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Backlinks are as old as the hills, okay, well not that old in reality- but they were part of Google’s magic formula for as far back as the invention of Google’s “PageRank”.

Now when it comes to SEO, well that’s old, meaning that it’s not a newly fangled update, such as Google’s more recent update named Google RankBrain for example.

Backlinks therefore an established part of how Google and some other search engines decide on where a business should be ranked. Don’t get us wrong however, backlinks are not the only ingredient that Google uses to work out how good your SEO recipe is, nope, Googles algorithm is now thought to take into account a whooping 200 ranking factors when working out where to rank a site- see us seo agencies do have our work cut out for us.

In this article we are a dive headfirst into explaining exactly what backlinks are, why they are important, and why you have to know what you’re doing when you are building links.


Okay, sock it to me, what exactly are these backlinks?

Well quite simply put they help people to navigate around the Internet, so for example if you have ever been on the website, clicked a link, then gone to another company’s website in a jiffy, this is simply called following a backlink.

So, for example you might be wanting to make yourself a rather tasty pizza, an authentic home-made woodfired pizza, so you simply find the number one result on Google for “woodfired pizza recipe” and off you go into the garden to cook yourself an authentic slice of Italy.

Now as you flick through the list of ingredients, you’re presented with a link, where the person who wrote the informative article has bought all of their various items from, for example from an online supermarket.

If the author was super helpful, they might have even provided a link to every single ingredient such as the flour they purchased, and this would obviously help you save time if you’re buying them ingredients online. So, click, click and click there you have it the tomato sauce, the cheese they used and that all important peperoni is now sitting in your basket, all because someone’s provided you with a link, and made it super simple for you to order the goods you need. Its just now you’ve discovered that there’s no pizza coming tonight, as you have to wait for a delivery slot!

So, this is what is meant by “following a link”, which is all well and good, but you might now be sitting there in your office chair with a cup of coffee thinking, well, what is this got to do the SEO, well hold your horses and we shall explain all.

Why are backlinks so important?

Okay, so imagine you are at a party, and everybody is asked to raise their hands to the person they like the most, now somebody who has the most show of hands in the room, is obviously the most popular, and is probably the one with the biggest ego to match as well.

Egos aside, that is a vote of who is the most popular, and this could be the same when it comes to implementing SEO, the website has the most show of hands, but in this case backlinks, could have the strongest SEO.

Yet, notice how we use the wording “could have”, because as with all things SEO related, it’s not that simple, it’s not just about having the most.

More, more and more of backlinks is not always better, it has to be balanced out with, are they quality links?

So, it boils down to this, the backlinks leading to your business must be “relevant”, they have to be built in a “white hat” way and also be “top-quality”.

So sure, you might have 20,000 backlinks pointing to your site’s homepage, but if they are complete garbage, then this can actually drag you website down or actually get it penalised, so yes you got it, it could actually damage the whole businesses SEO. Remember this, rubbish links = poor performance.

Yet, there’s another website which only has just 100 links in total, all pointing at the homepage, but every single one is from a real high quality source, and that website could be the one that ranks number one, simply because it has quality on its side.

Quality trumps everything else.

It’s therefore all about quality.

So, in terms the pecking order, how important are backlinks? Are they the most important ranking factor?

So one of the founders of Google is named Larry Page, and part of their original formula they used to decipher where a business should rank, was simply called Google’s PageRank, which looked at backlinks as part of the formula to work out which companies should rank where.

Now don’t get us wrong, things have moved on massively since the days of PageRank, in matter of fact the algorithm now is thought to take into account over 200 different ranking factors, so it is extremely complex. So, this is why you shouldn’t just ring around a few Bristol seo companies, and award your well earned wonga to someone who’s the cheapest, nope, don’t do that.

Instead, you need someone or an agency full of SEO minds who can offer top quality work, but keeps on top of the changes, as seo is a fast moving business sector, if the grass is growing under the feet of your agency, well its time to swap them for someone else.

So, if you were to barge your way into a few digital marketing agencies about the great city of Bristol, and you decided to shout at the top of your voice at the front door, “what you think are the most important ranking factors then”- then they are likely to yell back you, “backlinks” they might show you to the exit swiftly after, but if they say backlinks well, this would be correct, as they are one of the most important ranking factors.

However, it all comes down to how they are built, because if they are quality, well they could push you up the ranks, if they’re not quality, well they could push you back down.

A word on Google’s updates

If you were to mention various Google’s updates, that have been rolled-out over the years, such as the “Penguin update”, then this might get some agency owners quaking in their boots.

However, if you do SEO right, we always think you have nothing to worry about, but there’s always some agencies that want to cut corners, they want to sit like a nodding dog in front of their clients saying that everything is possible, when in reality it is not.

Then, once an update is rolled out to penalise poor SEO practice, these are the websites to get punished by being removed from Google.

So, a word to the wise, there have been many Google updates, which we could reel off until we are absolutely blue in the face, but just take this as good advice, if SEO is not done right, then this can mean that your website is removed from Google’, so don’t cut any corners, do it the right way.

Okay so what’s the right way?

Now you are asking the right questions! That is show off your expertise, it doesn’t matter if you’re an accountant, solicitor or hairdresser you will have a huge amount of knowledge, or at least you should have about your industry, now it boils down to this, are you able to convey that knowledge better than your competitors on your website?

So, for example, let’s say somebody needs some legal advice, but before they pick a practice, they are going to have read a few good blog posts that you have written first.

Now, this advice might be so good, if it is written in a straightforward manner that is, and if it really useful, then guess what?

It’s likely that other people will want a link to the work- and there you have it, if the work’s top quality, and it’s been written by somebody that knows what they’re talking about, and follows all the SEO rules, then you can start to have incoming backlinks.

However, we have to return to this point one more time, that’s before we finish, and that is if you buy links or you build rubbish links, then your business is likely to vanish from Google, thats because you have incurred a penalty.




If your business is actively investing in online marketing at the moment, then you are bound to have heard of “content marketing” by now, right?

More to the point, your bound to have heard that businesses require “high-quality content marketing” in order to improve the company’s online marketing, that’s a sentence often that’s repeated time and time again by various agencies.

That’s whether they are talking about written content that’s used on a blog post, like this, or when you are sat looking at your seo consultant in a meeting. Often content marketing and the requirement for it to be quality often therefore crops up in conversation if you were to hire a marketing company.

Yet, even though this sentence is repeated as regularly as clock-work by some agencies, what does it really mean?

What does high-quality content marketing mean?

As after all “quality” is a rather vague description, its used to describe everything from chocolate to luxury cars these days, so let’s in this article dive straight into what we think quality content marketing is and why the standard of written work on your website needs to be kept really high in order to be rewarded with higher placement on Google.


What does Google’s EAT (Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness) mean?

Well, thankfully gone are the days where a company can write just a few hundred words, then hope that a business will then in turn rank higher on Google, as trust us, this approach doesn’t work.

Therefore, inexpensive seo, well, often that’s thing of the past also, as to get meaningful results, talent is needed, and not just skill, no a great deal of time are needed to analyse, draft, monitor and improve work, and then make other improvements. So, in order to produce quality written work, the first thing that’s needed is expertise, and this means not hiring a company that hasn’t a clue what they are talking about, or have no inclination of carrying out the required research.

This is for good reason, its not just about Googlebot crawling and indexing a piece of work, and thinking, well that’s a new piece of written work that’s been added, this means the business should move up, it doesn’t work like that at all, its more complicated, the work needs to satisfy some of the following criteria:

-Be well written

-Address a question that your customers have

-Be written and published in accordance to Google’s WebMaster Guidelines

-Be white hat

– Provide an answer with sufficient detail and not be “content thin”

-Be written by an expert

-Have links to sources of the information, that’s an outbound link, with white hat anchor text added to the page.

The work needs to be indexable, sure, but then Google’s algorithm, Google’s Knowledge Vault and Google’s Knowledge Graph all combine in their efforts to work out if the written work is quality or not.

So, lets provide a rather brief example, let’s say that you sell electric used cars online, well, what you should do is spend time answering questions that your customers commonly ask you, to write this up into content marketing, to make the work useful and also interesting.

So, for example, they may ask you

–        How much range does each electric car have?

–        How long does it take to charge each car?

–        Can the battery within the car be replaced?

There’s no point in writing say 600 odd words, in the effort of just trying to improve your businesses organic seo, by mentioning electric cars a few times, this won’t work. It wont answer the exact question, so instead the work must have an exact purpose, and answer that question the best way that you can.

Offer quality advice

Instead, what’s needed is for quality advice to be offered, so for example, you may write an article stating the different electric range of each car that you sell for example, as this is likely to be useful to someone that wants to buy that particular car.

Here’s the thing, whenever your business, or your appointed agency is writing content marketing, the whole focus should be on making it “useful” for your customers, don’t just focus on trying to improve your search engine optimisation in isolation, this won’t work, Google’s algorithm is way to sophisticated for this.

What’s needed is quality work, where the customer is put at the centre of the work, if you hire say a rather rubbish agency, and they use outdated methods, such as “keyword stuffing”-well, the business is then on a one way street, that’s a one way road to getting a penalty, such as an algorithmic penalty, this can sometimes take some businesses a very long time to recover from.

So, what does EAT stand for, and why does Google use this?

Well, have you ever read a whole article, and not found it useful? Well, this is annoying right?

As if you wanted to say fix a leaking tap within your house, you will want the answer right in front of you from a business, in order to do this work, not a business advertising its plumbing supplies by repeatedly mentioning “cheap taps” over and over again, that’s not good quality work, its spam.

So, instead the written work on your site should be useful, it should be written by an expert, and the site should be a quality source of advice.

So, for example, where one rubbish seo company may write 500 words which keeps plugging the phrase “quality taps”- instead, a firm which has hired a quality agency may write helpful articles on how to repair a leaking tap, this might offer such good advice, on how to fix leaking taps, and it may attract quality backlinks, it may also have a low bounce rate, which means the businesses seo improves.

So, always write quality advice.

Write for people and not search engines

Okay, granted, no one goes into business to provide free information, as it wouldn’t be a commercial business for very long if you were just offering everything for free. However, with that said, here’s the bit a lot of business owners struggle to get their heads around, that is, by giving away free advice, in the form of content marketing, what your actually doing is making your website more relevant and if its done right, that’s a major if, as so many agencies and companies get it wrong, if its done correctly then this can help to draw in more organic visitors.

So, that’s right, if its done right, that line graph within your Google Analytics account, well, it might start to go up.

So why offer free advice?

So, stick with us on this one, let’s say for example, that you’re a baker, you specialise in making the tastiest chocolate cookies, there so good in matter of fact that people pay you a monthly fee, to get cookies delivered every single week to their door in Bristol.

Now, why would a baker provide recipes on their website for how to make cookies for free? As this is what the business sells, it’s the companies bread and butter, that’s to sell cookies, so why would they then write say 1000 words on how to make cookies, add this to their WordPress blog, and offer the information for free?

Well, the answers rather simple, it makes your website more relevant for “cookies”- it may attract incoming good-quality white hat backlinks, it may increase your time on site, meaning shoppers spend longer on the site, it could, if done right help to improve your organic seo.

As some businesses don’t invest in PPC, there whole way of marketing the business may well be via organic seo, so, in order to get on the first page, that’s on Google, well its often not easy, you have to be a relevant high-quality site, and one way is to offer quality written information.

So, by improving your companies organic seo, in the right way, this could help you to sell more cookies.

So, content marketing, this can help to improve your businesses seo, if done write, but here’s the thing, so many companies, as well as also we have to say many marketing companies get wrong.

Either the works written in a complete and utter rush, it’s what us SEO’s call “content thin”-which really means it doesn’t offer much useful information at all, it’s just sloppy text that’s been written with no care, which doesn’t help answer a question, its just written to make it sound like someone knows what there on about, yet in reality, it may well be written by a copywriter who’s focus is just on hitting a 700 word target. This doesn’t work!

So, what’s our top-tip?

Well, that’s simple to answer, that is, write text that will help your customers, aim to over top-quality advice and because of this, if the work is of a good standard, well-researched, answers the question in-depth, then this may help to improve your companies seo.

Do note, that whether it’s writing a brand-new blog post for your company website, or any other form of SEO, whatever work you are working on, the work should follow Google’s WebMaster Guidelines.

Before you even start writing, think of this

Okay, so it’s far too easy for any agency to say to a business, we will write 3 blog posts every month for our set fee, well that’s all well and good- but are they going to be any use?

Here’s the thing, when it comes to content marketing, “quality” should trump everything, don’t aim for quantity, when the focus should be on quality.

Now with this in mind, you might start your seo tasks on a Monday morning let’s say, now it would be all too easy to walk into work, start up the coffee machine, check your lists of tasks to do, see that you have to write 3,000 words that day, and start typing something up without much thought- will this help to improve your company’s SEO? Well, we would say its very unlikely to, it’s rather like throwing darts at a board, well your bind-folded!

So, what’s the solution?

Well, you have to grab a cup of coffee, or indeed a cup of nice sweet tea, then you have to do some thinking, and that’s because we recommend not just starting to write a piece of content marketing, because you have to quickly write 3,000 words on that day. Writing to hit a word count, that doesn’t help improve seo, as the work likely to be rather poorly written.

Nope, you have to stick your customers shoes on for a second, not literally, you know what we mean, you have to think about the sorts of common questions your customers have.

So, for example, let’s say you sell various electrical items, like fridges, TVs, and audio equipment as well as kettles.

However, your business sells T. V’s the most, yet because you sell LED, LCD and QLED TV’s well, customers get confused as to what the different T.V’s offer, so for example, what are the advantages of owning say a LED television?

Now, what you need to do, is have your companies TV expert work with your marketing team, or indeed your SEO company, so they can start to write rather handy guides, and if the articles are well written, well they could offer the following:

-Reduce a page’s bounce rate

-Increase the time a shopper spends on your site

-Help to improve sales, if you offer good advice to your customers

What questions do your customers often have

So, well your enjoying sipping on that rather nice espresso, here’s the things you need to think about, that is what questions that your customers often have?

Now, the marketing department might not have the answers to this, so you might need to involve other staff from right across the business, for example staff from the online web chat, where customers ask questions online, before they decide on whether there making a purchase or not.

Now once you have this information, the web chat team at your company may say to you that they often get asked about which TV has the longest warranty, now with this information, you might add a piece of what is called “evergreen content marketing”.

This work can explain which TV brands offer the longest warranties, you may find that this written work, therefore answers a lot of the questions that you get asked about TV’s, and may help to increase sales.

What is the competition doing to answer these questions?

So, before you jump head first and start writing a rather mammoth 10,000-word article, you need to see what your direct competitors are doing first.

So, for example, lets say that your company sells bikes, you might want to see what the top three businesses on Google are that are selling bikes, and what they are doing to improve their SEO, for example, you may find that they are writing long articles, which explain everything from how to fix a puncture on a bike, to which electric bikes they think are best, through to which bike is the lightest for carrying on and off trains.

Now, you might want to see is the advice good quality?

Is it likely to be useful to your customers?

How many words have been written?  

Make sure that you do your research

So, now at this stage, well your coffee is likely to have run out for one or gone cold, yet, from that initial caffeine boost, your likely to now know exactly what you will be writing about in terms of topic, and also how well your direct competitors have done on writing about a similar question.

Now, this might have filled your head with ideas, on how you can make the work even better, which is good, because one of the things that we always say here at this seo company is, aim to write much better content marketing than what the competition have already written.

Now do keep this in mind, Google likes facts, well, to be exact its “Googlebot” that will crawl and index the page- it will notice the facts, then the algorithm will use this to check the fact with Google’s “Knowledge Graph”.

So, let’s say your writing about a famous electric car, and you cite something about the company, this might be in “Google’s Knowledge Vault”, and “Google’s Knowledge Graph”, so you got it, if the facts are accurate, then this can help to make the work be rendered as higher quality, and  more reliable which is what Google wants.

However, don’t make your work just all about facts and figures, as this is likely to be a very dull read indeed write it for humans, not search engines- so only use facts when you think the reader will be interested to read about them, don’t aim to put a statistic in every single sentence, as its likely to break the flow for the reader.

Aim to be the best

Okay, so here’s the thing, whatever business you run, large or small, local, national or international, your likely to be up against a lot of competition, hundreds, thousands if not millions of other businesses.

So, for example, let’s say that your plumber, and your based in a really large city, like Bristol, there are thousands of other plumbers, and a lot of them will want to also be ranked on the very first page of Google, in order to do that, they are likely to be improving their SEO also.

They are likely to be writing content marketing about similar topics, that’s because they’re in the same industry as you, that’s the plumbing business, so they are likely to be talking about same things as well.

So, when you’re writing the text for your website, it can’t just be mediocre, average, then written in a rush and then added to the website, no this will work.

This type of work can’t be rushed, it needs to be high quality, so that when it gets indexed it’s clear that a lot of time has been spent writing the work, researching it and making sure that it’s high quality.

As here’s the thing, let’s say that you want to be on the first page, and your business specialises in installing boilers, you might be writing articles about boilers, and plumbing as well as central heating systems and that’s exactly what the competition is doing as well, you or your agency have to figure out how can you make the work better than the competition.

It’s not just about quantity, for example they are writing one article a week, so you are going to write more, as that’s not going to work neither, its not about quantity it’s always about quality.

Instead, you should aim to be the best at what you do, that means offering the best advice.

Cite your sources

It’s all well and good, being an expert at what you do, for example you might be an electrician, and your writing articles to help improve your businesses organic SEO, however often what is needed is facts and figures also.

So, for example, you might cite a reference, about how many homes in the UK have an outdated fuse box, and why this needs to be updated.

Now this statistic might have come from a respected newspaper, so you might wish to cite this number in your article, you might want to add an outbound link, and to add anchor text, as this shows that the article has been researched, as it has relevant backlinks that are added to it.

So, if you are writing an article, you might want to add relevant facts.

Bring in all the expertise that your company has to offer

Here’s the thing, a business that is located in Bristol, might have huge amounts of expertise in say the design team, the customer service teams, and let’s say the sales team, but sometimes this talent is not used.

This means that sometimes the marketing company is writing the content marketing or is done in-house, without consulting with the various teams, however their knowledge might be invaluable.


To someone that hasn’t got a clue about search engine optimisation, well, they may just evaluate a company website on how it looks. That’s to say they may find the homepage impressive; it may have a slider for example which automatically changes, updating the customer on a special offer.

There might be YouTube videos embedded into the page, introducing the company, stating a bit more about its brand, and generally, the design may well be good, from a customer’s perspective.

However, sometimes there can be a ton of glitches which are much less obvious, for example, the page may well be very slow to load, that’s to say a Google Page Speed test might show you that on mobile, well the websites very slow, which causing a high bounce rate.

Then you may spot that certain product pages have broken links, that some pages can’t be indexed by Googlebot, that there’s also a mass of duplication problems, for example you find that nearly all of your product pages have duplicated content, which will render that page as a low-quality page, for more on this, you need to read about the Google Panda updates, and why Google’s algorithm is built to demote work that’s copied.

For example, let’s say you sell coffee machines, you have over 300 models, and every product description is duplicated, well, this isn’t going to help your companies seo one bit.

So, what is “technical SEO”? Well, as you might already know, especially if you’ve invested in search engine optimisation for sometime now, that is that Google, and other search engines use a lot of “ranking factors” to work out where a business should be ranked.

This means, its not based on one thing, or a few things, nope, if its Google you are optimising your company website for, to rank higher, then you must know that there’s hundreds of ranking factors, and some of these are what are called “technical” ranking factors.

Now, because some websites are so vast, for example, an e-commerce website that sells lets say shoes, well, there might be over 1000 product lines, the websites likely to be vast, and therefore a large seo agency might be needed, now because there’s so much work to do, sometimes at some agencies, say in Bristol, you might have people working at the agency that have set seo roles, for example, to build backlinks, a copywriter to write the content marketing, a social media person, and you might have a technical seo person, and there job is to make sure the technical aspects of the seo are improved.

So, without further ado, lets talk about some of them now.

Google’s algorithm

Okay, for your company, whether it’s based in the centre of Bristol, or you own a business is somewhere else in The South West of England, if you want your company to appear in Google’s results, which we as an seo agency refer to as the SERP’s, then the page or the post needs to be indexed, this means for this to happen Googlebot needs to be able to index the page, this means that you should work with your seo company to make sure each page can be “indexed” and to make sure that Googlebot can then crawl and index the page.


Googlebot needs to be able to crawl your website, for it to appear in Google’s results (SERP’s), your seo company should therefore see if there is any technical problems with your website, stopping it from getting indexed, there could be many reasons for this, some as simple as the “no-index” tab being left on, when you didn’t want it switched on for example.

Are all pages working?

So you’ve just had a brand-new e-commerce site built, it sells over 100 products, yet when you click around the site, you see that various links do not work, in matter of fact, you get a lot of “404 page errors” now this is not ideal for your seo, and not ideal for your customers, as when they click on a product, they don’t want to see a 404 page error, so this should be part of the technical seo work, to make sure that you don’t have any page errors.


Your chosen seo companies should help to create a sitemap.

Works correctly on mobile phones

So many company websites don’t work correctly on smartphones or on tablets, common problems can be main menus that are difficult to use, not being responsive, slow and many more problems, your agency should carry out testing, to make sure that they make your mobile version of your website easy to use.

Test all buttons

Let’s say on an e-commerce website, let’s say a company that is owned and run in Bristol, that sells coffee here in the U.K and globally.

Let’s say in total there are over 1000 internal backlinks, which are in the footer of the website, on the main pages, in the main menu and more, such as in the links in blog posts, your agency should check for broken links, and that all of the anchor text is written in a “white hat way”, following Google’s WebMaster Guidelines.

Test on different operating systems

Does your company website work correctly on smartphones? Or does it take a real long time to load, if so, then this is an seo issue.

Is there are duplication problems?

Let’s say that you’ve just launched a brand-new company, right in the heart of Bristol, you’ve designed and manufactured your own electric bike as well as selling hundreds of other electric bikes, and your company premises is near the harbourside in wonderful Bristol, yet there’s a problem.

That is although you signed-off the website in terms of that you were happy with the design, that the web design company had created, now handing it over to a local seo company, well, you’ve noticed there are literally thousands of words which are duplicated, which have been taken from the bike manufacturers website, which now cause Google Panda issues, the website also appears spammy, as it has so much copied text, so, you guessed it, what we are trying to get at, as part of the technical seo work, that your agency does, you should make sure that you get rid of duplicated content marketing.

Instead the written work should be original, it should be well-written, and every bit of it must follow “Google’s WebMaster Guidelines”, in that it must be white hat, it must be top quality.

Okay, we bet if your business has invested in a website, well then you’ve probably grabbed a cup of coffee by now, and have started to do a bit of research into SEO? We thought so, after all, not investing time into SEO, well, its kind of like having a car, that has a broken engine, and just leaving it in the garage to gather dust!

Now regardless of where the SEO company that is offering the information you are reading is based, they are bound to have talked about content marketing? We thought so, its an essential part of the SEO process, without it, well, not much is going to happen.

Now after a bit of further research, and sipping on that spiced cinnamon latte, well, you may have started to piece together more about what content marketing is all about.

But here’s the thing, so many businesses sometimes swiftly jump to the wrong conclusion, thinking that it’s just written text, however in this article will explain it a lot more than that. Its not just written text that’s quickly written after a few cups of coffee, as we will explain, if the work is substandard, well Google’s almighty algorithm doesn’t like spam, hastily put together junk content marketing, nope, in matter of fact, its likely to pull your rankings down, and not up!

So, what is content marketing? Sock it to me!

It’s about “engagement signals”- for example how long the people are spending out of their busy day reading the work, it’s about incoming backlinks, and if the quality of those links, it’s about us how much expertise is shown in the article, for example does the person know what they are talking about and can back this up with actual research (links to statistics for example), it’s about answering the questions that are often asked within the subject, it’s also about seeing if somebody bounces off (bounce rate, see Google Analytics for this) that page or stays on the website for more information, so as you can see it a lot more than just written text.

Its about generating quality work, its about measuring that work, to see if its doing its job, its about refining the work to make it better- so, as you can see, to do such work, and on a regular basis, it requires a lot of time, which is something that a lot of business owners in the wonderful areas of Bath, England, and yes, in Bristol do not have, that’s why they get on the dog and bone, that’s phone, and say Pack Digital, we hear you’re the experts when it comes to all things SEO related, give us a price.

Okay, first things first, what exactly is content marketing?

Content marketing, if it is done right, is all about analysing questions that your customers have, and offering advice for those questions, so that your business becomes more relevant for the products and services that you are selling. So, for example, if you own a business in Bristol, and sells luxury coffee online, you may want to blog about different roast coffee that you sell, the taste, what makes it different, for example that you go to huge lengths to source organic coffee, so you might want to hire seo agencies to promote your business in selling organic coffee.

It is not therefore just about writing 1000 odd words, and then going on a lunch break thinking it’s job done, because it’s much more than that, instead a great deal of time used to be placed in writing the work so that is quality and it is useful. So that when Googlebot indexes the work, and the algorithm evaluates how well its written, that you as a business, in Bristol, prove that you’re the expert in selling a product or a service, so you become more relevant, so overtime, as the seo companies do their work, you should, if its done right, move up the ranks, and notice how we say done right! The work should be top-quality and white hat, you should therefore only hire in Bristol, England a respected and quality focused seo agency.

Now, you might be struggling your shoulders thinking well, how does Google’s algorithm know if it’s 500 words are of quality written work, or if its 500 words of complete gibberish that is been written after an espresso or two and then the authors just dashed out in Bristol to grab his or her lunch, so the work’s been rushed.

Well quite simply put, it boils down to this, is the work useful, and by this we mean have to put on your customers shoes for a second, and thought about the questions that they will ask? Have you then spent the time to write quality work, which satisfies Google’s WebMaster Rules, is the work white hat? Is it an interesting read? Have you spent time, using Google Analytics, to make sure the work is getting a high number of organic visitors? Have you made sure the bounce rate is low?

So let’s give you an example, let’s say that you sell televisions, now not everybody that comes to the companies website is going to know all there is about televisions, as there are now so many different variations there’s LED TV’s, 4k televisions, curved televisions, large LCD TV’s and also QLED TV’s and 4K Ultra TV’s there are also many different features, such as voice activated TVs, and HD ready and as well.

So often somebody doesn’t want to just purchase a new TV, they need advice as well, the businesses that offers clear advice is likely to keep the shopper on the website for longer (reduce the bounce rate) they may therefore be more inclined to purchase from you because you’ve offered such good customer service, as you’ve heavily invested, in what SEO’s call “ever-green content marketing” which purpose is to offer advice, to help customers, so they may well then, because you’ve offered such good advice, will then purchase from you.

So, this is where content marketing can help, it’s your businesses opportunity to convey your knowledge, your expertise and to offer this advice to the customer, whether its about TV’s, coffee or a new sofa, aim to offer the best advice.

Now if this advice is good quality, there is likely to retain the shopper for longer which can help to reduce the bounce rate which could help improve your businesses SEO.

Gone are the days of writing 500 words, then placing this on your blog and then dashing out to grab a sandwich as you believe that’s the SEO done for the month!

You do hear some businesses state, that they are going to do the SEO in-house, and then they give the task to somebody to do that simply hasn’t a clue about SEO. That person, might think right I will write 500 words in an hour, that’s it, however it’s never as simple as that, that’s because if the work is low-quality then this is likely to damage your SEO.

Therefore writing 500 words of complete gibberish, and by gibberish we mean it’s not useful to anyone who’s interested in your products or your services, and they are likely to deem your website as a spam site and this could damage organic SEO.

Has to be quality

So let’s be clear, the work has to be quality, it has to be well written, it should be written by somebody that has expertise in that subject, or at least done a lot of research.

You should look at what questions that customers have, an aim to answer these.

Has to be useful

This brings us back to the point of the work must be useful, the work must serve a purpose, for example if you manufacturer Power Tools, you might want to offer advice on the different drill bits you sell for a cordless drill, and what difference drill bits should be used for masonry, what should be used for wood on what should be used on plastics for that drill.

This doesn’t just offer advice; it also presents the opportunity you to sell your accessories your business might sell.

Lead to reading more

Your content marketing should aim to draw in organic visitors, who read the work, and think this is really high-quality advice, and then want to visit other pages and read more.

It should therefore provide a warm welcome to your business for your shoppers, and say look, we offer really good customer service, have a look at the products and the advice that we offer on our website.

If the quality of the work is complete rubbish, then this is likely to contribute to a “high bounce rate”.

Be an expert

Let’s say your business sells electric cars, there is absolutely no point whatsoever in hiring a marketing agency that hasn’t got a clue about these types of vehicles.

You need somebody who is an expert on the subject, who can offer advice, who can answer questions your customers have.

Don’t therefore just think it’s about writing about electric cars generally, as this will not work, people who want to buy or have an interest in electric cars have questions that need answering, if they don’t get answered and quickly, this will contribute to a very high “bounce rate”, which simply means that this could actually damage the businesses organic SEO.


Analyse the work to see if it is bringing in the organic visitor numbers that to you wanted.


Improve the work, if it is not bringing in the amount of organic visitors that you wanted.


Promote the work for example on social media.


Okay, so when you’re on the phone chatting away to your marketing agency, they might be stating that their planning on building links, writing content marketing, making sure the onsite seo is spot on, so the general theme here is to add.

That’s to say, add work, so why then did they mention that they plan on reducing your bounce rate, what does this even mean? And why does it need to be reduced?

Well, this is a fairly common question that our Bristol marketing agency gets asked, that is, why should a bounce rate be reduced, and what methods do you use to reduce it?

Well, this article will explain all:

First things first- what does “bounce rate” even mean?

Okay, so a bounce rate simply means this, its expressed as a percentage of how many visitors landed on a page or a post on your website, then didn’t click through to another link.

The easiest way to explain this is to provide an example, let’s say that you run a company that sells coffee machines, your based in Bristol, you have a warehouse flooded with machines, yet you need to increase your online sales.

Now, what you are wondering is, why does the homepage for your coffee machine company have a 94% bounce rate?

Why are 94% of visitors to the homepage then not clicking onto the pages that actually sell coffee machines? Why are they then leaving the website, now this is a question that your web designers and your seo agencies need to answer, and as you would expect there’s a million and one reasons, it could be due to the company website being very slow, so as you can imagine, when someone is say sitting on a train, coming to Bristol, well, there not going to wait very long for a company’s website to load, before they simply click the back button, and possibly make a purchase elsewhere.

Make your website simply better

Okay, easier said than done, we do admit that.

But here’s the thing, you need to sit down with your web designers, and also your SEO agency, you need to start thinking down these lines, that is, what is the competition doing, and how can you do it better.

Sounds simple, right?

Well, not really, whether your selling hyper cars in Bristol or birthday cakes, what you will find is that companies will have got used to ranking on the first page of Google in Bristol, and they’ve got there because they’ve forked a lot out on advertising, and have become very good at what they do, so often, its never a walk in the park that’s for sure.

Customers first, SEO second

Its quite a common mistake, that’s for a business to obsess about improving their organic seo, but not actually see the wood for the trees- so what do we actually mean by this?

Well, what we mean is, if you focus on offering the best experience for your customers, so for example, making your companies website easy to use, offering the best advice you can for customers, in terms of detailed product descriptions, and you aim to answer as many FAQ’s as you can, well, what this means is that, you will be helping your customers, which means that they are likely to spend longer on say your e-commerce website, which will in turn lower your bounce rate.

So, what should you aim to do? Well, our advice is simple, help your customers as much as possible, yet, at the same time, whatever SEO you are working on, make sure that it follows Google’s WebMaster Guidelines.

Why should a marketing agency aim to reduce a bounce rate?

Well, it’s a bit like opening a café / coffee shop somewhere in Bristol, and having say 500 customers per day, but only half make a purchase, the other half look at the shop, and then walk straight out, if this occurred, you would want to why.

This is the same with your companies website, that’s to say, if your Google Analytics account, is saying the homepage has a 99% bounce rate, well, this should be looked into, as you could be losing customers.

Google’s algorithm and also “user experience”

A lot of various agencies think that “user experience” seo signals, such as bounce rates, and how long a shopper spends on your site, are now part of the algorithm, simply meaning some companies believe that these factors could influence where your website ranks.

This stands to reason, if you run a company, lets say you sell skiing equipment, and on one website the average shopper spends 50 seconds on the site, yet business number 2, well, the average shopper there spends over 10 minutes browsing skis, ski-jackets, goggles, snow shoes, and also clothing, well its clear that business 2, where the shopper is spending longer browsing the products, is better serving the shopper who’s looking to purchase skiing equipment for their up-coming vacation.

Why some agencies, including ours believe websites are ranked according to user experience, and could this be Google’s RankBrains job?  

We think that the websites that rank on the first page of Google, well, they are normally the businesses that offer the best service to a customer, so for example, may have some of the following strengths:

-Load’s quickly

-Easy to get to the right products, even if the shop stocks thousands

-Offers advice

The businesses that don’t offer the best service, well, often the shopper will quickly leave, because they haven’t found an answer to their question, so they leave to make a purchase else where.




It’s the question on a lot of business owners lips in Bristol, from restaurants on the harbourside to hair-dressers in Clifton, how can we get on the first page of Google here in our home city of Bristol.

Well, as the rather brilliant article, written by our very own SEO boffins will tell you, in matter of fact, there’s not just one way, nope, there’s several ways.

So it back, with a nice cuppa in hand, or pop-corn, or last night’s dinner in front of you- it doesn’t matter, just have a skim read of this, and you will be pleasantly surprised that yes, our SEO knowledge, well, we believe is second to…..none.  

Well, in matter of fact… there’s loads of different ways of getting your company on the first page of Google.

You could spend money on PPC, which is as the name suggests, as each shopper clicks on your ad, you pay.

There’s Google My Business, which is free, yet you often need to do a bit of work on your listing to make it work. Often just saying yeah, we are based here in say Clifton, well that’s not enough, nope you need positive reviews, real ones, not ones your mate in the pub have written for you, well you wait at the bar, that won’t work!

There’s organic seo, which is complicated, so we’ve dedicated a huge part of this article to explaining that one, and just as well, as we are blooming good at it.

So, lets break it down, lets have a look at the different ways a business can get onto the first page of Google’s results, so it doesn’t matter if you own a bank, own a clothing line, or simply sell coffee from a shop that’s the size of a postage stamp, we will, now elaborate on how a business large, medium or small can get on the first page of Google.

Google My Business

Okay, so, a way that a local Bristolian business could get there selves on the first page of Google, is via registering for a “Google My Business” card, this doesn’t take very long at all.

All you will need to state is your companies address in the rather fine city of Bristol, the phone number, and also the business name, a few more details, such as a link to your website, opening hours, and before you’ve finished your morning latte, your all done.

Now, with that said, just because you’ve filled out a Google My Business account and verified the listing doesn’t mean you will automatically have your business on the first page of Google, nope, often the listing will need optimising, for that your going to need a rather good Bristol SEO agency, cough, that’s us!


Okay, so what’s the quickest way a business in Bristol can get itself on the first page of Google?

Well, its PPC, that’s because it doesn’t matter if you sell aluminium ladders, or you own a noodle restaurant, once you’ve set up an account, and set a budget, answered all the questions, then your business can appear on the first page, sometimes, if you want that very same day, until your budget does run out, this is why PPC, is very popular, however, a lot of businesses pay for PPC, yet also to improve their organic seo, and that’s where our agency can help, as at our marketing agency, we specialise in improving Bristol businesses organic seo.

What’s organic seo we hear you cry, well, we will explain all now.

Organic SEO is used by many companies all over Bristol, to improve where the business ranks on Google.

Now, there will be some SEO companies that really cut the mustard, so this means that they follow “Google’s Webmaster Guidelines” and they do a good job, these are the agencies, or the SEO consultants that you want working for you, as they can help to improve where your company ranks on Google.

However, we do hate to say, but its true, here in Bristol in The South West of England, and anywhere else for that matter, there are so many seo companies that are not that good, and make false promises, or don’t deliver quality work, here’s the thing, if the work isn’t top-quality, well, this means that the business could incur a penalty, so only hire a reputable company, that delivers white hat, quality work for your company.

So, in a nutshell, only invest in quality work.

If your planning on splashing out on improving your organic seo with us, do note it takes time

So, here’s the thing, a lot of businesses want to appear on the first page of Google, in the “organic” results quickly, however, here’s something all business owners need to know, it takes time, sometimes even years to see results for some Bristol companies, so if you are investing with us, you have to be patient.

It boils down to “ranking factors”- we hate to say it, your competitors might be stronger

So, here’s the thing, now we are really getting to the point- any business, whether its in Bristol or anywhere, might face businesses that have been investing in organic seo for donkeys years, so for example, lets say your main competition in Bristol have been investing for on average 8 years in improving their organic seo, a business that has just started forking-out to an SEO agency, well they cant reasonably expect to overtake those other companies quickly.

Backlinks- there important, make a note of that!

Backlinks are important, a business will often need quality, white hat do-follow and also some no-follow backlinks, which have been built in accordance with Google’s WebMaster Guidelines.

Content marketing, it takes ages to write, but can be worth it

So, you might be thinking, i have just taken on an seo agency, yet why are spending so much time writing “evergreen content marketing”and why is this? Well, quite simply put, if done write, in terms of being “white hat” and well-written, well it could, if it answers a lot of your customers frequently asked questions, could help improve your seo. However, whether its backlinks, adding a meta title, or writing a 10,000 word mammoth of a piece of content marketing, do make sure, that whichever firm you hire in Bristol, that they always follow Google’s WebMaster Guidelines.


Why not call us?

If your looking for an SEO business, that works with businesses all over The South West of England, this includes the great city of Bath and also Bristol, then why not hire us, we offer affordable prices for organic seo.


Picture this, you run a company here in the great city of Bristol, you’ve had a company website for a long time, yet management has now decided to invest in digital marketing.

You want the whole of Bristol to know about your company, you want everyone living near Clifton Suspension Bridge, through to apartments in the centre of Bristol, through to the docklands to know what your company offers, the great service you offer, you want the phone ringing off the hook, yet when you call the first seo agency for a quote, they say they will run an audit, then they ring you back, and they say this “your websites not even indexed?- but what does that even mean?

What does not in Google’s index mean?

Well, let us explain, grab a coffee, let’s begin, imagine your in a library, every book has its space, its section, its own number, and this makes sense, as the librarian, well he or she, when a book’s returned is not going to just throw the book into a massive pile, as otherwise their work becomes much harder, someone might ask, I would like this book, and the librarian would have to point to the heap of books, and say its in their somewhere, not a good system, it’s a mess.

Well, what’s needed is organisation, a system where books have their place, they are logged in and out of system, the librarian knows if its out on loan, in the library or needs replacing as bottle of wine was accidentally spilt over it.

Now apply this logic for SEO, Google is a massive library, it knows the status of millions, if not billions of websites, are they live, are they being built, have they been improved.

So, how is this done, through a group of loyal librarians, nope, they would be exhausted after a few seconds, its done my Google’s mighty algorithm, an algorithm that’s so good, so impressive, that good SEO agencies, worth their weight in gold, well they will spend most of their waking hours either figuring out how to get a business to the top of the ranks, or working out what changes the search engine, i.e Google or Bing have introduced, so that they keep their white hat SEO knowledge up-to-date.

So, what does Google’s index mean?

Well, at this point, all you need to think of is all the businesses here in Bristol, and right around the globe, that have a website, that can be indexed are in a sort of library, there rated by Google’s algorithm.

So, what does “crawling and indexing” mean when in terms of organic SEO?

Well, let’s say you run a business, your passionate about coffee, so in Clifton, in Bristol, you run a coffee shop, and your mighty good at it, yet Bristolians, they cant get enough of your coffee, they keep banging the door “we-need-a-coffee-fix” they cry, so you’ve decided to branch-out, to hire a digital marketing agency, that’s here in the fine city of Bristol to build an e-commerce website, which sells coffee, dispatches it and gets out to customers in less than 48 hours, so the great public of Bristol, can make coffee while your coffee shop is not open.

But what does crawling and indexing mean?

Well, it simply means this, your coffee shop website, that now sells coffee online, is regularly visited by “Googlebot” its “ranking signals” are rated, no not by Google’s PageRank, nope, things are more sophisticated now, Google’s PageRank is widely thought by many SEO agencies to be replaced by over 200 ranking factors, such as backlinks, the site title, the anchor text, the internal links, the quality of the ever green content marketing.

Yet, websites are updated, there’s hundreds of SEO companies in Bristol working hard for their clients, they want their client at the top, they need to retain their clients, otherwise the company will pick another SEO company which will deliver, so things don’t stay the same for long.

This is why Googlebot may visit some Bristol businesses website a few times a day, crawling and indexing the site-map, following each backlink, to see have any SEO improvements been made?

Google’s mighty algorithm is then working out, where should the website be ranked? Is this coffee shop the business with the strongest SEO? If not, how strong is it? Is it worthy of being on page 1 for say local coffee shops, should it be on page 2.

Let’s say that you’ve hired a new seo consultant, yet, let’s say that they then go onto build the backlinks, in the wrong way, for example let’s say that they haven’t followed Google’s WebMaster Guidelines- they have built all of the backlinks incorrectly, they haven’t followed white hat methods at all!

So this means that the business, could incur what’s known as a penalty, an algorithmic or a manual penalty, that could mean that the business gets “de-indexed”- so you see, its possible to get a companies website, indexed, and this is important, so that the ranking factors can be read by Googlebot, but if the seo agencies, or let’s say the seo consultants get it wrong, or your business gets the organic seo wrong, then the business could incur a penalty, such as a Google Penguin penalty, this means then the website will be “de-indexed” sometimes, which means that the website may not longer appear in Google’s results, because the organic seo hasn’t been implemented correctly.

So, this is why when shopping around here in Bristol England, to hire a new say SEO business, make sure that you hire the right company, the right marketing agency, which follow’s Google’s WebMaster Guidelines.

Why is having an indexable website so important?

Well, quite simply put, GoogleBot, must be able to “crawl and index” your companies website, it must be “indexable”, as otherwise the companies website will not appear in Google’s SERP’s, which simply stands for “Google’s search engine results pages SERP’s, so basically speaking, if you have a website, that you want to improve its organic seo, well, the web designer, and the SEO agencies must make sure that the website can be indexed.

So, what is Googlebot?

So, at this point, you may well be sipping your cup of coffee, and thinking well, what is GoogleBot?

I’ve heard of Google, obviously, your thinking, but never of this Googlebot, so what is Googlebot, and what is its function?

Well, Googlebot is a very busy bot, its ultimately just code, the codes job is to regularly go over companies’ websites, to report back if SEO changes have been made, so for example, if the main site title, on your WordPress website changes from Coffee shops Clifton, to Coffee retailer in Bristol, well, you guessed it in one, Googlebot will notice the change, it will notice that the web designer or lets say the SEO agencies have changed the WordPress site title, it will then decide if the companies website should change in terms of where it ranks in the SERP’s, so for example, Google’s algorithm will think, well, this company might no longer be relevant for “Clifton Bristol Coffee Shops” its more relevant now to say retailing coffee more generally, perhaps through a WordPress e-commerce website, so, the business may well be trying to deliver coffee, rather than get customers to visit the coffee shop, so that’s right, the company will change where it is in the SERP’s.

So, that this process is a bit clearer, here’s an example of what happened to that coffee shop, once it changed it’s site title:

• Googlebot spotted the site title had changed
• It told Google’s algorithm that an important ranking factor, the site title had changed.
• Google’s algorithm then worked out that the business might not be that relevant for selling coffee in Clifton Bristol anymore, instead, its selling coffee now online, to a much wider customer base, that it wants to sell coffee all over the U.K.
• Google’s algorithm, and Google’s AI technology RankBrain, that’s Google RankBrain AI, will then workout where that business should be ranked, for example, should it now rank say 22nd for “coffee delivery companies” or “buy-coffee-online” and no longer rank for “Clifton local coffee shops” anymore? AI and Google’s mighty algorithm will work this out.

What are Google crawl errors?

So, let’s say that your web developer places code, such as a “no-index” code on a page, that can mean that it tell’s Googlebot now to crawl and index that page, so its kind of like locking a door, it cant be accessed, so, if you want that website, or that page to be indexed, to show in Google’s SERP’s, then the page needs to be indexed, it needs Googlebot to crawl and index it, without this happening, the website might be de-indexed, so it no longer appears in Google’s SERP’s anymore.

Your SEO agency, whether you hire a local SEO agency here in Bristol, in England, or anywhere else, the agency should make sure the companies website can be indexed, if you want it to appear on Google, if it cant be indexed, then the company website wont show in the SERP’s

So, I run a company here in Bristol, how often will my company website be crawled and indexed?

This does depend, for example, some company websites are crawled and indexed much more than others in Bristol, this is why when you meet your SEO consultant, and over a cup of tea, they start talking about “Google’s Crawl Budget”- and how often “GoogleBot” crawls your site, you may be thinking, well-what on earth are they talking about?

Well, here’s the thing, let’s say you own a rather fancy restaurant right here in Bristol, you’re the “bee’s knees” at what you do, yet, that website might be crawled and indexed say once a week, because lets say that the restaurant business, has let’s say 600 organic visitors every week, and you know this because your SEO agency has stated that in an SEO report, where the organic SEO information was taken from Google Analytics.

So, you get 600 visitors a week, to your restaurant business, and lets say the companies website gets crawled by GoogleBot once a week also, and you notice your website’s SERP’s flux say once a week also.

Now let’s compare this to another company in Bristol, lets say the other business is a major chain of dentists, and instead that company gets 10,000 organic visitors every week, with people travelling from all over the South West of England to use the dental practice, they come from the centre of Bath, they come from all over Bristol, it’s a very popular business, and as such the business uses a local seo company, and they invest a lot of time every month improving the organic seo, they are regularly adding top-quality content marketing, they are also working hard on building quality white hat “do-follow” backlinks, and GoogleBot crawls that company website every single day.

So, you see the difference in “Google’s Crawl Budget” for one business, the restaurant, because the SEO work carried out each month is less, it only get’s crawled once a week, with ranking flux happening, so the SERP’s change often once a week, then compare this to the major chain of dentists, where people from Bath, and all over Bristol, come to that dentists, and because the amount of SEO work is much higher, also the website has many more organic visitors, that websites crawl budget is much higher, in matter of fact, GoogleBot, crawls and indexes that site every day, so you got it, the crawl budget for Google, for that company is much higher.

Now why does this even matter? Well, it matters simply because any good SEO companies, will tell you, it matters because where businesses get “crawled and indexed” more, is sometimes because the business sector is much more competitive, there’s more seo work occurring to companies websites, so Googlebot wants to know about these changes, so that Google’s algorithm and Google’s AI, that’s artificial intelligence can work out, well, should that business rank higher in Bristol?

Where that restaurant was say be number 3 in the SERP’s for “local Italian restaurants”- because of the SEO work, it might now move up, yet the point we are trying to make is this, that business will fluctuate much more, if GoogleBot regularly indexes the site, as it may spot more changes occurring to the seo.

What does my SEO agency mean when they say we should create quality content marketing so that Google’s algorithm will reward us for such work?

Whether you run a coffee shop, or you are a major online retailer, that retails thousands of products, all of the content marketing, should be white hat, and top-quality.

So basically, Googlebot reports back to Google’s algorithm?

Yes, so let’s say that your web developer completely changes the wording on your homepage, they alter it, so that the text is different, Googlebot will notice this, it will tell Google’s Algorithm, and the business may alter where it ranks.

But what are Google ranking factors?

There are well over

What are entities?

What is Google’s Knowledge Vault?

Why it crucial to keep your website’s information up to date?

Is your companies offsite details correct?

Is your businesses NAP information correct?

Will Googlebot notice if I have conflicting NAP information?

So, how regularly should my company, here in Bristol, be adding new blog posts?

So, is this part of the reason why organic SEO is such a slow process? Because we have to wait for Googlebot to crawl and index the work?

Is there coding that Googlebot struggles to crawl?

What does my SEO company mean, when they say that the page, or the entire website is now indexed?

What does it mean that Googlebot and Google’s algorithm has issued a penalty, why is this bad news, and what does “de-indexed” mean?

Why does good web design matter?

So, will some businesses here in Bristol, England get indexed more than others?

What does Google crawl budget mean?

Why do all the various SEO agencies that I call, say that I should invest in organic seo monthly, surely it can all be done in one go?

How can your agency help?






when you visit your digital marketing agency you may hear them talk about your company website getting crawled and indexed, but what does this even mean?

Well crawling and indexing is a very important part of SCO, as this is what is used to update the search engine with what work had been carried out to your company website.

So let’s say for example that you sell coffee beans, and you decide to start selling flavoured coffee beans, that’s the say you want to start selling vanilla flavoured coffee beans.

Now this is a new product, that’s the say you have never sold this product on your company website before, so obviously you want this product to be available in the search engine so somebody can click on it and purchase the product, for that to happen that page needs to be crawled and indexed.

What does crawling and indexing mean?

Well quite simply put, most search engines use an automated bot.

This automated bot will crawl and index your website.

It will therefore discover when you have added new work, such as adding a new product such as vanilla flavoured coffee beans.

Therefore this is obviously a very important part of the SEO process, as you want the SEO work that you have applied to your company website to be noticed by the search engine, as otherwise if it is not crawled and indexed, the search engine would never know that you have applied the SEO work.

What does indexed mean?

When you publish a new piece of work on your company website, so that new piece of work could be a blog post obviously you wanted to appear in the search engine as soon as possible, for this to happen it needs to be indexed, for it to be indexed needs to be crawled and indexed first.

Index therefore means that the page can then possibly appear in the search engine

so for example let’s say you have just published your brand-new page which sells flavoured coffee beans, you want that page to be indexed as soon as possible so that it appears in the search engine.

What are bots

you may hear your SEO agency talk about box, there are many different types of bots the carry out different tasks, for example some bots are used by the search engine companies to spot changes made to your company website

other bots might carry out different tasks, for example bots are sometimes used to scrape email addresses offer website so that they can start to for a data base of email addresses for marketing purposes for example.

How do the search engines crawl and index a website?

It is widely thought by many SEO companies, that backlinks are used as the mechanism to crawl and index a website.

So for example let’s say that you sell mountain bikes, that’s the say you sell mountain bikes and you sell electric bikes and you sell bike accessories and you also sell bike helmets.

Now on the homepage on your bike website you are going to have links to all these various different pages, that the say a link to the bike accessories page, a link to the mountain bike page, a link to the electric bike page a link to the bike helmets page

Therefore the bots will use these links to crawl and index your website, for example if there is not a site map, then the bot might use your homepage to go to all the various pages on your company website.

So what pages are indexed?

All pages should be indexed, that’s the say the pages which your company wants to have appear in the search engine.

So for example if you sell mountain bikes, electric bikes, helmets, bike accessories and you want all these different pages to appear in the search engine then you should make sure that all of these pages can be indexed.

Therefore it is the SCO agency’s job to make sure that these pages can be indexed by the bots.

What type of content marketing should my company be adding to our website?

So now you know it’s important that the bots can crawl and index your company website, it’s important to start adding high quality, white hat content marketing.

The work should be high quality and white hat and it is really good quality then this can help to improve your businesses organic SEO.

So for example the bike company, might want to review various electric bikes, if this work is really good quality then this can help to improve the businesses organic SCO.

Why do the algorithms rely on bots to crawl and index a company website?

Without the bots crawling and indexing a company website the algorithm will never be able to make a calculation as to how strong your businesses SEO is.

So, for example, let’s say that your business invests heavily in “organic SEO”, this work would never get noticed if it is never crawled and indexed, therefore if it is never crawled and indexed the algorithm will have no information on how strong your businesses SEO is.

This is why it’s really important that your company website gets regularly crawled and indexed so if you have made any SEO improvements this can get noticed by the algorithm.

Then the algorithm deems the work to be high quality and white hat then this can help to improve your businesses organic SEO.

However we must stress that you should only invest in white hat SEO.

What does crawl budget mean exactly?

It is widely thought by many online marketing companies that the search engines apply a crawl budget to company websites.




In this article we are going to discuss


-Why good website design matters

-Bounce rates

-How Google’s algorithm rewards quality work

-Why its important to improve your companies onsite SEO

-Why a business should improve its time on site

-Why many Bristol businesses use Google Analytics to monitor bounce rates, time on site and also average number of pages visited

-What is Google Search Console?

-Why a business must couple good web design with high-quality and white hat SEO

-What organic SEO is, and why many businesses here in Bath, England and Bristol invest in organic and local SEO

-Why all work should be white hat

-Why the search engines, and AI technology like RankBrain only reward quality SEO

-Why whichever SEO expert, whether it be a large marketing agency or a freelancer, why the work must be quality

-Google’s algorithm

-Why you should invest in a quality website, don’t just purchase a cheap website

-We design WordPress websites

-We improve Bristol companies, and Bath companies organic SEO



Sometimes when a business requires help to improve their organic or local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), they sometimes believe that regardless of the websites design, that SEO can be applied.

However this is kind of like entering a Formula One race, and turning up to the garage with a broken engine, its not going to win any races, neither is a business that has a poorly designed website.


Obviously you not going to enter the race with such a car, you need a high performance vehicle. This is where many businesses, here in the fabulous city of Bristol, come to us, because we are simply organic SEO experts, yet with that said, we also design WordPress websites, so we can also improve the design of your site also.


Now, when you’re investing in SEO, you can hire a local agency that can build high-quality back links and offer quality on-site SCO such as writing content marketing, but if the website is really poor, in terms of its design?


Well, then quite simply put your business might have a very high bounce rate.


What is a high bounce rate? And why on earth does it even matter?


Well, lets say you open a brand-new coffee shop in Clifton Bristol, you’ve forked out a ton of money on fixtures and fittings, you’ve sourced what you think is absolutely brilliant coffee, and you’ve hired staff that you think are the best around, yet when a customer enters the coffee shop, well they turn straight around, now this is a big problem, no?


Yes, course it is, you want to sell coffee at the rate of knots, with take-away orders, and people having a cup of coffee indoors, you don’t want them leaving on mass, what’s causing this you wonder, prices, the stop’s décor, the staff?


Well, as a business owner, you need to find a solution, and fast, otherwise you’ll obviously go out of business and fast.


Well, this is exactly the same concept in terms of having a ultra high bounce rate, and Google’s algorithms spotting that the bounce rate is very high, lets say instead you sell coffee online, now if the bounce rate is lets say over 90% bounce rate, well, there’s a problem, this means 90% of shoppers are leaving on the first page they visit, they are not browsing your range of coffee, they are leaving on the homepage.


So you see the problem?


You need to reduce your companies bounce rate, now it doesn’t matter if you run a small independent coffee shop in Clifton Bristol, or you are a truly massive PLC company in Bristol, that sell’s millions of pounds worth of products every week out of Bristol, what is important is this, how can your digital marketing agency, lower the bounce rate, increase organic traffic, increase sales, increase time on site, increase the number of pages a customer visits?


Why should my marketing agency focus on lowing bounce rates, increasing time on site, increasing number of pages, will Google’s algorithm spot all this SEO effort?


So for example, lets say that you sell, trainers, that’s to say you sell running trainers, what all SEO companies, should be aiming for is this:


–        Implement high-quality SEO, through for example, building quality backlinks, writing quality content marketing, improving the onsite seo, through quality onsite SEO

–        Decrease bounce rate

–        Increase number of pages visited

–        Increase average time on site, because obviously if someone is shopping for longer, your business here in Bristol, answers there query, and may well be more likely to purchase

–        Yes, Google, and let’s say Bing, the major search engines, do reward quality work, quality white hat seo.



If you couple a very high bounce rate, with the fact that the average shopper is only spending say a few mere seconds on your company website, then it’s obvious that your online shop or company website is not doing very well, and sometimes this is not due to organic SEO.


For example, an agency in Bristol might have got your business onto the first page for many different keywords.


For example, let’s say that you run a plumbing business, they may have got your plumbing business onto the first page in Bristol for say local plumbers or emergency plumbers, yet if the website looks really dated does not offer much information about your business quite simply put yes, your business might be on the first page of Google but if it has a really high bounce rate then you might not be generating sales.


So, what’s the solution?


Well, the solution is simple, you simply need to invest in quality SEO, but this needs to be implemented onto a company website that has a good web design.


So it doesn’t matter if you sell men’s shoes online, you’re a solicitor or your hairdresser, the website design must be good, if you are to also improve the businesses SEO.





Design does matter


You might hear some SEO agencies saying that design does not matter, but it does.


Some agencies might just want to sign your business up to a 12 or 24 month SEO contract, therefore they do not want to incur any delays where you are going to a web design agency asking web design improvements.


However the more honest agencies, such as ours will say that you need to have a good quality company website if you are to improve the businesses SEO.


Your digital marketing agency should aim to lower your bounce rate


it’s all well and good hiring a local agency which adds content marketing, builds high quality back links and improves your business on site SEO, yet if every page on your company website has a skyhigh bounce rate then quite simply put there is a problem with your businesses website.



So what do we mean by sky high bounce rate, while quite simply put if your business has a high bounce rate it simply means that a lot of shoppers are landing on your company website but then leaving without visiting another page.


So for example let’s say that your business sells mountain bikes and electric bikes online.


And your digital marketing agency says that the electric bikes section of your website, as a bounce rate of 90%, this simply means that 90% of shoppers are leaving the website.


Now you may wish to hire a online marketing agency which improves your businesses SEO, but also aims to lower the bounce rate.


To give you another example of why it’s important to lower your businesses bounce rate you have to think of your business like it is a restaurant.


For example, let’s say that you open a restaurant in Bristol and within the first three months of the business being open, you see that over 80% of the customers that walk through the door, look at the menu, look at the restaurant and then walk straight outside the door.


That’s without making a purchase and without dining at the restaurant, so as the business owners you will want to know what’s the problem is, for example our prices too high, is the decor of the restaurant wrong, is it that the restaurants has tables to bunch together.


These are all questions which the restaurant owner will ask, as obviously if 80% of customers are turning around and walking out the door without making a purchase there is a serious problem.


And this is exactly the same mindset that you have to think about when a online business has a really high bounce rate.


That’s the say your business may have spent a fortune on organic SEO, or let’s say local SEO, but if the SEO report is saying that the website has a skyhigh bounce rate, then obviously you are losing a lot of shoppers which are not visiting another page and making a purchase.


For example, let’s say that your business sells running trainers, and you do not sell any trainers directly on your homepage, but your homepage has a bounce rate of 60%, this means that 60% of shoppers who land on your homepage are leaving straightaway, and obviously if you can get a shoppers to click on another page which sells trainers, you may increase the amount of running trainers that you sell.


Therefore a lot of SEO companies in Bath and Bristol now don’t just improve a businesses SEO, they also work with the business in order to lower its bounce rate.


Sometimes this means working with a web design agency, therefore the company might make recommendations to improve the design of the website.


Obviously, every company website is different, but let’s say that the agency recommends that the main menu is redesigned, or that the homepage is improved, so that it’s easier to find products.


For example, the company might say that the main menu needs to be redesigned, so that somebody can get to a product more easily.


For example, on the main menu currently your might’s have split products into too many categories.


Let’s say for example that you sell electrical goods, and one of your best-selling items might be fridge freezers, you might have on the homepage a drop-down menu which says freestanding fridge freezers, American fridge freezers, integrated fridge freezers, compact fridge freezers.


Now you may just wish to use the drop-down menu to say fridge freezers, so that when somebody clicks on fridge freezers the other presented with another page which illustrates what different fridge freezers look like so that a shopper can click the fridge freezer that they want.


It could be that because you sell so many electrical items that the main menu looks cluttered, and because the main menu looks cluttered with so many different products, this might mean that the bounce rate is very high.


So although you have hired agencies within Bath or perhaps an company within Bristol, and they have built really good quality back links, and delivered really good quality on site SEO, it still doesn’t mean anything if the bounce rate to the homepage is 90%.


So what the digital marketing agency has to do then is work out how they can lower the bounce rate to keep your shoppers on your company website for longer


This normally means making the process of a customer finding the products that they want easier.


For example, let’s say that you sell running trainers, you should allow your customers to easily sort the products, for example they may wish to sort by brand, whether the running trainers are in stock, by size, by colour and also by price.


A lot of company websites allow a customer to sort products easily, however if your website does not, then it’s entirely possible that this might increase your businesses bounce rate.


For example, when you work with an agency and they start to make recommendations, they may say that your web design company should allow products to be sorted by brand.


You may then find that when the products can start to be easily sorted by brand this might lower the bounce rate by say 10%, so sometimes an SEO agency will not just be improving your businesses organic SEO they will also be making recommendations for loan ring your companies bounce rate is well


You should aim to keep shoppers on your website for long as possible


If you were to ask an agency whether or not it’s important that a shopper spends a long time on your company website or not, a good company will say that it’s important that a shopper spends a long time on your website even if they do not purchase a product.


Why do we say this?


Well, a lot of leading digital marketing agencies believe that if a shopper spends a great deal of time on your website, then this means that the website is relevant for what they are looking for.


So, for example let’s say that somebody is looking for a bean to cup coffee machine, let’s say that the land on the first retailers website, and they spend just 10 seconds on the website before they leave



However, on the second website, the shopper that is looking for a bean to cup coffee machine spends over four minutes browsing all the various coffee machines and reading the coffee machines product descriptions.


Now it is thought that it would be obvious to say Google that the second retailer better answers the query when somebody is looking to purchase a bean to cup coffee machine.


Therefore, Google’s algorithm might detect that the first retailer, where the shopper only spends on average 10 seconds on that website is not all that relevant for bean to cup coffee machines, however Google’s algorithm will notice that the average shoppers spending over four minutes on the second retailer’s website.


Now obviously if a shopper is spending longer on a company’s website, the are more interested in the products that the retailer is offering, so that website is more relevant to the question that is asked and that is to find retailers that sell bean to cup coffee machines.


Therefore leading online marketing agencies believe that it’s also important to lower a businesses bounce rate, but to also keep shoppers on a company website for as long as possible.


This might be achieved through writing detailed product descriptions, for example, let’s say somebody is looking to purchase a coffee machine, and one business gives a very brief product description this might not answer the customers question, which means that they may leave the website, and increase the businesses bounce rate.


However, let’s say another business writes a very detailed product description about the coffee machine, and this answers all of the customers questions, they are likely to spend longer reading the product description, and may possibly purchase the item.



Make it easy


When working with your web design company, you should make sure that your company website is easy-to-use.


Now this might sound obvious, however so many businesses do not make their company website easy to use.


For example, sometimes it can be hard for a customer to find the product that they want, because the web designers have not designed the website so products can be sorted.


For example your business might sell washing machines for example, and your business might sell over 400 different washing machines.


Now you might allow the customer to sort the washing machines by price, that’s the say you might allow them to sort from the highest priced washing machine to the lowest priced washing machine, but you might not have allowed the customer that to that they want.


Now when a customer is shopping around on price, they may know exactly which washing machine they want, so if they have to sort through 400 different washing machines they might not bother, and this might increase your businesses bounce rate.


This is why you should work with your SEO company and your web design company to make sure that you make it easy for a customer to find the product that they want.


Content marketing


It’s important that when you have your website designed, that the website allows for content marketing to be added.


For example, you might have a website built, and it looks great, it looks impressive and a shows what your business can offer. That’s to say the website has been well designed, but unless you can add blog posts and content marketing then your marketing agency is going to struggle to improve the businesses organic SEO.


For example when your marketing agency adds content marketing it will normally also add meta titles, meta descriptions, internal links, anchor text, alt text, titles and obviously if this is done in a white hat way then this can help to improve your businesses SEO.


So, it’s important when you are having your website designed that the design allows for content marketing to be added.



Meta titles and meta descriptions


It’s important that the meta titles and the meta descriptions are well written, that’s the say they should be written in a white hat way.


For example let’s say that your business sells washing machines, and in the meta title and the meta description you mention a model washing machine, yet once the shopper clicks on the meta title, the are taken to a page which sells a different make washing machine.


Now obviously this is going to increase the businesses bounce rate, as somebody might be shopping for a certain brand of washing machine, when they click the meta title they see a different washing machine.


This is why when your website is being designed, you must make sure that the meta titles and meta descriptions are well written, in that the meta titles and the meta descriptions correspond with that page.


For example if you are selling a certain brand of washing machine and a certain model of washing machine include this in the meta title a meta description, and then afterwards make sure that when you are checking the meta title meta description that it matches the product that is sold on that page, because if it it does not then this can be one reason why a businesses bounce rate can sometimes increase.


Therefore you may wish to hire your Bristol SEO company to write the “meta titles” and the “meta descriptions” to make sure that these are written in a white hat way, and then to add these meta titles and meta descriptions to your company website.


If you own say a WordPress website then it is very easy to add new meta titles and new meta descriptions


Internal links


When you are having your website built, you might wish to use internal links. For example, let’s say that you sell products which are often purchased together.


For example, you might sell coffee machines, and often when somebody purchases a coffee machine the often purchase large bags of coffee beans as well.


Therefore you may wish to write a product description for your coffee machine, then further down the page you might wish to add a link, which links to the section of your website which sells coffee beans.


If the company that you hire adds internal links in a white hat way, then it is possible that a shopper might spend longer on your company website.


For example without the internal link they might have just purchased the coffee machine, they might not have click the link and then added also large bags of coffee beans to their basket.


Therefore by adding internal links and anchor text, this can help you to show to a shopper that you sell other products that they may also wish to purchase.


Anchor text


When you are having your new company website designed, you should ask your SEO agency to add anchor text in a white hat way.


For example the company might add a piece of content marketing which explains your bestselling Coffee machines.


You may then wish to add an internal link to each coffee machine, however the anchor text must be written in a white hat way.


That’s the say whichever SEO agencies in Bristol that you hire the must offer white hat SEO.


Make sure it’s white hat


the reason why the work must always be white hat, is because if the work is not white hat then your business could incur an algorithmic or a manual penalty.


Many businesses here in Bristol and also businesses that are based in Bath, England have incurred  Google algorithmic or a manual penalty.


Now as a business owner in Bristol, England you might not know what algorithmic or a manual penalties mean, it basically means that if the SEO work is not good quality, that’s the say the work is not white hat then your business could incur an algorithmic or a manual penalty which means that your business could be removed from Google.


When a business in Bristol has incurred an algorithmic penalty, then this can mean that it can sometimes take the business a very long period of time in order to recover.


So for example, your business might have once been on the first page of Google, and let’s say that you run a bike shop in Bath.


So, your business might have once ranked on the first page of Google for “bike shops in Bath” and it may have ranked on the first page for “bike shops in the South-West of England”.


However, it is very common when a business incurs an Google algorithmic penalty for a business to drop down Google’s pages, so where your business might have once ranked on page 1, it may now rank on page 10 of  Google.


Or sometimes if a business has incurred an algorithmic penalty, it might even be totally removed from Google- so this is why you should only invest in good quality SEO.





It’s important that your company website is fast, if it is not then your business might incur a high bounce rate.


So for example let’s say that your business sells men’s shoes, and somebody is on their way home from work on the train and they wish to purchase a pair of men’s shoes, if business number one is very slow, and somebody is likely to leave that company website because it is slow and therefore the business is likely to incur a very high bounce rate.


However if the business number two has a fast website, and that allows the person on the train to quickly purchase a pair of shoes, then that business is the business which is more likely to have a Low bounce rate, therefore your company website should be fast.


Good mobile design


It’s important that when you are having your businesses website designed, that you have a mobile version of your company website designed as well.




Your company website should be responsive meaning that it should work on smartphones




Your business might want to have an “accelerated mobile page” (AMP) built, some businesses here in Bristol, England are having AMP website’s built.


Easy to purchase


You should make it easy for your customers to purchase a product, for example, the main menu should be very easy to use.


You may also wish to design your homepage so that your best-selling products are possibly mentioned on the homepage.


For example, if you are an electrical retailer and one of your best-selling products is fridge freezers, then you may wish to show fridge freezers on your homepage, so that with one click somebody can go to the section of your company website that sells fridge freezers.


Therefore you should aim to reduce your businesses bounce rate as far as possible, this is especially so on the homepage.


Also, your web designers and also your SEO companies, might undertake what is called “split testing”, to see when they redesign a part of your website if this helps to increase sales or not.


Sometimes “split testing” is also called “A/B testing”.


You may therefore wish to hire a digital marketing agency which can offer you web design and organic SEO as well.



The main menu is easy to use


The main menu should be easy to use


Easy to read font


It’s important that the font is easy to read, if the font on your company website is not easy to read then this may increase your businesses bounce rate.


Product descriptions


It’s important that you add detailed product descriptions onto your company website, that’s because if the customer cannot find an answer to a question that they might have about the product, then this might increase the businesses “bounce rate”.


Also the product descriptions should be unique, and not copy and pasted, if the product descriptions are copied then this can mean that the business incurs a penalty.



How our SEO company in Bath, England can help:


We run a company in Bristol and also in Bath, England. We therefore work with many businesses which are based in the city of Bristol, as well as Bath.


Our business can offer the following services:


•       Local and organic SEO (White hat)

•       White hat SEO

•       Link building

•       Content marketing

•       WordPress web design


When you hire our digital marketing agency, we will be able to offer high-quality organic SEO. We work with a wide range of different businesses, ranging from online retailers, right through to working with local businesses in Bristol.


All of the SEO work that our business offers is always white hat, we will always offer top-quality SEO work.


We can also offer web design, we can design WordPress websites for businesses based in Bristol, and in Bath.













let’s say that you are looking for a local vets, or something completely different such as looking for a local baker to make a wedding cake.

A lot of people choose their business based on this star rating, that’s the say how many positive reviews has the business got?

Now a lot of us do not have the time to start reading hundreds of different reviews, so a lot of us rely on a star rating

But what good is a star rating if it is not presented to a potential customer at the time that they are looking for a company?

This is why schema markup is so important, schema market can be useful multiple different is to markup important information on the company’s website.

Such as the company’s name, phone number or indeed the customer’s reviews.

Let’s say that you are looking to purchase a used car in Bath, England, and at the top you have PPC ads, then you have a list of local businesses, then you have the organic results, yet one company might catch your eye, why does that company catch your eye?

It’s simply because you see that they have a five-star customer review rating, and this is based on a lot of customer reviews.

Therefore your eye might be automatically attracted to clicking on that business, therefore the business has successfully improved its click through rate simply because the SEO agency has successfully used schema.

What is Schema mark-up?

Have you ever click on the right hand button on a website and viewed a company source code?

Now for a lot of people the source code will simply be like looking at the matrix, it will make no sense to a lot of people because it is simply HTML code that is used to construct a website.

However we also have to think about how uses this HTML coding.

That’s the say if there is a lot of coding, and sometimes the really important part such as your company’s name, its address and also phone number might not be clearly distinguishable from all the rest of the information that is held within your company’s source code.

This is why a lot of web designers and also SEO agencies use schema, as it’s a very effective way of marking up important information about your business.

For example, let’s return back to our example of a used-car dealer, if you have many positive customer reviews then you may ask your SCO company to mark this information up with schema, so that your company can have its five-star rating possibly directly appear in the Serps.

This can obviously help to improve your businesses click through rate, somebody is more likely to click on a company that is showing a five-star customer review as opposed to another company which has not implemented schema.

Why do SEO agencies use Schema to mark-up HTML?

When you think about SEO, often an SEO agency will sometimes be adding a lot of code to your website, for example they will be adding meta titles, meta descriptions, anchor text, evergreen content marketing and titles as well as a lot more.

This is a lot of information, therefore sometimes the important information such as your businesses map information, such as the company’s name, address and phone number sometimes will not be clearly distinguishable from say the rest of the text that is held in your company’s evergreen content marketing.

For example, a company within Bristol might have a homepage that has over 400 words, therefore it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish where the company’s address is.

Obviously a really good SEO agency will add NAP information to the footer of your website, and also add NAP information to the contact page, but they will also mark this information up using Schema.


How did schema mark-up come into existence

schema is an open source project, meaning that a lot of different companies come together to work on the project to create schema.

Therefore many digital marketing agencies use schema, as it is universally used by many different web designers and also SCO company’s.

If you would like to find out more about schema, we would highly recommend visiting

Star rating

We would highly recommend that your SEO company uses schema to markup your businesses reviews.

This can make the difference between improving your company’s click through rate.

And what do we mean by this, well for example let’s say that you employ a digital marketing agency in Bath to improve your company’s organic SEO.

And let’s say that you run a business where sells furniture, yet your business makes the furniture from scratch so you employ joiners.

You therefore wish for the marketing agency to get your company onto the first page in Bath bespoke furniture.

Now it might take many months for the SEO company to achieve this, and even when they do manage to get your business onto the first page, you still have to compete with all the other businesses that are on the first page.

For example at the top there might be three pay per click ads, then it might be three my business results and then might be 10 organic businesses which are also listed in the business results.

Obviously want as many customers to click on your company, so therefore you have to get your business to rank as high as possible, but you also have to get your business to standout, one of the ways of getting your business to stand out is to invest in white hat SCO and to add schema to the important elements within your company source code.

For example our agency normally recommends that customer reviews, name of the business, the company’s address, and the company’s phone number is marked up using schema.

Rich snippets

We would also recommend using schema, because simply your business then has a much higher chance of being displayed in the rich snippets.

For example, let’s say that you run an independent cinema in the city of Bristol, you might want to add Schema to your company website? This is so a rich-snippet will show what your customers have given as the star rating for your cinema.

For example, you may notice that you have a very high five star customer review, therefore you wish to mark this up using schema.

Then when somebody is looking to find a local cinema, your business may appear as a “rich snippet”, with a five-star average customer review, therefore making it more likely that a customer will want to watch a film at your cinemas.

Can make your business stand out

Therefore schema is a very good way of making your website stand out, therefore you may wish to hire a web developer which can add schema to your website’s source code.

Source code

Source code is simply the HTML that is written in order to construct your company website, and if you are to look at a website’s source code, especially an e-commerce website, which sells many products, then you will see that the source code can sometimes be very complicated.

That’s the say there will be a lot of HTML that is written in order to construct that page.

In order to help the important information, such as your company’s opening hours to standout then the web designers should mark this information up using schema.

A good SEO agency should therefore be able to use schema to highlight the important information such as your company’s name, address and phone number.


You may hear schema referred to as microdata.

Local SEO

a lot of businesses, here in the city of Bath and also in Bristol, in the south-west of England will use schema to improve the company’s local SEO.

For example if you are looking for a local plumber, you may choose a business because it has a five star customer review, and this is displayed directly in the Serps.

Then because the business has a quality website, the company has also managed to reduce its bounce rate, therefore it is use schema in order to improve it click through rate, it also has a very good website, in terms of its design so it is managed to lower the company’s bounce rate as well.

Therefore a lot of marketing agencies use schema to improve a website’s click through rate, then they will also improve the SEO and on-site SEO in order to reduce the businesses bounce rate.


Click through rate

It’s really important that your SEO agency Bristol, works to improve your businesses “CTR”, click through rate, that’s because there’s no point in getting a website onto the first page unless you are also working to improve how many customers click on your business, one way to improve CTR is to obtain a “rich snippet”.

for example, an SEO company might manage to get your company into the first place position, however if the business in position three has implemented schema, and therefore has succeeded in obtaining a rich snippet that business, and that business is obtaining more clicks simply because it stands out as answering the customer’s question better, then obviously the business that has implemented schema will be benefiting because they have implemented schema.

So for example, you might want to find a local builder that specialises in building loft conversions, and the third results on has a rich snippet which explains that the company has been building loft conversions for over 20 years and also explains a bit more about the company, this business is more likely to standout because it has a rich snippet rather than a company that is just displayed in the organic Serps.

It’s worth remembering that there will be normally 10 businesses that are displayed in the organic Serps, this is why it’s so important that your marketing agency works hard to get your business to stand out by using rich snippets and also schema.

Why we recommend using schema

For an SEO agency like Pack digital it is easy for us to add schema to your website, so we can use schema to highlight your company’s NAP information. If you know a bit about local SEO, you will know that NAP information really important, this is why your marketing agency should work very hard to use schema to mark up your businesses NAP information.

For those that do not know what NAP means, it simply means name of the business, the address of the business and also businesses phone number.

We normally add NAP information to the footer of the website and we also add NAP information to the contact page as well.

We then mark-up this NAP information using schema.

How our SEO company can help:

We work with many companies in Bristol, we also work with many companies that are based in Bath.

Our agency specialises in two areas of marketing, they are organic and local SEO.

Therefore whether you’re a plumber looking to get your business onto the first page or you run a large solicitors practice our agency will be able to help.

Schema is just one way that we can improve your businesses on-site SEO, we can also improve your companies meta titles and meta descriptions, we can also improve your businesses evergreen content marketing and also anchor text, internal links we can also improve your company’s overall on-site SEO.

We work with a broad range of different businesses, it’s fair to say also that organic SEO is a slow process.

This means that the business should not expect immediate results, and often takes many months before our agency or most digital marketing agencies can show any results.

If an agency was to boast that it could put your business on the first page in a number of weeks, then we would recommend that you check that they are using white hat methods, as it white hat methods are not used then this could mean that your business incurs a penalty.

Therefore when our SEO consultants first work on a customer’s website, one of the first half that we do is to see if we can quickly improve the businesses on-site SEO.

Using white hat methods, we will look to improve the companies meta titles, meta descriptions, evergreen content marketing, internal links and also sometimes the design of the website needs to be improved.

For example, a company here in Bristol might have had a new website designed, but the website is very basic, or sometimes a company simply has had a one page website built, which is very difficult for our SEO agency to improve.

We may therefore recommend, sometimes that some of our customers may need to have pages added to their website example.

Our SEO consultants will then look to improve the following areas:

·        Meta titles

·        Meta description

·        anchor text

·        Evergreen content marketing

·        content marketing

·        Schema

·        We can add schema mark-up to your company’s NAP information

·        We can add schema mark-up to your customer’s reviews

·        Your schema to mark-up for your company’s opening hours

·        add new pages to your website if required

Therefore our SEO agency will quickly see if we can improve your businesses on-site SEO, only one of these tasks will be to add schema to your website.

Therefore if your business would benefit from having a rich snippet, then we may recommend that we add schema to your website.

Useful for businesses in Bath, England

we also work for companies which are based in Bath, England that require our SCO agency to implement high quality white hat SCO.

We will therefore look to see if your business would benefit from having schema added to the website.

A lot of businesses that are based in Bath, require our SEO company to implement local SEO.

For those businesses that know a bit about local SEO they will understand that it needs to be implemented every single month.

We therefore work with many businesses which are based in Bath, England to improve their local SCO. Line

sometimes the business would benefit from having schema added to the website, for example let’s say that the company is a wedding cake maker in the city of Bath.

The company might have a lot of good customer reviews, therefore the marketing agency may mark up the businesses customer reviews, in order to increase the chances that the company has a rich snippet which is displayed directly within the service.

This is likely to improve the businesses CTR, which simply means click through rate.

That’s the say most digital marketing agencies, do not just aimed to get your business onto the first page, instead they are also monitoring analytics, this is to try and reduce the company’s bounce rate and to also improve the businesses click through rate.

A lot of businesses here in Bath, in the South-West of England therefore work with digital marketing agencies, that’s to improve the businesses organic and local SEO, but also to reduce the businesses bounce rate.

Sometimes a company will therefore need to work with a web developer and a SCO company, sometimes a digital marketing agency will have a web developer working in-house.

When you have a web developer working for your company sometimes, they will use what is called “split testing”, which is also referred to sometimes as “A/B testing”.

This simply means that sometimes they will change the design of the company’s website to see if this improves sales, they may then revert back to the all design if it does not generate more sales.

For example a company in Bath might add schema to their website to see if they rich snippet can be created, they may then monitor using analytics to see if this improves the company’s bounce rate.

Therefore if a business is in Bath England trying to improve its a local SCO is might benefit from adding schema to the website.

A web developer should be able to add schema to your website very easily.


A lot of businesses in Bristol also use Schema markup

A lot of businesses in Bristol are also using schema, if you run a business in Bristol then you will know that it is very competitive stop

that’s the say it doesn’t matter if you run a scaffolding business or you run a solicitor’s practice, it’s really important that your business stands out, that’s even when the SEO company has managed to get your business onto the first page of the Serps.

Therefore, your marketing company should work hard to add Schema to your website, so that this increases the chances of your business having a “rich snippet”.

sometimes in order to add schema you will need somebody that has HTML, therefore coding knowledge to add schema.

Sometimes a business will add schema to product pages, and some businesses in Bristol would just add schema to the company’s NAP information.

Therefore it depends on where your business wishes to add schema to your website, therefore it might take a web developer sometimes just 30 minutes, however if you have a large website, such as an e-commerce website, that sells many thousands of different products, then it might take many days or even weeks to add schema.



Up until now your business may have stuck to the same old marketing methods that you have grown used to.  

So, for example your business may have been investing in flyers and posting them through countless letterboxes for example, yet you as the business owner may have come to the realisation that this marketing method isn’t working for your business.

So, you’ve decided to invest in organic seo instead. Yet, many business owners know that investing in organic seo can sometimes be a slow process, and they would often be right, yet business owners often do not know what causes the delay between paying for SEO, and starting to see positive results, such as the phone ringing with more customers.

So, what does cause this delay?

Well, in matter of fact there are loads of reasons why organic seo is often a slow process, and naturally not many seo agencies want to bring these reasons to your attention straightaway.

As if a smartly dressed sales person from a large digital marketing agency opens their sales pitch with “you do know this SEO is a slow process-right?”- well often that’s not the best way to close a deal!

However, we are different, we like to be clear with our customers, and this is how we as a respected seo agency has been able to retain our customers for a very long time.

So, without further ado, let’s look at why organic seo is often a slow process:

The competition

If you mention a competitor’s name to some businesses they may feel as though you are trying to wind them up.

So as the business owners blood starts to boil its crucial that as an seo agency we quickly explain why it’s important to evaluate a competitors seo.

And what’s the reason we evaluate the competition’s SEO?

Well, the reason is to work out how strong that businesses SEO is, for example how many backlinks do they have?

And the reason for this is to work out the benchmark that needs to be exceeded by your business.

But do not get us wrong, its so important that your business only implements quality SEO. We stress this because some businesses quickly spot that they are flagging behind the competition, that their businesses SEO is no where near as strong, and this is what sometimes sparks some businesses into implementing seo quickly which is sometimes substandard.

Substandard seo could mean that your business incurs a penalty, for example if the backlinks are rubbish quality, the business could incur a Google Penguin penalty for example.

So, this is why organic seo is often a slow process, that’s because the quality of the seo work has to be high.

Plus, also you have to factor in the competition, so if your have a competitor that has been investing in quality seo, and has been doing this for say 8 years, and your business is just leaving the starting-blocks, well this means it will often take some time in order to catch up.


This is a pretty obvious one, that is which seo agency you choose will have different levels of skill.

There will be some seo agencies that simply don’t use white hat methods, so will be regarded as a rubbish agency, then on the other hand there’s agencies which will pay considerable sums of money to retain some the best SEO minds this country has.

So, we know this is pretty obvious point to make, yet one worth making none the less, that is you should partner with an agency that you know only has knowledgeable staff, so do take the time to meet with your seo agency and make sure that they are offering you white hat seo.

It’s worth mentioning at this point that some seo agencies say they are white hat, but in matter of fact they are not. So, it’s worth bearing this in mind.

However, your business really does want to only pay for white hat seo, as otherwise your business could incur a penalty.

New website?

Most seo agencies, including ours believe that its much harder to optimise a brand-new website.

The reason that some seo companies believe that this is so is because new websites are placed in what’s called a “sandbox”.

This means that brand-new websites can take longer to optimise. So, this means that say there are two businesses, and they operate in the same sector, and let’s say that business sector is construction.

So, if there was one website that was live for say 8 years, well this would normally be easier to optimise than a website that’s just been made.

Can your digital marketing agency help?

Now that we’ve explained that organic seo is a slow process, we still believe it’s a truly powerful form of marketing.

We have helped countless businesses to get onto the first page of Google, and we have seen start-up businesses who have obtained great success from investing in our seo services.

So if you would like to obtain a no obligation quote, well what you waiting for? Why not give our seo agency a call?


If you run a large or a small business here in Bristol or within Bath, then it’s highly likely that you will have heard about “SEO” long before now.

Whether you have heard about this form of digital marketing via an e-mail that’s been sent to you, or let’s say through a friend that also runs a business here in the South West- you may have thought how this could type of online marketing help your business?

Well, if the work is white hat, that means the work is quality, then SEO could help your business here in Bristol in the following ways:

  • Help to increase sales
  • Help to improve where your business ranks on Google
  • Help your business to get more leads
  • But only if the work is white hat

Yet, there are some business owners here in the South West thatstill do not know what this form of marketing is. So for those that do not know SEO stands for, well it simply stands for search engine optimisation.

What does Search Engine Optimisation mean?

It’s a process that an SEO agency like us here at Pack Digital or a marketing freelancer or sometimes the business itself will use to find which phrases the businesses customers are most often using to find the products or services that your company sells. So, lets say you run an employment law practice in Bath, obviously you would want your business to appear higher for “employment lawyers + name of city”- this is exactly what our digital marketing agency can help with.

What are Keywords?

What are keywords?

Well, for example for a double glazing business, their most likely going to have the keywords like “double glazing + location” or “UPVC windows + location” as the main aim of improving.

That’s to say the SEO company should say these are main keywords, and we are going to improve these via white hat SEO.

It’s then an ongoing process of improving where the business ranks for these terms.

For example, let’s say that your business specialises in a retailing a certain brand of high-value car, yet you are competing with let’s say 20 other dealerships that are also based in your city or near your city retailing that high-value brand of car as well.

Therefore, you may hire an agency to optimise your website for that brand of car combined with words such as “dealership”, “servicing” and perhaps also brand of car + all the surrounding areas that are near your car dealership.

A business will therefore normally want to rank as high as can as many keywords that are important to that business.

For this to happen often an SEO agency needs to be employed, and that’s where Pack Digital can help.

What is local SEO?

You may have heard about local SEO, yet wondered what this means?

Well, a lot of businesses based in the South West for example based here in Bristol and also in Bath, will invest in this form of digital marketing.

Therefore, whether you run a scaffolding business or a solicitor’s practice, regardless of the type of business you run normally the business will want to appear on the first page of Google.

This has obvious advantages to the business owner, that’s to say they are more likely to be contacted by customers and more sales are more likely to happen if you partner with the right SEO agency, like Pack Digital that offers white hat SEO.

However, often it is a long road for a business to get ranked on the first page of Google, that’s to say for the business to get ranked on the first page of Google often they have to partner with the right digital marketing agency that can offer white hat SEO. If the business chooses the wrong agency here in Bristol, or anywhere else for that matter, well the business could incur a penalty.

For example, you may have heard about Google Penguin, and Google Panda penalties?

That’s to say if the business does not hire a white hat agency, and you were to hire the wrong agency, then the business could potentially incur a penalty, which means that the business could even be removed from Google altogether.

So, this is why you must hire a respected, white hat agency like us.

Is organic and local SEO a fast process?

No, the short answer is no.

Organic and local SEO are most definitely not a fast process, many businesses do try and imply that it is a very fast process, yet then the business might not be using what are called “white hat methods”, which could mean they are flouting Google’s rules.

The agency must therefore always follow “Google’s Webmaster Guidelines”.

If the agency or freelancer, or the business are flouting the rules, then this means that the business website could incur a penalty.

We are a respected and well-known digital marketing agency, so we will only ever recommend using white hat methods.

Why does my SEO consultant keep referring to an algorithm?

When having a conversation with your seo agency, they may keep repeatedly referring to an “algorithm”- you may not know what they mean when you are referring to this algorithm.

The algorithms simply what are used to work out how strong your website’s SEO is and then the algorithm will then compare the SEO score with your competitors websites.

So, for example let’s say that you run business here in Bristol, and you run an Italian restaurant and you want your Italian restaurant to appear on the first page of Google for “local Italian restaurants”.

Yet there are over 20 other well-known Italian restaurants throughout Bristol, therefore for your business to appear right at the top of the first page, your business must have the strongest ranking factors.

What does this mean?

Well there are over 200 different ranking factors which the algorithm takes into account, for example, most marketing agencies will agree that backlinks are one of the most important.

Therefore for your business to be right at the top on the first page of results, your business must have rules strongest ranking factors, that’s when compared with all the other websites for Italian restaurants here in Bristol.

However, to make things even more complicated, it’s worth knowing that not all the ranking factors are worth the same, for example most marketing agencies will agree that backlinks are widely considered the most important, and that’s to say alt text is less important a ranking factor.

Therefore whichever SEO agency that you do use, they must be able to prioritise their time to improve the most important ranking factors first.


What are ranking factors?

Ranking factors are what are computed by algorithm, for example ranking factors are used by the algorithm to work out how strong your company’s SEO is.

Your ranking factors are then measured and given a score, and then compared your direct competitors, and the businesses that has the strongest ranking factors and will appear higher on the list of Google’s rankings.


What does “crawling and indexing mean”?

The basic requirement of SEO is that the website can be crawled and indexed, and this means that Google can index your website and this is so it can be read by the search engine, and Googlebot.


Why does it depend on how strong my competitors SEO is?

Some businesses think that SEO is like Pay Per Click (PPC), however SEO is completely different, with pay per click (PPC) you pay a sum of money and your business can instantly appear on the first page.

However, with SEO it is different that is it’s often takes many months for the SEO consultant to get your business on the first page.


What does content marketing mean?

Content marketing is exactly what you are reading here, that’s to say often content marketing is just written text, however the text must be high-quality.

If the text is not offer useful information then the reader is likely to leave the website contributing to a high bounce rate.

For those that do not know what having a high bounce rate means, well, it can be detrimental to your businesses SEO.

This is one of the reasons why your businesses content marketing must be high quality.


What does link building mean?

Normally the agency will need to build high-quality white hat backlinks.


What are the benefits of investing in this form of marketing?

The benefits of investing are quite obvious, in that if you partner with the right agency, they can get your business to appear for products or services that your business sells on the first page of Google.

This is a very effective form of marketing, that’s if it is done right- that’s because when a customer is searching for the products or the services that your company offers, then your company can appear right before the customer.

When you compare this with other forms of advertising, then you might be advertising your business at a time when the customer does not wish to purchase your products, you can start to see how SEO is so effective because the customer is finding your business when they are more likely to want to make purchase.

For example, you might advertise your company at a local rugby event through banner advertising for example.

However, people watching that sporting event may not pay much attention to the banner advertising and they may not want UPVC windows or doors at that time.

However, if you pay an agency to get your business on the first page for UPVC company say in the area Bristol, when somebody wants their double glazing replaced you can appear when the customer is searching for such a business.


This is why it’s such an effective form of advertising

Why do I need to invest each month?

Organic SEO is different than other forms of advertising in that often you need to pay every single month.

The reason for this is your competitors will want to take your spot and to also get higher search engine rankings.

Therefore you are in constant competition with your competitors, and if your business was to take its foot off the accelerator then other businesses can quickly overtake your business.

Do many businesses in Bristol and Bath invest in this form of marketing?

Many businesses throughout Bristol, in the South West of England and also Bath invest in this form of marketing.

Therefore any business which appears on the first page is more than likely investing or has invested in some form of SEO in the past.

Why must the work be high quality?

All the work must be high quality, otherwise your business runs the risk of incurring a penalty and being totally removed from the search engine.

Does my business need an SEO freelancer, agency or a digital marketing agency?

Will you require an SEO consultant, freelancer an agency or a digital marketing agency depends totally on your businesses requirements.

For example, if you run a large business then it is unlikely that you are to hire a freelancer to optimise your website that’s to say often you will need an agency, however if you are a small business here in Bristol, and you wish to optimise your website then you might hire an SEO consultant.

How can your agency help?

Our business works with a wide range of different businesses in Bristol so whether your business is in Clifton, or you run a business in the centre of Bath, we can offer you an affordable rate to optimise and improve your businesses SEO


You might be looking for a way to improve your businesses online marketing, that’s to say many businesses that are based in Bath, in the South West of England and also within Bristol, may have been investing in more traditional forms of marketing up until now?

That’s to say, many businesses may have been investing in a team of salespeople, they may have also been investing in marketing through sponsoring local sporting events, such as a rugby team for example?

However, more and more small and medium businesses across the South West of England are now investing in SEO?

Yet what is SEO? How can it help a business? Well, this blog post will explain all:

However, before we do start it’s important to know that there are many different types of online marketing- for example a business can invest in Pay Per Click (PPC), organic SEO and also local SEO as well as advertising the business on social media, such as using Facebook.

So, as the business owner you may not know which form of online marketing that you wish to invest in, that’s to say would you be better off investing in organic SEO, pay per click (PPC), local SEO or a mix of all of these?

To help you to learn more about what local SEO is, this article is dedicated to explaining what it is, and how it could help your business:

So, what does local SEO mean?

Let’s say that you run a local business here within Bristol, let’s say that you run a local plumbing business and your based near the great Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Yet, your plumbing business may notice that it’s harder than ever to secure commercial plumbing contracts in Bristol?

Therefore, you wish to invest in online marketing, and you wish for your business to come up for terms related to “commercial plumbing” within the city of Bristol.

This would make local SEO ideal for your business; however, a lot of businesses quickly learn that the prices for this service can vary massively. That’s to say where one agency may charge a few hundred, another may quote a few thousand, yet why are the prices so different?

This is where some business owners may get deterred, that’s because prices can be so different that the business owners do not know what they are getting for their investment.

That’s to say some may wonder why do SEO quotes often vary so greatly?

That is a business often does not want to invest in cheap SEO, because they know that you often get what you pay for.

A lot of businesses will also know that if they invest in low-quality forms of SEO, the business could be hit by a penalty.

For example, an algorithmic or a manual penalty, could be imposed on the business.

This is why it’s crucial that you invest in high-quality SEO work which is “white hat”, and must follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, and the marketing agency must use the latest white hat methods.

This article will only recommend using “white hat” high-quality methods.

We will also explain what local SEO is, and how it could potentially help your business.

How can local SEO help a business in Bristol and in Bath, England?

Let’s say that you run a construction business here in Bristol, and on the first page of the results, there will be 10 other construction businesses, those 10 businesses have been placed there because the algorithm deems that their website has the strongest ranking signals, sometimes some agencies will call ranking signals, such as backlinks “ranking factors”-yet with that said ranking factors and ranking signals mean the same thing.

Now as a business owner, you may think that the search engines only judge a website on a handful of ranking factors, however this is not true, that’s because as any good digital marketing agency will tell you, the algorithms will judge your website on over 200 ranking factors.

For example, here are just some of the ranking factors that the algorithms will use to work out how strong your businesses SEO is:

·        Backlinks

·        Content marketing

·        Evergreen content marketing

·        Meta title

·        Meta description

·        Schema

·        Business citations

·        NAP

·        Bounce rate


These vary in terms of their importance, for example, a lot of digital marketing agencies will agree right at the top of that list in terms of importance are “backlinks”.

However, then what could be a less important ranking signals, are meta titles.

Now the businesses that are on the first page of Google have normally got there because they have invested in organic SEO or local SEO for many consecutive years.

Therefore, for a business in Bristol to get onto the first page normally has to do a lot of SEO work, which means a lot of catching up with the existing competition.

Now, this is why when a business quotes a very low fee for offering SEO work, the business should be sceptical- that’s because often it’s not just about optimising the website this month, it’s about catching up with all the SEO work that the competition have completed over say the last eight years.

In some industries it’s easier to catch up with the competition, however in highly competitive business sectors- such as the legal sectors, for solicitors, it’s very competitive and therefore the standard the beat is often very high.

Now as a business owner, this might have you scratching your head, thinking while how much work needs to be done in order to overtake the competition?

Now, this is why it’s very hard to predict how long it will take the business to get onto the first page of the search engine, that’s because in every single area, and in every different business sector, it will be a different standard of SEO to beat.

So, for example, let’s say that you run a employment law practice in the centre of Bristol, to get onto the first page of the search engine results, you will have to normally have to beat the 10 other businesses.

Now, if those businesses have hundreds of good-quality backlinks, and really good-quality content marketing, then it may take many years to overtake the existing competition.

This is why when you contact the business, and the sometimes seem as though they’re putting roadblocks in front of you, they might actually be explaining to you as the business owner the real challenges that the SEO agency will face in order to get your business on this page.

So, in a nutshell, what we are really getting at, is that local SEO and organic SEO often takes a great deal of time.

For some industries, in may mean it will take many years, however to get a less competitive industry, let’s say for example a scaffolding business in Bristol to rank on the first page then it may only take a few months to show results.

What is for sure is that SEO is a long-term process- the business should be committed to investing over the long term, and also know that results take a great deal of time to show in terms of customers purchasing via the website.

Also because there are over 200 different factors that the SEO agency Must improve, there is a lot of work needs to take place, so the business needs to be realistic in terms of its marketing budget.

That’s the say if you contact the business and think for a few hundred pounds you can catch up with competition then often this is not the case.

There will of course be loads of businesses willing to take the marketing budget, but often if the work is then low quality then the business will incur an algorithmic or a manual penalty.

This could mean that the business incurs an algorithmic or a manual penalty, which removes it from the search engine, or it could mean the business is placed much lower down the page on the search engine.

Therefore, the business should only invest in high-quality, white hat SEO, even if this means that it will take a great deal longer to show results.

Now, we have got that out of the way, it’s important to look at the benefits of investing SEO, for example, when somebody is looking for a local plumber, your business could come up in the top three results, so therefore when you consider that there are potentially hundreds if not thousands of plumbers in a city like Bristol, your business could potentially have a lot of valuable leads.

And as most marketing companies will tell you, organic and local SEO can be a highly effective form of marketing, because you will be marketing your business when that person requires your services.

This is different from other forms of marketing, for example sponsoring a local rugby team for example, because you are advertising your business when that person might not necessarily need your services, or what your company can offer so your business might easily get forgotten about, and the business might just be generating brand awareness of your company instead.

This is where SEO is completely different, because when somebody is looking for that service or the product your business offers, it can appear instantly, and therefore your business could gain potentially valuable leads for your business.

However, we must stress the point that you should only invest in high-quality work, because if your business does incur an algorithmic or indeed a manual penalty, then the business could be removed from the search engine completely, which means that your business is no longer visible.

What does white hat SEO mean?

White hat SEO basically means that the job is done right, however as you can imagine the cowboys of the SEO world, will say that the work is “white hat” when it is not.

This can confuse business owners, as they think they’re investing in quality, when they are not, therefore you must invest in high-quality work, and it might be worth you getting a second opinion from another company, from somebody that knows a lot about SEO, to make sure that the work is done right.

What is for sure is if the work is not done right, and it is not high-quality, then the business will incur a penalty, this could mean that the business slips down the ranks, from say page 1 to page 11 of the search engine, or it could mean if the work is done really poorly, that the website is totally removed from the search engine completely.

For example, a lot of businesses that were impacted by the Penguin penalty.

That’s to say a lot of agencies were building low-quality backlinks, these backlinks caused the problem that many businesses incurred an algorithmic or a manual penalty.

Once the business incurs a manual penalty or the algorithmic penalty, it could then be removed from the search engine, and sometimes it could potentially take the business many months or even years to start to recover from a penalty.

This is why it is crucial that the work is done right, because it could adversely affect your business if it is not done correctly.

We therefore only recommend that the very high-quality methods and white hat methods are used.

We would also recommend using a local SEO agency in Bristol or Bath, because often you will want to meet with your Seo consultant so that you can discuss progress on how well you SEO is doing.

Therefore, if you were to choose an agency based further up the country, it will obviously be hard to have a face-to-face meeting about how your organic your local SEO is improving.

For example, you may wish to meet with your agency to discuss how they are building backlinks, and how many backlinks the business built since you last met.

Also, you may wish to look at analytics data discuss how the bounce rate could be reducing also for example.

Therefore, you may wish to pick a local agency here in Bristol, an agency that can offer white hat SEO.

There are many agencies that are based in the city of Bristol, and that are based in the city of Bath as well.

What’s the difference between organic Seo and local Seo?

Often business owners will get confused as to the difference between organic and also local SEO, local SEO means that your business can come up in the My Business results, and sometimes some agencies also mean the organic business results as well but only for a city or a town.

However with organic SEO some businesses may wish to rank on the first page on a national basis

What is on page SEO mean?

You may hear your SEO consultant mention on-site SEO, that’s the say when you first ask an agency the start improving your businesses SEO, they may say that they are going to work on improving your businesses on-site SEO.

This may mean that they will work on improving the following


·        Meta titles

·        Meta descriptions

·        Anchor text

·        Schema

·        Content marketing

·        Evergreen content marketing

·        Internal links

·        Improve the website design

·        Lower the businesses bounce rate

·        And much more

Therefore often a marketing agency will start work on improving the website on-site SEO, this sometimes means adding content marketing.

For example, the marketing agency may add content marketing to the blog section of your website


On page SEO

Meta titles and meta descriptions

the agency may add meta titles and meta descriptions that every single page on your website, that’s the say the may add meta titles and meta descriptions to the main pages and also to the blog post of your website.

If you have a WordPress website, then this is often very easy to do, however sometimes a web developer is needed to add meta titles and meta descriptions to each page.

If you do not know what meta titles and meta descriptions mean, they are simply the title and short description that you read in the search engine results pages, so that they tell you what that page is about.

Let’s say for example you are about to purchase a brand-new electric bike, and you select one business because the meta title says that they offer free delivery. This is a good example of how a marketing agency can improve a businesses meta title, so that it improves the click through rate, which you may mean that more shoppers visit your website.

This is as opposed to a business not writing a meta title or a meta description, which then means that sometimes a title and a short description of a page can sometimes be taken out from the page at random.

This sometimes does not encourage a shopper to visit your website, for example there may be a brand of electric bike that sells really well, if you were to put this in the meta title, then it’s more likely that someone looking for that brand of bike is likely to click on your website therefore improving your businesses click through rate.

Therefore the digital marketing agency should write the meta titles and meta descriptions for each page so that they improve your businesses click through rate.

Now if your business sells many thousands of different products, then it may take many weeks to write the meta titles and meta descriptions, therefore you may wish to ask the marketing agency whether they employ copywriters.

A copywriter will be able to write the meta titles and meta descriptions for your website, they should write the meta titles and meta descriptions to improve your businesses click through rate.


your SEO agency in Bristol should work on improving your businesses homepage, for instance if your businesses homepage has a very high bounce rate, then this could mean that you are potentially losing sales.

For those that do not know what bounce rate means, it simply means the percentage of shoppers that are landing on your website but leaving straightaway without visiting another page on your website.

your marketing agency should work hard to reduce your businesses bounce rate. Let’s return to our example of a retailer selling electric bikes, let’s say for example that the marketing agency notices that the homepage has a bounce rate of over 80%.

Therefore the digital marketing agency should work out why the bounce rate is so high, for example the SEO agency may work with a web developer to improve how the main menu works.

For example, you may change the main menu so that people can see the brands of bike that you sell, they can quickly click on the brands that they want and to see the bikes that your business sells.

This is as opposed to grouping all the different brands together, then the marketing agency may notice that the businesses bounce rate therefore often the SEO company in Bristol or in Bath will need to work with a web designer to reduce the businesses bounce rate.

Remember if a businesses bounce rate is very high this could mean that you are potentially losing out on sales, so you will want to keep your shoppers on your website for longer so that you can increase your chances of increasing your sales

content marketing

Often a local SEO company will spend quite a lot of time writing content marketing, that’s the say you may hire an agency improve your businesses local SEO for say three days per month, they may spend to or at least one day out of the three writing content marketing sometimes.

The reason for this is content marketing is used to improve the businesses on-site SEO, but it is also sometimes also used to help the business to build back links.

However, if the business is trying to build back links, the backlinks must be quality and built in a white hat way

Evergreen content marketing

Let’s say for example that you run a solicitor’s practice in Bristol, yet your business is not getting any customers via its website.

You may notice that your marketing agency is stating that the need to improve your businesses evergreen content marketing.

Internal linking

Often a SEO company will use internal links, for example let’s say that you run an e-commerce business that sells running trainers.

And you are writing about a blog post which is stating the bestselling running trainers of 2020, it just as happens that your business also sells the running trainers, so as you mention the brand and the running trainer you can add an internal link over to the page on your website that sells those running trainers.

Marketing agencies refer to this as an internal link, this can help your customers to find products more easily and it can also help your SEO if that page can be crawled and indexed

However the work must be white hat, that’s the say when you are writing the anchor text this must be done in a white hat way.


It’s really important that if you want to improve your businesses SEO in Bristol, that you add your businesses NAP information to your website.

You may not know what NAP means, nap simply stands for name of your business, address of your business and phone number of your business

You should add this to your website so that it can be crawled and indexed, most businesses will add this to the contact us page and also to the footer of the website.

You may therefore wish to ask your SEO company and your businesses map information to your website


A lot of businesses will also mark up the NAP information using schema, that’s the say schema is used to highlight the businesses map information.


local phone number

Our business always recommend that a local phone number is used, for example if you run a business in Bristol then you should use a local phone number.

If you run a business in Bath you should use a local phone number, this can help to improve your businesses local SEO.

Therefore if you have the option of choosing between a mobile phone number and a local phone number, we would always recommend opting for a local phone number.

The local phone number should be added to your businesses map information, we would recommend that your businesses map information is added to the footer of the website and also on your businesses contact us page.



Often SEO agency will recommend that new pages are added to your company’s website for example let’s say that you run a plumbing business in Bristol, the marketing agency may have a page to better optimise your business for boiler replacement, or emergency callouts or boiler repair for example.

So many businesses in Bristol just opt for a one-page website however these are often difficult to optimise

Bounce rate

Your business should try reduce its bounce rate, for example a digital marketing agency may spot that your business has a very high bounce rate.

Let’s say for example, that your business sells smartphones, your marketing agency may spot that the bounce rate on the home page is say over 90%, the marketing agency should therefore try to reduce that bounce rate.

Sometimes this will mean redesigning the homepage, other times it might just mean making some design improvements


We would recommend using analytics, to monitor your businesses bounce rate and also to see how many organic visitors are coming to your website.


Must be white hat

We would always highly recommend that all of yes your work is white hat. If the work is not white hat then your business could incur a penalty.

Many businesses in Bristol have received a penalty, such as a Penguin or a Panda penalty, this can mean that the business is removed from the search engine.

We would therefore only recommend investing in white hat SEO

What is often page SCO mean?

You may hear your marketing agency talk about on-site and off-site SEO, that’s because there are over 200 ranking factors, for example one ranking factor is backlinks another ranking factor is meta titles and meta descriptions.

Because there are over 200 ranking factors which the algorithm calculates to see how strong your businesses ranking factors are, often marketing agencies split the ranking factors into on-site and off-site.

And often a business will talk about backlinks, that’s because backlinks are considered one of the most important off-site SCO ranking factors.

That’s the say marketing agency’s know that even though there are over 200 ranking factors, there are still some that more important than others, and most marketing agencies agree the backlinks are very important.

Therefore for a business to get onto the first page, often the business will need a lot of high quality backlinks.

Therefore often an agency will build do follow and no follow backlinks.

For example, let’s say that you sell luxurious cars in Bristol, your business to get onto the first page in Bristol your business will often need high quality backlinks the backlinks should be built in a white hat way, and often it means many days worth of work to build backlinks, this is why a marketing agency is often used to build backlinks.

However the backlinks must be built in a white hat way

What are backlinks?

Let’s say that you are booking a holiday in Bristol and you have booked your holiday, then at the end of the payment process you see an advertisement to hire a hire car.

You click on the link and it takes you to a hire car website, this means that you clicked on a backing from the holiday company to the hire car company, therefore you are followed a backlinks.

Now to improve a business’s SEO, high quality backlinks need to be built.

What do we mean by high quality backlinks?

For example let’s say that you run a construction business, you will want high quality backlinks from trade bodies which represent the construction sector

the backlinks must be high quality, plus they must be built in a white hat way.

If the backlinks are not built in a white hat way the business could incur an algorithmic or a manual penalty. A penalty could mean that the business is removed from the search engine.

Why must backlinks be built in a white hat way?

It’s really important that your company builds backlinks in a white hat way, that’s the say the backlinks must be high quality.

The backlinks must be high quality, it’s also good idea to have no follow and do follow backlinks.

If the backlinks are not high quality, not built in a white hat way and the business could incur a penalty.

If the business was to incur a penalty, because the business has low quality backlinks then this could mean that the website is removed from the search engine.

This is why you should only earn high quality backlinks. Your digital marketing agency should therefore be building do follow backlinks and no follow backlinks

What business citations?

You may hear your SEO agency talking about building business citations, which are sometimes called map signals.

Business citations are simply mentions of your businesses name, address and also phone number (NAP).

For example, let’s say that you run a solicitor’s practice here in Bristol, you should add your solicitors practice NAP details to the footer of the website.

So the company’s name,  address and phone number should be written at the bottom of the website. Your marketing agency may also add schema to your website.


Your marketing agency


What does not mean?

Social media

You may choose to promote your business on Facebook and Twitter, therefore you may ask your SCO agency to add links on your website to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Sometimes for example before somebody chooses to purchase a product or a service from your business, they will have a look at your businesses reviews on Facebook.

Let’s say for example that you run a fencing business in Bristol, before somebody hires you to build say a feather edge fence, they may have a look at your businesses reviews on Facebook.

So even if you do not want to spend money on advertising your business on Facebook or Twitter, you may wish to use Facebook or another social media website in order to get business reviews


We were to recommend that you set up a Facebook page for your company, you should add your businesses NAP information.

For example let’s say that you are a plumber here in Bristol, you should have a company website, which the SCO company should be applying white hat SEO to will.

but you may also wish to have a Facebook business page, where the company’s phone number and address should be added

If you do not have any business page on Facebook, your marketing agency should be able to easily set you up a Facebook business page.

This often only takes a you minutes to do, yet it can be another place where your business can obtain a business citation.

For those that do not know what business citation means, it is a mention of your businesses NAP information

We would recommend setting up a Facebook business page as well to show your customers your most recent work.

For example, let’s say that you are a construction business and you serve Bristol and also Bath, therefore you may be paying an SEO company to optimise your website for both of these areas.

However, the evergreen content marketing on your company’s website may stay the same for a long period of time.

For example, let’s say that you have a page which is dedicated to advertising your company’s services such as offering loft conversions

However this page on your company’s website might stay the same for many years.

Therefore what is often needed is the marketing agency to update your businesses Facebook account.

So when a customer wants to see your most recent work, such as a recent loft conversion you can add this to your company’s Facebook account.

Digital marketing agency or SCO agency?

This is a question that many business owners ask themselves that is do they want a SCO agency, Woodley wanting digital marketing agency?

You might not know the difference, however an SEO agency will specialise in just offering normally pay per click, or SEO or local SEO.

However with that said more and more businesses are opting instead for a digital marketing agency, because sometimes such an agency will have website developers, website designers, copywriters, logo designers, pay per click, SCO staff.

And sometimes your website will need to have the design improved in order to make SCO improvements such as lowering the businesses bounce rate.

So it just makes sense sometimes to hire an agency that has web designers and SCO staff in one company.

If you were to hire an SEO agency, often need to then liaise with your web designers or recommend a web design.

This sometimes means as a business owner you have to manage two separate businesses.

Which can mean that there is a lot of emails going back and fore with your web designers and your SEO agency.

Therefore a lot of businesses in Bristol now instead opting for digital marketing agencies which can manage all of the services in one company.

For example, you might contact the agency to design a WordPress website, then the agency might offer copywriters to write the text website.

Then you might notice that you need to invest in pay per click or SEO, so instead of having to go and find a different agency, you can just manage that one business instead.

However, you must make sure that the work is white hat, sometimes a web design business will offer SEO but the work is sometimes is outsourced or not white hat.


How our agency can help you in Bristol

We are an SEO agency in Bristol, we work with many different businesses in Bristol.

We offer organic and local SCO stop

So no matter if you run a hairdressing salon, or you run a large solicitors practice, we can help to get your company onto the first page.

In the very first month of working with your company, we will look at which ranking factors we can optimise to bring you the best results as soon as possible.

For example, you may notice that the evergreen content marketing on your website needs improving, we may therefore rewrite the text, and this may make a improvement in the very first month.

However really important to remember that organic and local SEO is a long-term process, that’s the say some businesses do say they can bring about results in a very short timeframe, however with that said if the work is not high quality and the business will incur a penalty.

The more respected SEO agencies in Bristol will often offer you more honest advice as to how long it will take to get your business onto the first page. Sometimes it can take many months and for some businesses it can take many years.

Some business owners will understand why it takes so long, and that’s because you need to be the standard that your competitors are setting.

For example, let’s say that you run a construction business, to get onto the first page your businesses SEO must beat the other 10 businesses that are already on the first page.

Now you might be up against businesses that have been investing in organic SCO for sale the last nine years.

Therefore your business must be realistic as to how quickly can catch up with the competition.

For example, let’s imagine that you are setting up an employment law practice in Bath.

And you want to get your business onto the first page for employment law by, yes you might be against 10 other businesses that have been investing for the last four years in SEO.

This means that they will have invested in building high-quality backlinks, and also improving the businesses on-site SCO.

So the business will have optimise their meta titles, meta descriptions and content marketing

this means that your business might have a lot of catching up to do, that is why when a business says we can get you want the first page in a short amount of time sometimes this is not realistic.

Instead what is often needed is a lot of SEO work in order to catch up with your competitors.

The more honest and respected marketing agencies will provide a rough idea of how long this could take.

However, in more competitive industries, such as running a solicitor’s practice, it can sometimes take up to a year to get business onto the first page.

There will be some companies which say we can do this in a few months, yet if they use low quality SEO then the business could incur an algorithmic or a manual penalty.

Therefore, all of the Seo work must be “white hat”, here are some of the ranking factors which should be optimised:

·        Meta title

·        Meta description

·        Alt text

·        Homepage

·        Evergreen content marketing

·        Content marketing

·        Internal backlinks

·        Anchor text

·        Backlinks

·        High-quality backlinks

·        White hat

·        Business citations

·        Schema

All of these should be optimised in a white hat way.

Therefore if you are looking to invest in SEO, you should not think of it as a short-term process, instead often you have to partner with a marketing agency for a very long time.

Therefore, if you are looking to get quick results, in terms of increasing sales in a short amount of time often this form of advertising would not be suited to your business.

Instead in order to improve your businesses marketing, a marketing agency will often have to work with you on a long-term basis.

So, for example let’s say that you run an e-commerce website, and your business sells running trainers, if you want to improve your sales using organic SEO, then this is a long-term process.

That’s the say often you are the highly work with them many months.

Often right at the start sales will not increase, that’s because often there is so much work to do that the SEO agency cannot often show improvements in a very short amount of time.

Sometimes you will have to work with an agency for a long period of time for them to show an improvement in organic customers.


Keywords are so important to seo, without them a website can lack definition, and this basically means it wont rank anywhere.

So optimising your website for the correct keywords, can quite simply mean the difference between the phone being busy or not.

We are a white hat Bristol SEO company, we can offer you affordable Bristol seo prices, which start from just £220.00 per month.

What exactly are keywords, and how are they useful to SEO?

Any top notch seo agency will start the seo process by thinking about which keywords to optimise a website for.

They must get the balance just right, if the keywords are too difficult, then the seo budget may well be wasted. If they optimise for words which are too easy, well these words may not have enough search volume, which is seo language for not enough people find a business using those words.

So the seo agency must get the balance spot on, that’s to help the business rank high, while making best use out of the seo strategy.

How should keywords be used?

Keywords must be used naturally, this is what white hat digital marketing recommends, this means not over optimising a website.

For example, if you were to run a dental practice, and you wanted to rank high within say Bath, England, if you used the words dentist, and Bath too many times, then the website could be deemed to be over optimised.

An over optimised website could trigger a Google penalty.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is simply the written word, it can come in the form of blog posts, or it could be what seo agencies call “ever green” content, and that’s normally content marketing that’s added to the main pages of a website, and rarely changed, or updated.

Is it possible to over optimise a website?

Yes, most certainly, and this could trigger a Google penalty, such as a Google Panda update.

Where can I find a good quality Bristol SEO company?

We offer high quality seo services to Bristol, our monthly prices start from just £220.00 per month. For an exact quote why not get in touch with us today?

Do you offer your seo services to Bath, England?

We also offer organic and local seo services to Bath, England. Our monthly fixed price packages start from £220.00 per month.



Your seo agency should be monitoring your businesses Google Analytics data for useful information.

Google Analytics is full of important information for your SEO consultant to use, and this can help direct which areas of SEO need the most attention.

For example if a website has a super high bounce rate, then this should be addressed by the agency.

Why should my digital marketing agency be monitoring my Google Analytics account?

Bounce rates

Bounce rates indicate how many people visited your website, and then decided to leave straight away.

Imagine for a second you opened a new restaurant in Bath, and within the first week a large number of people walked into the restaurant, then decided to walk straight back out again.

Naturally as the business owner, you would want to find out why this is the case, well this shouldn’t be any different for your website.

Your SEO company in Bath, or Bristol must look at why your websites bounce rate is so high.

Time on site

Its most definitely worth monitoring how long visitors spend on your website, that’s because if a website is able to hold a visitors interest for a long period of time, they are more likely to buy something.

Which pages are the most visited?

Your SEO agency should be able to tell you which pages on your website are the most visited, this is useful information, as my tweaking some pages, such as adding a contact message box, you may well be able to obtain more customers.

How many visitors are you getting a month?

Your seo agency should be telling you how many unique visitors your website is receiving every single month.

There is often seasonal fluctuations in traffic, this should be factored in, but generally you should be seeing an upward trend.

How are people finding your website?

If you are paying considerable amounts of money to an agency to help bring more organic traffic to your website, yet the main source of traffic is still PPC then you may wish to ask why that is so.

This is why you should be told how much traffic is brought to the site via the organic rankings, and how much is brought to the website via PPC.

Do you offer your SEO services to Bath?

We can offer our organic and local seo services to Bath, England. Price start from £220.00 a month.

Looking for a Bristol SEO company?

If you are looking for a white hat seo agency, then why not give us a call?



So many Bristol digital marketing agencies generate content marketing for clients which only satisfies a set word count. That’s say often the work lacks imagination, and seo focus.

Content marketing must be so much more if it is to help the businesses Seo, and we shall explain why that is the case:

Why must content marketing be interesting?

Content marketing is what seo agencies use to help build links to a website, reduce bounce rates, increase time on site figures as well as target keywords.

However if an seo agency just uses content marketing to target keywords, well this is likely to adversely affect bounce rates, and this could in turn lessen the websites rankings.

This is why it’s so important to choose an experienced seo agency within Bristol.

Why are time on site figures so important?

Imagine that you opened a brand new restaurant within the heart of Bristol, and in the first week of opening all you have is customers that poke their heads around the door, and then quickly leave without buying anything.

Well, this is exactly like having a website that has a high bounce rate, it means people have landed on your website, presumably wanting to purchase something, but then decide to leave.

This is why it’s crucial that your Bristol online marketing agency addresses why a website may have a very high bounce rate.

Why should my Bristol SEO agency be looking to reduce my websites bounce rates?

Your Bristol SEO agency should look to reduce bounce rates, this can help to enhance a websites rankings.

Is the agency producing enough content marketing?

Some agencies may produce good quality content marketing, however they may not offer this work in sufficient quantity.

For example, the companies direct competitors may well be adding 10 pieces of good quality work per month to their website, so another site adding less than this may well be at a disadvantage.

Where can I find a white hat agency?

Pack Digital is a white hat online marketing business, best of all we offer monthly seo packages which start from £220.00 per month.

How much does Bristol seo cost?

We offer affordable monthly packages, these range in price, our lowest price packages start from £220.00 per month, yet we also have packages designed for larger businesses, which range in price up to £3000.00 per month.

How Pack Digital can help your business:

We understand the latest white hat methods, plus we offer our seo services to Bristol and to Bath at a low cost.

To obtain a no obligation quote for your business, why not give us a ring?


So many business owners within Bath and Bristol we have all asked themselves a similar question.

That is how do you get a website to top of Google?

We are all aware of having a business that is right at the top, however most companies, and even some seo agencies don’t know how to achieve such a result.

So we thought we would ask our seo consultants what they believe the most important factors are in 2017 for getting a business to rank at the top of Google.

How do I get my website right to the top of Google?

Ranking signals

It’s important to know that websites are ranked purely on the strength of their ranking signals, this means that Google’s awesome algorithm works out how strong each websites ranking signals are.

There are over 200+ ranking signals, these range from content marketing to backlinks, we will now look at some of the more important ranking signals.


Backlinks have been, and still are considered king of all the ranking signals, that means this ranking signal is considered the most important.

Content marketing

Content marketing is super important, without it, it’s very hard to try and get a business to rank for any keywords.

This is why so many digital marketing companies in Bath, and Bristol spend a large percentage of their clients marketing budgets each month generating high quality content marketing.


RankBrain is one of the newest ranking signals, and some seo agencies believe it is the third most important ranking signal.

RankBrain uses AI, and leading digital marketing agencies like Pack Digital believe that Google is using data such as bounce rates to work out where to rank websites.

Partnering with the right Bristol seo agency

We offer affordable, yet high quality seo services to companies based in Bath, England and Bristol.

Monthly prices start from £220.00 per month, so for a quote, why not give us a ring?

Cost of seo services

Our monthly packages vary between £220.00 per month and £3000.00 per month, for an exact quote why not give us a ring.

How Pack Digital can help:

We are the Bristol SEO experts, we specialise in organic and local search engine optimisation services.

For an exact quote why not give us a ring?


Inbound backlinks are considered by many seo experts to be the most important ranking signal there is.

Sure, there’s around 200+ other ranking factors which Google’s algorithm takes into account when ranking a website, however backlinks are considered to be the most important.

That is why so many Bristol digital marketing agencies build backlinks for their clients, as without them quite often a website will not rank anywhere.

What are inbound backlinks?

Inbound backlinks are links that come from another website, which point towards your website.

However not all backlinks will be able to help your seo campaign, and that’s because some backlinks are good quality and some can be bad.

The links that you can buy cheaply and come with a high number of links, are normally bad quality, and spam links can trigger a google penalty.

Why are they useful to seo?

The strength of a company’s backlinks often means the difference between who ranks at the top of Google, and who ranks at the bottom.

So, this means its vitally important that your Bristol SEO company builds good quality backlinks for your business.

How many backlinks does my business need in Bristol?

This will depend on the strength of your competitors, for example if they have 200+ good quality links, then your seo agency should aim to beat that for your website.

Why should all backlink be built in a white hat way?

If backlinks are not built in a white hat way, that means if the links that are being built are spam, then your website could be hit by a Google penalty.

 So, where can I find a Bristol SEO business, which offers white hat seo services?

Pack Digital can offer Bristol businesses high quality seo that does not cost the earth. We have seo packages which start from £220.00 per month. We are the Bristol seo experts.

Why should my business in Bristol / Bath choose Pack Digital?

We can offer organic and local seo services, we can offer these to any sized business within Bath, England or within Bristol.

We are a highly experienced digital marketing agency, and our prices are very reasonable as well. For an exact quote, why not give our business a ring today?


This article explains how your business can create brilliant content marketing, this is so the work will help your businesses organic SEO.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is quite simply written text, however it’s a really important part of the seo process.

We will now explain why if you run a business in Bath, or Bristol, how content marketing can help your business.

Why is it so important?

Whether you run a solicitors practice, or a construction company, you can bet that your competitors are investing in content marketing.

Without this form of SEO, it becomes very hard to optimise a website. So content marketing is often used to target keywords, reduce a websites bounce rate, and also ultimately to help how many sales your website makes.

Why must it be white hat?

All content marketing work must be written in a white hat way. It’s really important that your agency offers white hat seo, otherwise your website could risk incurring a penalty.

How do you make content marketing brilliant?


Your content marketing work must be relevant to your business sector, this may sound really obvious, but you would be surprised as to how many companies, and even marketing agencies that write content marketing that is totally off point.

Must know the audience

Your digital marketing agency within Bath must understand your businesses customers, and this is where some SEO agencies within Bath and Bristol can struggle if they have not got the time to understand your business.

We recently took an account over from a digital marketing agency within Bath, and the agency was optimising a demolition clients website using the wrong keywords.

It’s really important therefore that you choose a marketing agency that understands your business, and what it offers.

Amplify it

To make content marketing brilliant it needs to be amplified, so this means posting on social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

How Pack Digital can help:

If you’re looking for a SEO company in Bath, or you’re a business which is based anywhere in the South West of England that needs seo, then why not give us a ring?  

Do you offer your seo services to Bath:

We offer both organic seo and local seo services throughout Bath, England.

How much does seo cost?

We offer SEO services which range in price from £220.00 a month, right up to £3000.00 a month. For an exact quote, why not call us today?



Many businesses have a Google Analytics account, but some simply do not use it. This is not a good idea because your Google Analytics account can present some really valuable information, which can help to steer your seo strategy.

Why is my websites Google Analytics account so useful?

You may well be using your Google Analytics account yourself, if not it’s a safe bet to say that your seo agency probably is.

That’s because the data is reliable and is really useful, here are just some of the ways that Pack Digital uses Google Analytics:

Why should I monitor bounce rates?

Bounce rates are so important to monitor, for example imagine a store, if your customers walk in, and then walk straight out, you as the business owner would want to know what you are doing wrong.

Well this is the same for your website, if your website has a super high bounce rate, it means your website is receiving visitors, however these visitors are then leaving the site after a very short space of time.

You should work with your local seo agency to work out why your website has a high bounce rate, and look to every month reduce the bounce rate.

Why should I monitor which pages / posts are receiving the most traffic?

There may well be a page, or a blog post on your website which is receiving the most visitors by far.

For example, as we are a Bristol seo company, one of our most popular pages might be business owners in Bristol looking at our pricing page.

Therefore this information is very valuable to us, that’s because we may then add a contact form to the pricing page, so that more visitors may choose to send us a message about our seo services.

Why are time on site figures really important?     

Time on site figures are really important, simply because the longer a visitor stays on your website, the more they are likely to be interested in it.

For example, imagine you run a shoe shop within Bath England, and you launch a website, and your website has a time on site figure of an average of 5 minutes. Yet another website only keep their visitors on average for 1 minute, and the website has a higher bounce rate, Google is likely to deem your website as a better match for that query, and over time may increase your websites rankings.

How can Pack Digital help my business within Bristol?

We are a Bristol SEO company, we offer quality white hat seo services. Our prices start from £220.00 per month.

For an seo quote, why not get in contact?


For some business owners investing in seo services can be difficult, and that’s understandably so, there are tons of marketing jargon that can make picking the right agency difficult.

However at Pack Digital we are different, we make picking the right agency a piece of cake.

But we believe there’s one seo term that business owners should pay particular attention to and that’s the term white hat seo.

What does the term white hat mean?

If an agency states that they are committed to using white hat methods, this means they are committed to carrying out seo in the right way, the way the search engines prefer.

For example, there may well be some Bristol agencies that offer low quotes when your enquiring for online marketing services.

However cheap quotes often mean the company is using methods which cut corners, and if your digital marketing strategy is cutting corners, this means your website runs the risk of being hit by an algorithmic or manual penalty.

This means your website could be demoted in the rankings, or worse the search engines could remove your business website totally from the search engine.

What does white hat link building mean?

White hat link building means an agency is committed to building links which are relevant to your business sector, which are high quality and which come from a respected source.

For example, imagine you run a solicitors practice within Bristol, you will want backlinks from local law websites that you trust, for example this might be from another law practice that you work with, or a site that offers quality legal advice.

What is white hat seo?

White hat seo is high quality seo that doesn’t cut corners.

How can your Bristol digital marketing business help?

We are a digital marketing business, we offer our services to clients based within Bristol or Bath.

We can help Bristol businesses, or businesses based in Bath obtain higher rankings, and also gain more quality visitors to their websites. Our monthly fees are very sensible, we offer local seo packages starting from £350.00 pound per month. Also all of our services are white hat.