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Content marketing 



An important part of any seo strategy will be the content marketing, it’s so important that without it Google may struggle to work out what your website is actually about.

This means that content marketing can define a website, it can help to send a clear message to the search engine that this is what we sell, or this is what we offer as a business.

Which factors make content marketing high quality?

Gone are the days of generating content marketing just for Googlebot, that’s to say, writing content marketing for just seo advantage alone is somewhat dead.

Instead the work must be relevant, well-researched, written by an expert and better than your competitors if it is to rank highly.

Too much written work that’s just produced to satisfy a set quota, will mean your websites bounce rate could increase, and also more than likely your website will move down the rankings.

Why is relevance important?

Some seo agencies may generate work that’s off topic for the business they are working for, this can confuse the search engines.

For example, take our business for instance, if we were to regularly write articles about artificial intelligence, then Google may start to believe that this is our main service, and seo may well be viewed as secondary to this.

So nearly all content marketing must be relevant to the business.

Has your agency adopted the right tone of voice?

Some agencies employ copywriters that adopt the same tone of voice no matter which ever client they are working for.

This again can mean a websites bounce rate increases, as somebody landing on a solicitors website will expect a serious tone, while somebody who’s booking a stag doo will most likely what a more upbeat and casual tone of voice.

What’s the purpose of the content marketing?

Content marketing shouldn’t just be seen as 500-word blog post that needs to be written to a set quota. Instead a marketing strategy must support the work.

Below we have detailed what most digital marketing agencies use content marketing for:

To build links?

Most leading online marketing agencies use content marketing to offer detailed answers to common questions that their customers may have.

This way the information is very useful, and is most likely going to attract high-quality backlinks.

To increase relevance

As earlier mentioned, relevance is a big deal, so to make a website more relevant an agency may write blog articles on a regular basis.

Blog articles are often used to provide updates on business activities, as well as news that relates to that business sector.

To increase user engagement with the site?

RankBrain is an important factor that any agency must consider. It’s widely thought that Google’s RankBrain is the AI programme that monitors user engagement with your site, so if your bounce rate was to increase dramatically, then this may result in decreased rankings.

How can your seo agency help?

We are a Bristol SEO agency, for help with seo, why not give us a call?


Local seo tips


Local seo is vitally important to most businesses, even if you run a conglomerate sized business, then nine times out of ten you still want to promote local stores.

This means most businesses require local seo, however not all businesses succeed with their local seo strategy. This is where we can help.

Why is local seo useful?

An agency should first and foremost sit down and workout which keywords are important to your business, then it’s time to workout a local seo strategy.

Through this marketing strategy it is entirely possible to draw in more business, and to help this marketing activity help you reach your marketing goals.

Here are some of Pack Digital’s top tips when carrying out local seo:

#1 Register or claim your Google My Business account

First things first, if your business hasn’t already done so, start by registering your business on Google My Business.

Also don’t rush filling in the GMB details, instead go and fetch yourself a brew, and make sure you properly fill in all the important business details.

#2 Build business citations

Next it’s time to build business citations. Business citations are also sometimes called NAP information, which means the Name of your business, the Address of your business, and also the phone number of your business.

This information is important, and it’s well worth asking an agency to do this for you. It’s worth asking a digital marketing agency to build your businesses citations because they can ensure that there are no “conflicting citations”.

Conflicting citations can confuse Google’s algorithms, and this is not a good idea when you’re trying to get your business into the top positions locally.

#3 Optimise your onsite seo

Make sure that the main pages of your website are locally optimised, this may mean changing meta descriptions, adding titles, and also using Schema.


If you get confused as to what represents current best practice, you can always refer to a leading seo resource, like Search Engine Land for local seo tips.


#4 Build local backlinks

It’s a constant process, but it’s well worth starting, and that’s the task of building local backlinks. You should aim to build quality backlinks, that are relevant to your business, and ideally you should aim to build them from local websites.

#5 Partner with the right Bristol Seo agency

If you require top quality seo, then why not contact Pack Digital. We are a Bristol seo agency.



So many digital marketing agencies these days produce seo work to a set quota. This often means that quality can sometimes go out of the window.

However as any good seo consultant will inform you, it’s much better to have a smaller amount of quality work, than masses of work that’s poorly produced.

At Pack Digital we therefore produce quality work, yet we also monitor how visitors to your site use your website. Most agencies now believe that how visitors use your website will have an impact on rankings.

For example, if your website was to have a sky-high bounce rate, then this can mean your seo performance decreases as a direct result of this.

How can visitors to a website influence seo?

Google uses a clever AI programme called RankBrain, most agencies believe it’s RankBrain job to work out how successful your website is at answering a particular query.

For example, imagine you’re looking for a recipe to cook a cake, you may skim through four other websites before you find the one that provides you the best information.

Now if say for example a million other people do exactly the same, that is they skim four other websites, then all land on that one website, and there they seem to on that page for a long time, well this sends a positive signal to Google.

That positive signal is that website, the one where people are spending the most time reading through the cake recipe, that seems to best answer the query. As a direct result of keeping the visitors to the website interested, the website may see better rankings and therefore the seo performance will improve.

What does the term bounce rate mean?

Bounce rate means when someone lands on a website, then leaves the site after a short amount of time, and decides not to look at any other pages on the website.

This is a clear signal to Google and RankBrain that the website hasn’t answered the query.

Why are time on site figures important?

If you were to login to your Google Analytics account, you can view month by month, the time on site figures for your website.

Generally speaking, the longer someone is on your website the better, this means they are engaged and have found what they were looking for.


How does Google work out if my website is high quality?

Google will use it’s algorithm to work out how important your website is, it is likely to take into consideration bounce rates, and time on site figures as well.

How can a Bristol Seo company help?

Pack Digital are an seo agency within Bristol, we can help your company reach its marketing objectives.


Pack Digital explains how a Panda changed how content marketing work is carried out



Content marketing must be high in quality, this means that great amounts of time need to be taken to make sure that your websites written work is delivered to a high standard.

Gone are the days of more is better, now it’s all amount generating high quality work that really helps your customers.

In the past seo agencies used to generate content just for pure seo benefit, however this approach now is likely to get a website penalised.

So do take your time, and make sure that the work that’s added to your website has a clear purpose, and that it address the question correctly.

What is content marketing?

Bristol businesses both large and small require seo, this allows websites to soar high, and to draw in more business.

One of the most important tasks that an seo agency needs to carry out each and every month is content marketing.

Content marketing can be the “ever-green” content that’s written for the main pages of your website, or it could be the more current news articles that are sometimes called blog posts.

Content marketing is vitally important to seo, because it allows the agency to optimise the following aspects of your website:

  • Alt tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Title tags
  • H1-h6
  • Keyword optimisation

Why must content marketing be high quality?

Low quality content marketing, so work that is duplicated for instance, may mean that the website incurs a Google penalty.

The algorithmic penalty that can be issued to a website that has poor quality content marketing is called a Google Panda penalty.


Why is having content thin pages an seo issue?

Some websites, especially e-commerce websites that sell hundreds of products may have what are called content thin pages.

This means the pages on a website have very little written work, which means that the word count may fall below 200 words.

Google may crawl and index such pages, and if there is little effort in providing much of a description, or the description is the same or just slightly different from other products then this could flag an issue.

For example, your website may retail men’s shoes, however if hundred odd pages all have similar product descriptions, and there’s a distinct lack of effort to describe the individual products, then this could mean the website incurs a penalty.

Why is it vital to partner with the right Bristol seo agency?

We are a Bristol digital marketing agency. For cost effective seo within Bristol, why not give us a call?

What is a competitor analysis


Seo is all about beating your competitors, whether that be locally or nationally. In order to work out why your competitors are ranking so high, most agencies first carry out a competitor analysis.

What is a competitor analysis?

A competitor analysis is looking at which keywords you would like your business to rank highly for, then noting down which companies are currently ranking high.

It’s important to think of all the keywords that are important to your business, your seo agency will be able to help with this.

Once you have a list of your competitors it’s then time to work out why they rank so highly.

It’s important to note that Google scores a website on over 200 ranking signals, so different websites will have a different strengths that allow them to rank highly.

For instance, a website at the top for one keyword may ranking highly because of backlinks, however for another keyword the website may well be number one because the website has really good content marketing.

Why should my seo agency carry out one?

It’s so important to carry out a competitor analysis because you need to know your competitors strengths, but also their weakness.

Also it’s important to undertake a competitor analysis so that marketing goals can be realistic, for instance a direct competitor may have over a thousand high quality links, and if the client is only investing a small amount into their seo, it’s important that both the agency and client have realistic goals.

Why are backlinks so important?

Backlinks are considered by many marketing consultants to be one of the most important ranking factors, this means that this is often the first area an agency checks when undertaking a competitor analysis.

Why is content marketing so important?

Content marketing is another very important ranking factor, so your agency is likely to check how well your competitors are carrying out content marketing.

How should a competitor analysis be carried out?

Your competitor analysis should be carried out by an experienced seo expert, this way they can often in a short amount of time, work out how strong your competitors seo actually is.

How can Pack Digital help?

Pack Digital can offer cost effective online marketing. To receive a no obligation quote why not call us?

What does the term crawl budget actually mean?



If you’ve employed the services of a seo agency in the past, then you’ve most probably have heard of the term “crawl budget” used before now.

It’s an important term, yet one that some seo consultants can neglect to think of when putting together a marketing strategy.

However at Pack Digital we are renowned for putting together high quality marketing strategies, so if you want white hat online marketing delivered for your business, why not give us a shout?

We help businesses of all sizes to achieve their online marketing goals.

What is Google’s crawl budget?

Google employs a rather sophisticated piece of automated code named Googlebot. It is Googlebot’s full time job to crawl the web and notice changes that have occurred to websites.

Whether that be a fancy new website redesign you have undertaken, or just a bunch of new high quality links. It’s Googlebots job to notice changes and to report these to Google’s algorithm.

However, this is where crawl budgets are often mentioned, that’s because Google doesn’t want to waste time crawling and indexing everything, so instead it allocates different amounts of crawl budget to different websites.

For instance, a well known news website, that receives millions of visits each and every day, is likely to be awarded a higher crawl budget, than say a small business website in Bristol that maybe less than a hundred people visit a day.

This means that Google will not follow every link, and may not crawl and index every page because it has restricted its crawl budget for some websites.

This can mean it may take longer for some work added to your website to be indexed. In comparison a popular website, like a news website may get crawled and indexed every hour, where as a small business website may get crawled and indexed once a week.

Why must this be used efficiently

You must ensure that your chosen seo agency fixes problems such as broken links, slow loading pages and makes sure that all pages can be indexed.

This means making sure that pages you do want indexed, have any no-index tags removed. Sometimes a web site design agency may leave no-index tags on during the design process of building your website, so it’s important that these are removed.

How can a seo agency help?

At Pack Digital we have a group of seo experts who can make sure that you achieve your seo goals.

We are the digital marketing agency to trust within Bristol.


Many Bristol business owners will have asked themselves the same thing, that is shall we employ somebody in-house for our businesses seo requirements, or outsource to an agency.

As a Bristol SEO agency this article may seem a little one sided, however talking from experience we know that there are clear benefits to choosing a local agency.

This article will explain what those benefits are, and we shall also explain why Pack Digital is such a good choice.

What are the benefits of opting for a Bristol agency?

Google’s algorithm has undergone some serious work in the last couple of years, and for us who work in the online marketing profession we are happy that this has happened.

We are happy because now more websites than ever, that are using poor seo practices have been penalised.

This means the websites that have invested in quality seo, the type of digital marketing that Pack Digital offers, are now being rewarded with solid results.

This means that websites that cut corners, by purchasing cheap and quick forms of seo are now being penalised by algorithmic updates like Google’s Penguin update. 

What are the disadvantages of in-house seo?

The main disadvantage of carrying out seo in-house is that often you need an agency structure to make sure that all employees are using the best possible methods.

A person who’s employed in-house may listen to websites, or sources that are not respected widely in the SEO profession.

For example a person may follow a link on social media, and implement a method of seo that’s recommended even though the source is not respected.

Most of the leading digital marketing agencies throughout the country often only follow a handful of respected seo websites. Plus, normally most consultants, including those at Pack Digital only listen to a small number of internationally respected seo consultants, anybody else outside of this may be implementing old fashioned forms of online marketing, which may have now become outdated.

Why does the algorithm change so much?

Google’s algorithm changes many times throughout the year, this is to help fight spam, but also to assign a different weighting to one, or many ranking signals.

Your agency or your in-house seo person must stay on top of these changes, otherwise your direct competitors may start overtaking your business.

What makes your agency so good?

We have experienced seo consultants, plus we specialise in just offering organic seo services, so simply put we believe our knowledge base is second to none.

What are your Bristol SEO prices like?

We offer seo packages, aimed at small business that start from just £350.00 per month, so for affordable seo why not call Pack Digital?


Local seo is the process of increasing a websites rankings locally. This could be to obtain higher organic traffic, also it could be to gain higher placement with Google’s list of local  businesses.

Most businesses these days want to be on the first page of Google, for some businesses it can make a huge difference to how successful they are.

For you to be more clued-up on what local seo is all about, we thought we would put together this informative article.

What is local seo?

Local seo is the process of strengthening a websites ranking signals, Google is reported to monitor over 200+ ranking signals relating to your website.

These rankings signals are what are fed into Google’s complex algorithm. Google’s algorithm then works out how important your website is.

If your local seo agency has done a good job, then you stand a good chance of reaching page one for relevant terms for your business.

How can local seo help my business?

Local seo can really help certain businesses, there are very few business sectors today that wouldn’t benefit from being at the top of Google.

What are business citations?

Business citations are really important to local seo, business citations are also sometimes NAP information.

NAP information stands for Name, Address and Phone number for a business, if these citations are created correctly they can really help a businesses local seo.

Why is local seo different from organic seo?

Just below the PPC adds, often there will be the local business listings, typically speaking this can be just three local businesses that Google deems as being the most relevant for what businesses you were looking for.

Most businesses today aim to be listed in the local business listings, plus also aim to get within the top 10 organic business listings as well.

Some business also invest in what is called PPC, which means that a business pays for each click that a visitor uses to reach their website.

How much does seo cost?

The cost of digital marketing varies, it can depend on what agency you use, plus also it can heavily depend on how competitive your business sector is.

For example, it’s harder to get a dental practice to rank nationally than it is to get a dental practice to appear higher locally, say within Bristol for example.

Why should we choose Pack Digital?

Pack Digital have expert seo consultants, we can help you formulate, and also implement a winning seo strategy.

For a no obligation quote, why not give us a ring?


There are now so many businesses investing in seo, and this means there is now more competition than ever for certain keywords.

Because there is so much competition this often means that it involves much more work to rank for competitive keywords.

For example there may well be 50+ businesses that would like to rank for “demolition contractors Bristol”, and this means all may well be asking their seo agency to target this keyword for their business.

This is why some businesses may instruct their seo agency within Bath, or Bristol to target longer tail keywords instead, which are easier to obtain.

What are longtail keywords?

Longtail keywords are phrases which are slightly longer, therefore they have less search volume, but are easier for a website to rank for.

So if we were to return back to our demolition example just for a second, perhaps if “demolition contractors Bristol” was too difficult to rank for, then quite possibly the seo agency may instead try and rank for “demolition and dismantling business Bristol” instead.

Why are they useful?

Longer tail keywords are useful to companies in Bath, and Bristol as well, that’s because they allow a website to rank for relevant keywords but often in a much shorter space of time.

At the same time your appointed digital marketing agency may still continue to target the more competitive keywords, but also optimise the website for longer tail keywords as well.

Why are some keywords quite simply not worth targeting?

Some keywords will not be worth targeting and that’s simply because the phrases do not carry enough search volume. This simply means possibly not enough people will be searching for that term, so there is no point in the marketing agency targeting it.

Where can I find a digital marketing agency within Bristol?

We offer seo services within Bristol, our prices vary between £220.00 per month, up to £3000.00 per month. For an exact quote why not call our agency today?

Where can I find a digital marketing agency within Bath?

We offer our search engine optimisation services to Bath, for cost effective seo services within Bath, why not give us a ring today?

Choosing keywords is an integral part of the search engine optimisation campaign.

Without the proper keywords selected a businesses website could be targeting the wrong words therefore potentially missing out on business.

Here’s how to select keywords when undertaking Seo:

Evaluate the competition

It’s important to evaluate the competition, look at their websites and look for what keywords are being used.

With the help of a web developer, or indeed a Seo consultant it is also important have a look at the source code which is skeleton of any website.

The source code will allow you to understand what keywords are being targeted within the title tags for example.

Make sure that the keywords have commercial intent

Sometimes a website can be optimised for relevant business terms but these are not capturing people at the buying stage.

For example a builder’s website may be optimised for offering advice on how to fix a leaking roof. But it may be incapable of capturing leads in a local or on a national level that the building company really requires.

So it is vital that a website is optimised the correct way, so that it is capturing people at the buying stage of when they wish to make a purchase something from a company.

Search volumes

It’s important that you make sure that your agency or consultant are optimising your website with keywords that have high enough or a sufficient keyword volume.

For example it is very easy for a agency to optimise a website for keywords that nobody is typing in. However, it is much harder to optimise a website for competitive keywords.

Therefore you must look at the keyword volumes and if people are searching for them terms or not.


This evaluation should be undertaken by your agency to assess whether a keyword could potentially be achieved in terms of first page position on Google or not.

For example there is no point in optimising a website for highly competitive terms if your budget does not allow you to reach the end goal.

What could happen is a business quickly burns out their marketing budget, and they are left with a website that is half optimised and not in their meaningful position to gain relevant traffic to it.

We are a experienced agency that operates within the regions of Bristol and also within Cardiff- if you are looking for affordable yet high quality search engine optimisation then do get in touch with our agency today.

Seo prices vary greatly- that’s to say two agencies on the same street may have totally different pricing structures.


The solution is to therefore look deeper than to just compare on price point alone.


Within this article we are going to look at what to look for when choosing a new seo agency.


What’s a fair SEO price?


When investing in online marketing a one size fits all approach can not be taken, that’s to say there’s little point in saying every business would benefit from a £500.00 pound package per month, because not all businesses would.


That’s because such a package may work for a small and local scaffolding firm, but it wouldn’t work for a national car insurance provider for example.


So a fair price must be assessed on the quality of the work provided and to what amount it is being offered in. Also, will the work be effective for the size of company it is intended for?


How much does SEO cost within Bristol and also Bath?


When looking at how much seo prices vary in Bristol and indeed Bath you need to consider what work you will be getting for your money.


So when receiving quotes it’s a good idea to get a breakdown of work items planned for your website by those companies. If you don’t understand seo ask an expert to compare quotes for you, you may like the sound of just two or three agencies, so a quick comparison of the planned work items should just take a few minutes.


How do I know I am getting good value?


Good value comes in the form of having the right amount of white hat seo applied to your website.


Some agencies can offer a good amount of this sort of work per month, however some do not.


That’s why it’s so important to compare quotes on the basis of what work items you are getting for your money.


What can Pack Digital offer me?                


Pack Digital can offer competitive seo prices, which are all implemented by experienced seo professionals.


For a quote why not give us a ring.

Traditionally high quality SEO costs a lot of money, that’s to say normally only a handful of agencies would offer such a service at a rather eye watering cost.


Then came along Pack Digital, we wanted to do things differently, we understand Google’s algorithms to such a degree that we know how to implement winning marketing strategies.


We wanted to give you a taste of why we are so different, as well as why countless businesses of all sizes, are investing in Pack Digital.


Google’s algorithm


Google’s magic algorithm is sure complex, it assesses the quality of everything from content marketing through to link building.


What makes the algorithm so interesting is that it’s constantly being improved.


Based on this fact this is why it’s so important to partner with the right SEO agency, one which keeps up to date with how Google is making changes to it’s algorithm.


Cost effective


Some agencies charge high seo prices within Bristol and indeed Cardiff but Pack Digital is different.


We offer businesses of all sizes especially SME businesses excellent value for money on your online marketing needs.


Also if you have a seo quote already we will always endeavour to try and beat any local prices.


We offer cost effective packages, for more information why not contact us today.


White Hat


We only believe in offering what’s called White Hat digital marketing services.


White Hat simply means that we understand the work that Google respects, we will only therefore optimise a website using the best methods.


This can mean improving a websites performance through the use of content marketing, link building services, or improving other onsite seo methods.


We have bucket loads of experience


There are some search engine optimisation companies that have just set up shop and think they can offer excellent value for money.


However to be good at SEO we think you need to have experts who are managing your project.


That’s why at Pack Digital within Cardiff we only use the most experienced of staff to make sure we deliver winning results.


How can your SEO packages help my business?


No matter if you are a sole trader window cleaner, or a huge conglomerate of a company we can help your website improve.


We achieve this by understanding your audience and improving your websites rankings.


Remember we are an seo agency that only uses white hat methods, this means that your website is less likely to get hit by a penalty.


We therefore work with all sizes of businesses, we offer excellent value for money why not get in contact with us today?


Some find it hard to fathom how content marketing fits into the overall SEO jig-saw puzzle.

Within this article we will examine how content marketing is actually a crucial part of online marketing.

How keyword optimisation works

Imagine a business website that has very little in the way of written text. Not only would such a website be difficult for users to find out information they want but the search engines would struggle as well.

So the solution is rather simple, a website needs text to define what the business is about to help the user, also the search engines can gain a much better understanding about the business as the same time.

Through naturally writing keywords within the text the search engines pick up on this information and can gather what the business actually does.

What are the pitfalls about carrying SEO out with little knowledge?

Some business owners may try SEO themselves or task somebody within their company to carry out the work.

This may work great if the person has sufficient SEO knowledge, however if they haven’t got SEO knowledge then some people will be quick to fall into the common pitfalls of optimising a site.

Optimising a website incorrectly can mean problems, namely Google Penalties, these can come in the form of Panda updates if you are using content marketing.

Let’s have a look at how Google’s algorithm looks for low quality content marketing.

What does keyword cloaking mean?

Some people may think it’s a good idea to put all the important business terms for a website and place them all over a websites page, but also to also hide the text at the same time.

The simplest way some people do this is to write seo keywords and then make the text the same colour as the background, so the text goes invisible. This is definitely not good seo practice at all, and should be avoided.

What does keyword stuffing mean?

Ever read an article online and it has words repeated within the article a lot? Well this can be annoying for the reader but it can also annoy the search engines as well.

An article, blog post or main page that has keywords crammed within the text to try and optimise the site is a very quick way to get a website penalised.

This can mean a drop in rankings, so if you want to optimise keywords do it the right way.

What is considered poor quality content marketing?

Poor quality content marketing can be content that is written just for SEO gain or flouts Google’s guidelines.

That’s why it’s so important to find an agency that offers high quality written work.

Content marketing is an essential part of optimising any website, it makes up one of the 200+ ranking signals that Google looks for, many seo consultants also believe it’s one of the most important ranking signals.

Why should I consider the Google Hummingbird updates when writing content marketing?

Google Hummingbird updates and its integration into Google’s core algorithm meant that users of Google could find even more exact answers for their queries.

So say you looking for a book and perhaps you didn’t know the exact title of the book, perhaps you knew just the author and the year of publication, well Google got a lot smarter and exact with these types of search queries.

Why is duplicate content such a problem?

Duplicate content is not good for seo at all. So before you think a quick fix solution is to slightly reword a competitor’s content don’t do this.

Using duplicate content marketing will get your website hit by a Google penalty, namely a Panda update.

This can mean your website can be taken out of search or seriously demoted sometimes.

What type of content should I be writing?

You should be concentrating efforts on useful, relevant and high quality content that packs as much information as your readers will find useful.

Be helpful and overtime you will be rewarded in higher search engine results.

How can Pack Digital help?

Pack Digital are a professional SEO agency, we operate in Cardiff as well as Bristol. Each month we produce a lot of content marketing, we know what Google wants and we help clients to reach their marketing goals.



Agencies and company owners across the land will be familiar with Google’s Penguin updates, they have shaken up rankings substantially since the spam fighting changes that came about.


Google’s first Penguin update was released on 24TH April 2012, at first many thought it was a way to tackle web spam, however many SEO’s soon realised otherwise.


A pattern soon emerged, that pattern was that Google’s Penguins were busy demoting sites which had poor back link profiles.


What is Google’s 4.0 update?


Typically speaking a website would be hit by a Google Penguin Penalty and then it was a process of weeding out the poor quality links, submitting a Disavow file then waiting around for recovery.


This waiting around did go on for some time- with some webmasters and seo agencies waiting months sometimes years for a Google Penguin refresh.


So Google 4.0 Penguin update is like a breath of fresh air, things are now real time. So now when a new client approaches Pack Digital and say they have link problems we are able to suggest remedies that can have quicker results.


How quick is Google Penguin 4.0 updates?


Well what’s for sure is now we have not got to wait years for a Penguin refresh, now as soon as your website is re-crawled and re-indexed you should be able to tell Google you have cleaned up your low quality back links.


What does it mean when it states Google Penguin 4.0 is now more granular?


It was once thought that if a website was picked up as having low quality links that the site would be hit by Penguin, therefore the whole site would be affected and visibility could well take a nose dive.


Well Google’s now got a lot more focused on which parts of a website it chooses to demote or promote with Penguin.


So say you are a SEO company and you offer your wonderful services to Bath and Bristol in the South West of sunny England, and you offer organic seo, local seo, and content marketing.Well if the content marketing part of the website had a huge influx of poor quality links then it is this part of the website that may suffer lower rankings.


That’s to say the other services offered may well be unaffected, so Google Penguin 4.0 is now more focused.


How can Pack Digital help?


We will continue to build links how we have always done so, that’s to say we will build high quality links that are relevant to your industry.


So if you need to get your website flying high in Bristol, contact us today.


We can offer:


Low Bristol SEO prices
Affordable monthly packages
Link building
Content marketing
High quality SEO

We here at Pack Digital Seo, think 2015 is a year for effective content marketing campaigns and do away with writing content just to meet a weekly quota. We believe that generating content that has real purpose and understands your target market will be a strong differentiator this year.

We believe that the companies that truly understands their audience and is able to best engage with them, will be the companies that succeed this year online.

Rise of Content Marketing that shows creativity!

We believe that content marketing in terms of search engine optimisation, will go back to the fundamentals of marketing this year, that successful online marketing is to show an understanding of its target audience and real creativity to be successful.

We believe that companies still focusing on optimising title tags and keyword placement, will get left behind if they do not evolve and start utilising a content marketing strategy.

Companies need to better understand the target audience and customers and engage them on a multiple of platforms.

Content marketing that is different, that shows originality and thinking “outside the box”.

Many believe that search engine optimisation has got a lot more interesting because of the major algorithmic updates, weeding out poor quality content. There is now a more even and level playing field, so that good quality content of substance will be rewarded. Black Hat practices and therefore no longer winning, to win in this new online marketing landscape, you must now think creatively of how to engage your target audience.

Social media, innovative marketing campaigns are the new battleground to win new customers.

We see social media as playing increasingly more of an important role in terms of search engine optimisation.

Innovative and clever marketing strategies that truly engage an audiences attention we believe are the ones which are going to make a difference in terms of online marketing success.

We see online marketing being stripped back to its bare bones, back to basics of any marketing strategy that is to engage your target audience. It could be argued that Seo of yesteryear was primarily focused on technical Seo and keyword placement, things are now changing and creativity is becoming an ever-increasing part of engaging your target audience.

What forms of Online Marketing content works best?

Forms of online marketing in terms of content marketing that work best, are the ones which are thorough in their understanding of their target audience and how to best address them, in terms of what platforms they actively use.

Content marketing has changed its approach it’s no longer about placing keywords all over the place, it’s now about better answering the searchers queries and matching pages to user intent. If you can couple this with making an engaging web presence that keeps your users on site longer then you are onto a winner.

Is regular content better than a more detailed quality piece of content marketing?

We here at Pack Digital Seo believe that generating regular content on a periodic basis is outdated, if the content is just being generated to satisfy a number of blog posts each week for example. Generating content just for the sake of numbers is therefore dead!

We think that the major search engines now prefer content of higher quality that shows that you have researched the subject area and that it presents a good user experience, by answering the searchers questions.

Because of the Semantic Web the major search engines are now able to better understand the quality of content and how it matches up to other authoritative sources out there on the Internet.

“Therefore just producing content that has the correct title tags will no longer suffice”.

You must therefore show depth to your content marketing, in that it has been researched and that major search engines can see a connection between keywords and other authoritative sources to show that you know about the subject area.

This attention to detail we believe is what separates good content from poor quality content in 2015.

We here at Pack Digital UK see this year, as a year for substantial change, within the SEO industry.

This article will cover our predictions and thoughts about where we can see search engine optimisation SEO moving and evolving in 2015.

Expansion of the “Google Knowledge Graph”

We here believe that in 2015, will be the year for rapid expansion of Google’s knowledge graphs. We believe even more questions that the searchers are presenting to the search engine’s, will be answered within the SERP’s.

Because searchers questions will be answered within the search engine results pages, this may mean that some services and business sectors may see a loss in traffic as the Knowledge Graph expands out.

If a searchers questions are answered and presented within the search engine results pages, there is therefore no reason to further seek information from the searchers prospective. The search is therefore halted, in the results pages and does not move on the pages that have been ranked.

More accurate, search engine results as the search engines become cleverer in 2015.

We believe that in 2015 here at Pack Digital SEO will be the year that the search engines fine tune their algorithms to better understand “user intent”.

We have already seen huge strides in this area through the Hummingbird updates, yet we believe that in the future the understanding of the data within the web will be better understood, to present more accurate results moving forwards.

We believe this as a prediction, will become reality, as we are starting to see the emergence of the “Semantic Web” play even stronger role within search engine results.

Social media illustrating how authoritative you are within your industry sector

We predict here at Pack Digital SEO social media channels will play an even more important role than they currently do in illustrating to the search engines how authoritative your business actually is, in the real world.

We predict that industry authorities and individuals that are known to be an authority on a subject area, that their approval of your work in some way, through the social web, we believe will play an even more important role in terms of search engine optimisation signals.

We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this subject area, so why not drop us a line, stating where you think 2015 will take search engine optimisation.



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Why choose a Pack Digital Seo for your Seo news requirements?

We aim to gather some of the most high quality news around, regarding search engine optimisation.

We look to gather information from around the globe and combine different perspectives on performing SEO and Online Marketing campaigns.

We look for different perspectives and to source information from marketing professionals, who have ranging opinions on how to best undertake Seo.

From a small businesses right through to large businesses we gather marketing strategies that have worked and ones which have not worked so well, for our readers to make an informed decisions, which may help their own marketing strategies.

Based here in the UK we look to gather online marketing news from United Kingdom but also globally.

We report on the news relating to link building strategies, right through to the Semantic Web. We aim to be different in our approach as we take real-life examples of marketing professionals work and we open this up to debate for our readers for them to state what they think is best practice or method to achieving the desired results set out to achieve.

What makes you different and have a different stance when it comes to reporting search engine optimisation news?

We aim to provide detailed articles that demonstrate real world examples of search engine optimisation put into practice.

We aim to share examples of Seo campaigns which have worked well and also to gain experiences from marketing professionals from campaigns which have not worked so well!

We then open this work up to public debate, so that marketing professionals can state their opinions and experiences for a certain type of search engine optimisation SEO.

We only promote White Hat search engine optimisation and ethical methods to performing online marketing.

What forms of Online Marketing does your website report on?

Everything ranging from pay per click, right through to Content Marketing we invite guest articles and we write our own articles on a frequent basis also.

We aim to create a healthy debate from the online marketing community, regarding their thoughts and experiences regarding carrying out a certain type of Seo.

We cover a wide range of Seo tactics and methods.

We invite guest articles and publications surrounding “Pay Per Click” campaigns and we also invite guest articles surrounding anything to do with “Organic Search Engine Optimisation”.

Apart from Organic Seo and Pay Per Click do you receive guest articles and publications from any other subject area?

Yes, we are interested in receiving news articles around technological advancements in regard to the Internet.

We also receive occasionally articles about technological developments, not directly related to the Internet.

We hear welcome guest publications surrounding topics such as “Artificial Intelligence” and also computer coding for example.

We also aim to help SME businesses out, by providing a rich resource of information in regards also to low-cost website platforms.

We are the therefore interested in receiving guest articles and publications which give advice around how to best use website platforms, such as “WordPress” for example.

We are also interested in different marketing methods outside of the norm. For instance, we are interested in marketing methods such as creative “video marketing” and also highlighting good design and creativity skills shown towards developing websites.


User engagement

We believe that there is a possibility that a new form of ranking signal now exists within the search engine optimisation profession, we believe that this is user engagement. This spans mobile devices and desktop.

What is the user engagement, and how will this be measured in terms of Seo signals?

At Pack Digital SEO we think that user engagement now is a form of ranking signal.

We believe that the major search engines are using metrics, to determine how long a user is spending visiting your website.

We also believe that the major search engines may be monitoring the bounce rate, to your website in terms of if it satisfies and users query, or whether they go back to the search results to look at a competitor’s page after looking at your website.

We believe that if a visitor to your website immediately jumps back to the search results, this could be a form of “negative” or “undesirable ranking signal” for your website.

We welcome here at Pack Digital your thoughts and views on this.

What do you think is being monitored and how can we develop Seo strategies around this?

We know that the Google Hummingbird update looks at “user intent” and presenting better quality search results for the searcher.

We think that user engagement is now being tied into the Knowledge Graph and Google Hummingbird as well.

We think that the major search engines are learning from commonly entered phrases and search terms and the websites which end up in the results or SERPS, are later monitored to see if they satisfy the uses query.

We therefore think that if a user was to bounce back off your website for commonly entered search term’s and this happens in mass volume then we believe this could form a negative ranking signal in the future.

We also think that through commonly entered search terms it will be assessed and monitored how long users are spending on site whether they are bouncing straight back into the search results or not.

How would you create an Online Marketing strategy around this?

There is no simple straightforward answer to this. We believe that you must simply create a better user experience on site, to make your website more “sticky” so that users spend longer on your website. Therefore you need to understand exactly what the searcher is looking to achieve through the search terms and better answer their questions.

We think that in 2015 websites that are going to win are the ones which hold a better user experience through being different.

We believe that by presenting answers in large chunks of text may be is somewhat outdated approach. We believe that more innovative practices need to come into the fold, such as using info-graphics or video marketing to address the searches questions head-on.

Have you any proof that user engagement is a ranking signal?

As with all ranking signals they are quite secretive to disclose whether they are in use or not, but it would make sense that the longer users spend on your website the more they are engaged and therefore the search engine is doing a good job in answering the queries presented to it.

With that said we believe that this is common sense and through the major search engines now developing artificial intelligence it could be viewed as a natural step for the major search engines to take in the future.

How should businesses better develop their Online Marketing strategies to cope with this change?

We think that marketing strategists and marketing professionals within companies should steer away from approaches which just focus on keywords through content marketing.

We believe that the search engines have got a lot more sophisticated and clever in understanding search terms and presenting answers.

We therefore now see the future of search engine optimisation as a blend of Seo and a lot more creative skills coming into play.

Therefore if you can create creative content marketing that is different and holds a good user experience we believe these are the forms of content marketing which are going to win in the future.

We believe that the long content laced with keywords is a thing of the past and that instead you must now think about how to engage your end user so that they do not jump off your site onto another competitor’s website.

So you believe that this goes back to the basics of Seo such as preventing people from pogo sticking onto a competitor’s webpage?

We believe that it is very important to return back to the basics of Seo and that is to prevent your bounce rate from increasing and also make sure that you are satisfying your users queries.

This can be achieved through looking at your website and if it is “content thin” addressing such problems by adding quality content that will answer the search terms that the searcher is entering.

We think that the beautiful thing about this form of content marketing is that it need not be expensive, you can come up with cost-effective strategies that addresses a searchers queries and better answers the questions they have, without spending a fortune on advanced marketing practices.

You do not need nothing flash, or sophisticated in terms of on-site optimisation, just a clear layout and an explanation of how you are going to go about answering the questions presented to the search engine.

Those who better answer a searches queries while presenting this in an interesting format on the website we believe are going to be the search engine optimisation winners of 2015.