bristol, as well as Bath in the South West of England.